Pre-Concert Info for Casey James Tonight at the California State Fair

Casey will be playing tonight at the California State Fair in Sacramento, California.  According to our reporters on the scene, Marie and Diane, Casey is currently on stage doing sound check.  They will be there to capture every moment of the show for you and we will be able to share it with you right here.

At 8:00 PM PDT, make sure you’re listening in to the live conference call which you can access by calling 1-712-432-0075 then enter the code 654945#.  Then follow the action in the Live Chat room as well.

We’ll see you back here then for all the updates!


UPDATE at 4:20 (heh): Marie and Diane watched soundcheck and took some video which they can share later.  Casey seemed to be having a lot of fun with the band.  Debra is there, they met her and she’s having a blast.

Soundcheck Videos (from @marieleathem1 aka shakygirl)

Compilation of all my soundcheck videos:


There was an official photographer taking pictures during the meet and greet.  You can take a look at, and order, his photos here.


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8 Responses to Pre-Concert Info for Casey James Tonight at the California State Fair

  1. bigmjfan says:

    I was laughing at Debras tweets today.She actually rode with them in the van and it sounds like she is doing a little mini roadtrip with Casey and the band.

  2. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    So glad Debra got to be with Casey and the band!!

  3. Aunt Sherry says:

    California may never be the same!!!

  4. MNCyn says:

    You think Debra is going to make good on her Mama Bear threats (I mean promises) to make sure the sound is set up properly?!! 🙂

  5. Fifi says:

    Woooh! Yeah!!!


  6. Fifi says:

    … Casey being super adobable with the soundcheck

  7. MNCyn says:

    Sound is so good on the sound check videos, I have the setting less than half open!

  8. samboy27 says:

    Great to see this “backstage” stuff. Wow, Casey sets up his own guitars (his babies),,, impressive! And I see he is so poliite and friendly to work with. Just what I could have expected, but always more!!! Lovin the big laughs from Casey too:)

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