Casey’s New Songs — Titles and Collaborations

Casey James has been telling fans for some time now that he’s written dozens and dozens of new songs in preparation for his debut CD.  We also know that he’s been working with some of the best country music songwriters out there.  Over the past few months, the list of Casey’s new, original songs and the collaborations has been cobbled together from bits and pieces of information, from tweets to ASCAP registrations.  As more information comes out, we will continue to update this list.  For now, this is what we know:

Casey’s first single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” was co-written with Brice Long and Terry McBride and produced by Chris Lindsey.

Casey’s new Untitled song (with the chorus “I love the way you miss me when I’m gone”) was also co-written with Long and McBride.

Hold On” & “Need Some Texas” were written with Kristian Bush.

Bulletproof” with Delbert McClinton and “Big Al” Anderson

So Sweet” and “That Girl” with Patrick (listed as “Russell”) Davis and Dallas Davidson

Til My Guitar” with Gary Nicholson and Jon Randall

Done Made Up My Mind” with Tony Martin and Mark Nesler

Drive” and “Way Too Long” with Brad and Brett Warren

You’ll Never Walk Away” with Natalie Hemby

She’s Money” with Jaren Johnston

Crazy Tonight” with David Lee Murphy and Brett James

Undone” with Scooter Carusoe

“Tough Love” with David Lee Murphy and Brett James

“These Hands” with Tom Douglas

“I Can’t Leave You Alone” with Jim Beavers and Brett Beavers

“Run Away” with Patrick (“Russell”) Davis and Rhett Akins

“As Long As There’s A Light” with Jay Knowles and Trent Summar

“Get it Right,” “Living or Dying,” and “I Miss Your Fire,” all with Aimee Mayo and her husband Chris Lindsey

The following titles do not have any co-writers yet attached to them:  “I Lied,”  “Why I’m Feeling Blue,” “Show Me a Bridge,” and  “The Good Life.”

We also know that Casey has also written with Randy Owen, Shane McAnally, and Paul Overstreet.  Casey even tweeted about working in the future with Amos Lee.  But so far, none of these songwriters has been connected to one of Casey’s new songs.


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5 Responses to Casey’s New Songs — Titles and Collaborations

  1. Lori Crowl says:

    Some of my most favorite songs are the ones Casey wrote on his own, didnt realize this until now! His talent goes much further than just his music! he is also a genius at song writing! Yep, I would say that is one TALENTED MAN!!!

  2. Katy says:

    My favorite of all the songs Casey has done one tour is one he wrote, “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” I have played the You Tube video and listened to that song a million times. Well, not literally, a million, but so many I lost count. Love that song, what a talent this young man is!

  3. Neet says:

    My favorite song Casey has written also is “Why I’m Feeling Blue”. I heard it the first time he played it at Billy Bob’s on July 1st. I loved it instantly and since then have played it several times a day – that’s 2-1/2 months and I’m still not tired of it. I hope it’s released as a single in the near future – I have a feeling that it would be a gigantic hit.

    The other song that I liked a lot but not nearly as much as Why I’m Feeling Blue is “Show Me a Bridge”. I find it strange he only performed it once at the Country Music Festival back in April. Maybe he’s saving it for the CD. ? I’m really looking forward to hearing all of the other songs listed above. They sound really promising, just by the titles.

  4. It’s more than likely just my imagination, but I’ve watched Show Me a Bridge almost a hundred times, and it seems that the song is painful for Casey to sing. His raw emotions in that video are just haunting. It’s my all time favorite but I wonder if it’s difficult for him to sing it since we’ve only heard it once. After I saw the video, I just wanted to give him a big old grandma hug.

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