Casey James’ “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” on the Radio

Today is the day that Casey’s fans have been waiting for — the official release of his debut single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” to radio.  Some stations were given early copies of the single and have already played it for their lucky listeners.  As new stations come on board, you should expect to hear Casey’s song everywhere.

UPDATE:  New, rave review from (described as “music advice for country radio program directors”), who also tweeted Casey’s debut as a “recommended new add”:

When I reviewed this one in the last edition, I was musing about how this is the way Country songs should be arranged when they get a bit rocky. I’ve heard it a bunch more in the last two weeks and, silly me, it’s actually more of a R&B record. I could hear any of a number of the Blues masters from the 60’s cuttin’ down with this one. And/or several of the R&B influenced Southern Rockers of the 70’s. Elvin Bishop, maybe. And certainly Delbert will add this to his set before much longer, I ‘spect. It is seductive and so very sexy.

Check out the early reviews here.

Thanks to the live streaming of stations from around the country, those of us whose local stations have not yet picked it up have already been able to hear it.  Here’s a link to it being played on KTTS in Springfield, MO:  click here.  Nashville’s New Country played Let’s Don’t Call it a Night here (segment 3 at 7:37) and said “We love it and think it has a Kid Rock feel to it.”

Let us at The Casey James Blog know when you hear Casey’s single and feel free to share your feelings having heard it on the radio for the first time.

Casey’s song has been added at:

WIVK, 107.7 FM, Knoxville, TN
WQRB, 95.1 FM, Eau Claire, WI
KRST, 92.3 FM, Albuquerque, NM
KEEY, 102.1 FM, Minneapolis, MN
WGNE, 99.9 FM, Jacksonville, FL
KSOP, 104.3 FM, Salt Lake City, UT
KSD, 93.7 FM, St. Louis, MO
WGAR, 99.5 FM, Cleveland, OH
WUBL, 94.9 FM, Atlanta, GA
WGH, 97.3 FM, Norfolk, VA
WOGK, 93.7, Gainesville, FL
KKJQ, 97.3 FM, Garden City, KS
KIXZ, 96.1 FM, Spokane, WA
KTTS, 94.7 FM, Springfield, MO
KHLS, 96.3 FM, Blytheville, AK (Memphis metro)

Casey has also been played by internet radio stations, receiving great support from our friends at Nixa Country as well as Wizard Radio.

Casey will be featured this week on Great American Country TV‘s On the Streets, a show that highlights “who and what is hot” in country music.  The first airing will be tomorrow at 10:00 AM Eastern.

A number of sites that have supported Casey are announcing the official release:

Today’s Country:

USA Today:
“But that’s not the only thing new: Casey James’ Don’t Let’s Call It a Night makes the Idol airplay chart for the first time this week, coming in at No. 75.”

“Well, it’s official…..Casey’s very first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” will be released to radios all across America today!!”


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6 Responses to Casey James’ “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” on the Radio

  1. mississippicjfan says:

    Awesome, thanks for posting! Can’t wait till I hear it on a local station, but that clip is the next best thing!!

  2. Saw this post early this afternoon:
    Q97, Continuous Country
    Do you have a Monday On Demand Lunch Hour request today? Post it here.
    – James
    And I requested “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” and a bit later, while listening at work, they played it!!!! Threw my hands in the air and kind of screamed! Scared the women who sit next to me at work. I loved the surprise of it coming on when I wasn’t expecting to hear it!

    Then @wizard_radio was tweeting that Casey’s fans weren’t responding to them. So I now am following them on twitter and will be listening for the song. Just missed it this afternoon.

  3. We added Casey at KHLS Thunder Country 96.3 this week, too. We’re in Blytheville, Arkansas, but listed in the Memphis metro Arbitron book.

  4. BArb says:

    I heard it on Sirius XM The Highway – I loved it. In fact, I got here because I googled it. Great tune.

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