Casey James Playing at RIMAC Field in La Jolla, CA

Casey took the stage tonight at about 7:00pm at RIMAC Field, a 20,000 person capacity outdoor concert space on the UCSD campus, in one of his last opening gigs on the Sugarland tour.  We’re still waiting for reports on what songs he played, but based on his previous performances opening for the superstars, it’s expected that he’ll play about 6 songs.  While possibly a shorter show than those at Billy Bob’s Texas or Kodiak Jack’s, we’re sure he still showcased his distinctive style, the breadth of his talent and his passion for music, no doubt leaving the concert-goers wanting more.

Thanks to Sugarland fan Kathie Gunn who was sweet enough to take some photos of Casey for us!

Someone else took pictures of Casey on stage, but would not make them available to the fans without purchase.  But you can click here to view them on her Facebook page.

Here’s another from Mark Read:


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