Voting for Casey James’ New Single – Let’s Don’t Call it a Night

A number of radio stations run informal contests on their websites asking their listeners to choose their favorite between two songs or to rate a new song and, with the release of Casey James’ first single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” Casey’s fans — old and new — can weigh in with their opinion on his debut.  We will update this post with new contests as we find them.  For now, here are the current contests with link for you to cast your vote.

NEW:  Casey won the last “New Music Shootout” on Froggy 1009, WWFY 100.9, Berlin, VT against Eric Church.  The new battle is between LDCIAN and Blake Wise’s “Can’t Live Without.”  Click here to vote.

Froggy 1009, WWFY 100.9 FM, next “New Music Shootout” contest, pit Casey’s LDCIAN against Eric Church.  Click here to vote for Casey.

Froggy 1009, WWFY 100.9 FM, Berlin, VT, has a “New Music Shootout” contest, pitting Casey’s LDCIAN against Pistol Annie’s Hell on Heels.  Click here to vote for Casey!

94.7 Today’s Country KTTS, Springfield, IL had a contest on 8/12 called New at 9, pitting Casey’s Let’s Don’t Call it a Night against Steel Magnolias’ Bulletproof.  Casey won overwhelmingly!  Listen to the audio of them playing the winning song followed by the DJ talking about not being disappointed that Casey won and that she “was rooting for him the whole time”:

104.5 WFMB, Springfield, IL, shared Casey’s new song on The New Country Download section of its website.  They just have a video of one of Casey’s live performances of Let’s Don’t Call it a Night, not the actual audio, but there’s a place for you to add your comments at the bottom of the post.  Very easy, no log in required!

Big 99.9 Coyote Country is test-spinning the song.  Click here to like and comment.

Q97 Continuous Country, Kansas — Click here to like their FB page and then comment on Casey’s single.

Tony Thomas Test Track, The New 94.1 KMPS, Seattle — Click here to rate.

Thursday Night Fights, Kicks 101.5 WKHX, Atlanta — Click here to vote.

Dusty, The Bull 93.7, St, Louis — Click here to vote.

Not an actual contest, but Bob 95 New Country, Fargo, posted a video of the song and asked for feedback — Click here to “like” the song.

Similarly, Razz on the Radio, 92.5 WXTU, Philadelphia, is recommending Casey’s new single and you can show your support by liking the station’s FB posts by clicking here.

Thanks for your support of Casey and his new single!!


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4 Responses to Voting for Casey James’ New Single – Let’s Don’t Call it a Night

  1. @ThLostSheep says:

    Thank you for this, makes it easy to keep track of where we need to go to support Casey 🙂

  2. Bybee D James says:

    What impresses these radio stations is when the support of Caseys single comes from within the area of the radio station that is promoting the contests. This is how it was explained to me from a radio program director. So raw votes count, yes. But, they carry more weight say…at The Bull.. if St. Louis is impressed, not Seattle.

  3. Blueslane uk says:

    I have voted a couple of times, but as I don’t live within the area of any of the radio stations, I’m not sure my vote really counts. I did email the radio stations involved, so hopefully doing that may have backed up my votes.

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