Casey James Gives Private Concert at KSCS 96.3 & Stopped By to Play at 99.5 The Wolf

Today, as part of his radio tour to promote his first single, Casey stopped by to visit and play at two country music radio stations in his home state of Texas.

Private Concert

This afternoon Casey paid a visit  to KSCS 96.3 FM in Arlington, TX  and played a private show for contest winners and their guests.  Casey was greeted at the station with a surprise visit by his family.  Mom Debra, brother BC, and even his young cousins, the famous “Bow Girl” Lyndi and her brother Jaryn and mother Sara, came to the station to see Casey.  Below are some tweets from those who were lucky enough to attend.  Debra (Bybee D. James, also a recording artist) even accompanied Casey on two songs, “Small Town Saturday Night” and “Why I’m Feeling Blue!”

Here is the complete set list:

The Good Life
Why I’m Feeling Blue
Small Town Saturday Night
Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (the new single)

After he played “The Good Life,” Casey mentioned he had written the song with “Scooter.”  That could be Scooter Carusoe, a Nashville-based songwriter who has written for Kenny Chesney among others.  Time will tell.


Courtesy of CovertCJFan  

The Good Life (thanks Amber)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (thanks Amber)

Small Town Saturday Night (thanks Amber)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (thanks Amber)

Courtesy of Jake Felts  

KSCS later posted a copy of one of the videos, with the description “Casey James stopped by the KSCS studio this week for a private performance an sang with his mom.”  Check out the video on their site, here.

Country Aircheck ran a short article about Casey’s appearance at KSCS FM and his very special guest.  

Photos (courtesy of Jake Felts/*

Contest winners Carman, Rhonda, Amber and Donna with Casey

Casey and his family - Debra, Jaryn, Sara, Lyndi, BC and Kate

Courtesy of Jake Felts (

Additional Photos

photo courtesy @CJFan_Amber

Casey James and Carman

Casey and Meagan

Casey and Amber

Casey and Amber

Casey and Rhonda

Casey and Rhonda

Blog Post

Longtime Casey James supporter Jake Felts, who started the Casey James Homecoming Page on Facebook and has photographed Casey at his various trips back home to Texas, wrote about the private show on his Felts Photography Blog.  You can read the entire post here and even see a couple extra photos.


BybeeDJames (Casey’s mom) We are on the way to see Mr. Casey James at KSCS radio 96.3. I’ll be glad to see my boy and BC will be happy to see his brother!

CoolCJFan Thank u @CaseyEJames for singing us some songs & for treating us to a couple of em with @BybeeDJames!! 🙂 Ur Awesome!!

CoolCJFan @CaseyEJames there’s not a smile big enough in emoticon world for how happy I am about seeing u today, so just know I’m smiling ear to ear!!

Debra posted this yellow note the day after the concert:  405mh.jpg

Later DJ Michele Rodriquez posted on her page about Casey saying, “Great voice, great looks, awesome fans and a talented momma! You might remember him from American Idol. He’s a North Texas boy!”

Radio station visit

Earlier in the day Casey paid a visit to 99.5 The Wolf, Texas Country.  Mark Phillips sent the below tweet from that appearance (thanks @Carolaughs):

MarkPhillips95  Casey James stopped by to play some new music and laugh at my hair..

*Photos by Jake Felts provided to TCJB, all rights reserved
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26 Responses to Casey James Gives Private Concert at KSCS 96.3 & Stopped By to Play at 99.5 The Wolf

  1. Renee says:

    Who is the girl next to BC?

  2. MNCyn says:

    Awwwww …. The picture of Casey and Billy together just warms my heart! They both look so happy! I’m presuming Kate is BC’s lady friend? 🙂

  3. cynyn says:

    Wow, look at Debra! Looks like Casey got his great posture and shoulders from Mama, what a happy looking family. Thank you.

  4. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Glad to see James’s family gathered at this event!
    This is wonderful!
    Now all that’s missing videos!!!! 😀

  5. Aunt Sherry says:

    So nice to see pictures of my little family! Sometimes Georgia is just too far from Texas. Thanks for posting.

    • Bybee D James says:

      Georgia is ALWAYS too far away from Texas Sis. Wish you could have been here. Casey loves his Aunt Sherry!

      • Corrin says:

        What a treat for Jaryn and Lyndi’s first day of school!!!! They will have something to talk about!!!! They are the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aunt Sherry says:

        Jaryn & Lyndi really are precious children (spoken like a true Gran)! They have great parents and daughter-in-law Sara is so wonderful about getting them to special events (even on short notice). I am truly blessed.

      • TCJB says:

        You have a beautiful family!! –SG

  6. lisa says:

    can’t abrv.this time OH MY GOD!!!!!

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  8. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    Casey looks so happy, I’m sure it did him good to see him family. 🙂 I bet everyone that won tickets to the private party had an awesome time!

  9. kathyt1 says:

    So happy for Casey and all the family, friends and fans that got to be there in person. I’m hoping all the radio stations in DFW begin to REALLY play this song…. Just love it…

  10. cecilann says:

    What a treat to have Casey and his mama sing together. Their happiness is infectious!

  11. Doritos2011 says:

    All I got from Why Im Feeling Blue is chills… and more chills. It’s a downer song for me though cos of its painful goodbye message. I broke up with my guy years ago yet this made me rewind the past & made me cried buckets.

    Awesome job Mama James and Casey.

  12. Doritos2011 says:

    Oops hopefully the video for “Drive” will surface. I heart that song.

  13. Karen says:

    Such a nice family picture! 🙂 I bet the kids were really excited being there!

  14. Nancy says:

    Alright KSCS start playing it!!!

  15. lisa says:

    Casey, could we please get some fun fast songs.I mean zztop stevie ray vaughn sang blues but their songs were fun and lively please tone down the blues a little.think happy.I loved the songs that you did on idol.such a great voice.your music that your doing now is not the same music
    that really made you stand out and be noticed.

    • Fifi says:

      Casey has loads of rockin’ upbeat songs (Drive, Bulletproof, Done Made up my Mind amongst the few). When he does acoustic, I observed he is more prone to doing mellow songs, which makes sense. When he’s with the band, he rocks out so I’m not sure if you’ve seen all gigs he’s been doing as of late.

      Personally, I will never trade his new songs over his Idol songs. Those are covers, & half of them are pretty bad songs which Casey at least put his stamp on, if not better. What song made him stand out? Jealous Guy? I’ve listened 15x more of “Show Me A Bridge” than JG. But that’s me.

  16. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    I’m so happy for Casey and his family, and that they got to spend some time with him. He has been one busy guy touring and performing across the nation!! if you haven’t seen him live you are really missing his versatility, he can rock with the best of them ! Acoustically he is magical..and oh what a voice!! Don’t miss him when he comes to your town! I just can’t get enough of him he is the REAL DEAL!!! God Bless you Casey and the James family!

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