Casey James’ New Single is Played on the Radio for the First Time

July 27 – At 6:10pm Eastern time, RazzontheRadio, a DJ on 92.5 XTU, Philadelphia’s country station, told listeners he’d just received the new single by Casey James.  Then he listed the numerous, respected songwriters Casey has been collaborating with over the last year, and proceeded to spin Casey’s debut “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” as one of his touted selections on his segment Razz Recommended!  The fans were ecstatic and the twitter “air waves” were going crazy.  Click on the cover art to the left to hear the single on Casey’s Myspace page. Below is a recording of Razz’s introduction to “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night”.

A short time after Razz played the song for the first time, he sent this tweet with the below photo of the CD containing the single:

Casey wrote the song with Brice Long and Terry McBride.  As a point of history, in the below video of Casey playing “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” at Billy Bob’s on July 1, Casey says that he just recorded the song on Friday.  He also says that the studio version has a quicker tempo than the versions he has been performing live.

“If you think he’s country, you’re right. If you think he’s rock, you’re right.” – Mark Razz recounting Casey’s description of his musical style.

Update:  As described above Mark Razz, a 92.5 XTU DJ, was the first broadcaster to play Casey’s new single on the radio.  On August 5, Razz again played Casey’s new single as his choice for his segment, Razz Recommended.  In his lead-in to the song, Razz reminded listeners that Casey was the opening act for 92.5 XTU’s anniversary show (on June 4).  He then recounted how Casey got stuck in traffic on his way to that June appearance, but was given a police escort and arrived minutes before he was scheduled to sing.  Like the seasoned performer he is, Casey did not hesitate to grab his guitar and immediately walk on stage ready to give it his all.

Casey at 92.5 XTU's 27th Anniversary Party, 6/4/11

Razz also told listeners that Casey described his musical style as both country and rock, saying, “If you think he’s country, you’re right.  If you think he’s rock, you’re right.  The DJ then informed his audience that Casey is now in Nashville, and made sure everyone knew Casey loves to spend time with two of his best friends, his basset hounds, Buster and Daisy.    To listen to Razz’s fantastic introduction, click below.

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15 Responses to Casey James’ New Single is Played on the Radio for the First Time

  1. cynyn says:

    I caught it on the live-stream, WOW fantastic, congratulations to Casey James and band for the first single on the radio! It is definitely country flavored! and sounds GREAT! Casey, I am so happy and proud for you and all your loved ones.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I love it and it is very catchy. Love his voice !! Can’t wait to buy it!

  3. ilovecasey says:

    oh how i love casey’s voice! 🙂 makes me smile.. 😀

  4. Katy says:

    I just listened to the new single and its much more peppy and much more country than on past videos of Casey on tour. I like that it is more lively, and even though I dont dig the country sound, its good! Casey’s voice sound great as always.

  5. Rainelyne says:

    Lost for words…this is it!!! 

  6. Karen says:

    I finally got to listen to the studio single real loud on my speakers! I love it more than I thought I did and Casey sounds great! : D Sounds like a hit to me!

  7. kathyt1 says:

    So HAPPY for you Casey… This song is amazing – love the new sound and speed… It is fantastic over the radio… Can’t wait to buy it… have been trying…. The links aren’t working yet… You are ON YOUR WAY!!!! All of the fans are so excited for YOU!!!!!

  8. lisa says:

    I am really dissapointed american idol website has not posted anything about Casey James awesome single. what’s there problem?

  9. norlela says:

    yayyy !! for me…finally! can’t wait to hear it on malaysia’s radio networks..hmm. Love u casey!

  10. Lucy M says:

    I love Casey’s “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” Studio Version greatly!!! His Vocal and Guitar sound are very clean and cheerful and distingtive!!!! My only complain about the song is the title is a bit long! Lol!

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  12. Paula/pgb918 says:

    Did you see Shari’s message that Bob 95 FM New Country Music Fargo Moorhead is reaching out to listeners on their website asking whether you like Casey’s new single? The live link to the station is posted just before this comment string. It’s been up for a couple days and so far only 151 people have “liked” the song. Let’s see if we can boost that number!

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