Stations Playing “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

Casey James’ first single, Let’s Don’t Call it a Night, has been officially added to over twenty-five country music radio stations, but it is also being played by some stations not on the official add list.

This list has the stations that have played the single and/or have it on their request form.  Stations in the top 40 according to Mediabase are listed with their ranking.

To access the online request form for the country music station in your listening area (which could be anywhere if the station is over the internet or on iheartradio), please click on the call letters.  You can also call in to you local radio stations to make a request.

UPDATE (new adds at top):

WQMX 94.9 FM, Akron, Ohio, #76 Request line: 330-869-9800
WFMB 104.5 FM, Springfield, IL – Request line: 217-525-WFMB (9362)

KKBQ, 92.9 FM, Houston, TX, #6 – Request line: 713-390-5000
WUBL, 94.9 FM, Atlanta, GA, #7 – Request line: 404-875-8080
WXTU, 92.5 FM, Philadelphia, PA, #8 – Request line: 610-667-9000
KMLE, 107.9 FM, Phoenix, AZ, #15 – Request line: 602-258-8181
KEEY, 102.1 FM, Minneapolis, MN, #16 – Request line:  952-417-3000
KSD, 93.7 FM, St. Louis, MO, #21 – Request line: 314-333-8000
KUPL, 98.7 FM, Portland, OR, #23 – Request line: 503-517-6200
WKKT, The Cat 96.9 FM, Charlotte, NC, #24 – Request line: 704-714-9444
KNTY, 101.9 FM, Sacramento, CA, #27 – Request line: 916-646-4000
WGAR, 99.5 FM, Cleveland, OH, #29 – Request line: 216-520-2600
KSOP, 104.3 FM, Salt Lake City, UT, #30 – Request line: 801-972-1043
KRTY, 95.3 FM, San Jose, CA, #35 – Request line: 408-293-8030
KASE, 100.7 FM, Austin, TX, #38 – Request line: 512-684-7300

WCTK, 98.1 FM, Providence, RI, #41 – Request line: 401-467-4366
WGH, 97.3 FM, Norfolk, VA, #43 – Request line: 757-671-1000
WGNE, 99.9 FM, Jacksonville, FL, #46 – Request line: 904-727-9696
WWYZ, 92.5 FM, Hartford, CT, #50 – Request line: 860-723-6080
KRST, 92.3 FM, Albuquerque, NM, #68 – Request line: 505-767-6700
WIVK, 107.7 FM, Knoxville, TN, #71 – Request line: 865-588-6511
KXKT, 103.7 FM, Omaha, NE, #72 – Request line: 402-561-2000
WTGE, 100.7 FM, Baton Rouge, LA, #79 – Request line: 225-388-9898
WIWF, The Wolf 96.9 FM, Charleston, SC, #83 – Request line: 843-277-1200
WSLC, 94.9 FM, Roanoke, VA, #113 – Request line: 540-772-0102
WBUL, 98.1 FM, Lexington, KY, #103 – Request line: 859-422-1000
WJVC, 96.1 FM, Suffolk/Nassau, NY – Request line: 631-648-2500
WXBM, 102.7 FM, Pensacola, FL – Request online: click here
WTNR, 94.5 FM, Grand Rapids, MI – Request line:
WQHK, 105.1 FM, Ft Wayne, IN, #108 – Request line: 260-447-5511
WQRB, 95.1 FM, Eau Claire, WI – Request line:
WKSF, 99.9 FM, Asheville, NC – Request line: (828) 257-2700
WOGK, 93.7, Gainesville, FL, #81 – Request line: 352-622-5600
KIXZ, 96.1 FM, Spokane, WA, #91 – Request line: 509-242-2400
KTTS, 94.7 FM, Springfield, MO – Request line: 800-765-KTTS (5887)
WPOR, 101.9 FM, Portland, ME – Request online: here
KKJQ, 97.3 FM, Garden City, KS

As always, when you hear the song on a new station, please post it in the comments section.  Thanks!!


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17 Responses to Stations Playing “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

  1. Renee says:

    WTNR Grand Rapids has been hearing from me!

  2. Neet says:

    Check this out. Last station listed above should be WPOR Portland, Maine, not Portland, Oregon.
    I just checked their station and they played Casey again at 8:00. James – they’ve got Casey’s Bio and also showing ‘Talk about Suffering’. I’m so excited ’cause I bugged them all last week.

  3. TCJB says:

    Thanks, fixed!! And here’s the link to Casey on their site (your link cut off). Thanks so much!!! See, pestering works. I mean, nicely, judiciously requesting.

  4. Neet says:

    The link above has now changed to the current song being played. But this is what was showing (along with his picture)
    Let’s Don’t Call It A Night
    All Songs Casey James
    All Albums Casey James
    Artist Bio Casey James
    Casey Everett James (born May 31, 1982) is an American singer and guitarist from Fort Worth, Texas, who was the third-place finalist on the ninth season of ”American Idol”.
    Today’s Most Popular Album
    Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (19 RECORDINGS / BNA RECORDS 2011)
    Casey James
    01 Let’s Don’t Call It A Night
    All Songs
    Today’s Most Popular Songs
    Song Title Play Price Buy MP3
    Talk About Suffering (Feat. Casey James)
    on Cross That Line $0.99 Buy Song
    Let’s Don’t Call It A Night
    on Let’s Don’t Call It A Night $1.29 Buy Song

  5. Neet says:

    Thanks for fixing that. I just requested it on their website – once a day. So, yes, it does work.

  6. cecilann says:

    KRTY San Jose, CA played it last night near 10 pm. Once counts, right? It’s a start!

  7. TCJB says:

    Casey is on the KRTY Mediabase request form!! It sure does count. Thanks!!

  8. Ncountrygrl says:

    I’m so frustrated. My home station, KEEY put Casey on the request form on August 15, and never played the song once. Now they have taken it off of the request form.

    Is this common practice? Will they ever play it?

  9. MNCyn says:

    How do you know Minneapolis is playing the song? I’ve requested it several times but have yet to actually hear it or to see anything on their website that indicates it was played. Sure do hope so tho! I’ve started to listen to K102.1 a bit – looks like a good radio station! They’ll be out at the State Fair and I’m going to try to stop by. OH — and a funny thing is that their afternoon DJ is named Amy James!

  10. MNPeach says:

    I’ve been requesting LDCIAN at KEEY in Minneapolis as well, and I have to agree with MNCYn and Ncountrygrl – I still haven’t heard it on the radio! Maybe they are waiting for a visit from Casey. Hmmmmm.

  11. Donna Camarata says:

    There are no Iowa radio stations on the list playing his song….I have tried to request it on our local country radio station and have gotten no where…YET…please feel free to help me. it’s K98.5 FM. KOEL is their call letters, Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa….us Midwest girls need to hear Casey on our airwaves!

  12. Laurie says:

    WQMX Akron, OH played Casey last night. Yay!.

  13. Renee says:

    WITL Lansing mi has added Casey to the request list!!!! Yeah!!!!

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