Casey James Media Mentions – New Single Debuts on Q102

Just In:  This morning, August 12, Casey performed an acoustic version of “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” in the Big D & Bubba studio.  Click here to see this not-to-be-missed performance.

Casey will be performing his new single on the syndicated Big D & Bubba radio show tomorrow 8/12.  On Twitter this evening, Big D & Bubba, tweeted: “Hey Y’all….LADIES Especially — @CaseyEJames will B SINGING In-Studio 2morro Morning 2 kickoff FRIDAY! *my wife is soooo jealous…lol”

To find the Big D and Bubba show in your area and the air times, click here.

Earlier today, on Facebook, radio station Q-102 (102.1-FM, WOWQ) in DuBois, PA, posted:  “Don’t forget to listen to Scott Keen and the Budweiser 6-pack@ 5 this afternoon. Listen to brand new music from Casey James…”  You can listen live online. Click here for the station’s website.

UPDATED:  Q102 played Let’s Don’t Call it a Night at 5:19 PM local time and here’s the audio recording of the song which they also streamed over their internet site:

Earlier today, Clint from 100.5 The Wolf, Springfield, Missouri, shared Casey’s new single with his listeners, writing on his station’s blog:  “Remember Casey James?  Well… you should!”  He went on to say:  “Loved him on American Idol… and now he’s got his own single… and i’m feelin it this morning.”  Then he provided a link to Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.  Check it out here.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, @cmislove tweeted Casey’s fans asking them for questions before their upcoming interview with Casey.  They later tweeted that their interview will be up on their site, Country Music is Love, later today.

@TammyGooGoo (a Nashville-based journalist) tweeted that she interviewed Casey and that excerpts would be played at country music stations around the country.  She also tweeted that Casey was “precious and has the BEST fans!”


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3 Responses to Casey James Media Mentions – New Single Debuts on Q102

  1. Laura DiClemente says:

    I loveit! I’m very excited for him.

  2. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    That is very cool! I hope someone can record this, Big D and Bubba are not on in LA. 😦 If they stream, I won’t be able to listen either. *begs* lol!

  3. kathyt1 says:

    This is so exciting… Love Casey James new single and will buy it

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