Casey James at Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma, California

Thanks to @deesquared777

Tonight, Casey took the stage as the headlining performer at Kodiak Jacks Restaurant & Bar at 8:00pm.  Playing with Casey were Billy Nobel on keyboards, Nolan Verner on bass and Johnny “the Clock” Richardson on drums.  The YouTube playlist of the concert can be found here.

Casey began with “Long, Tall Texan,”  and followed with “Bulletproof.”  Keeping things moving, he continued with “Need Some Texas,” which preceded the recently introduced “She’s Money.”  Slowing things down a bit, Casey then sang the ironically romantic “I Lied.”  “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” was the next song, and the arrangement was one we have not yet heard.  It had a great, funky vibe.   The lovely “So Sweet” followed.

Starting at Billy Bob’s on July 1, Casey began to roll out a string of blues classics in his sets.  That roll continued tonight when he went into a long, down and dirty rendition of “Drowning on Dry Land.”  It drove the crowd wild.  Moving right along in that blues groove, Casey broke out Bill Withers’ “Use Me.”

Casey then played a song by one of his favorite artists, Doyle Bramhall II, “Green Light Girl.”  The sexy and romantic “Need Your Love So Bad” followed, which preceded “Til My Guitar.”  “Shine Your Shoes,” a song Casey wrote prior to American Idol, was the next song, and it was a rocking rendition!  And he followed that with the jamming “Too Sweet for Me.”

Get ready for a new and bluesified version of “Drive” folks, because Casey changed it up and brought out his latest and greatest version of this one!  Can’t wait for the video.  Finally, Casey concluded his set with the stellar and riveting “Done Made Up My Mind.”

Casey came back on stage for a four-song acoustic encore.  He opened with one of his newer songs, performed for the first time at Billy Bob’s, “Undone.”  Next was “Blue Sky” one of the most beautifully sad, plaintive songs in his repertoire.  Then he sang a Tonic song, “If You Could Only See,” and wrapped it up with Hal Ketchum‘s “Small Town Saturday Night.”  Twenty amazing songs in all!  We will have multiple videos soon, so keep checking back!

Rhonda (@rjnelson785) called in from the venue so fans from around the country could listen in.  Here is the recording of the audio from last night’s show: http://www.mediafire.):


Long Tall Texan


She’s Money (@rjnelson785)

She’s Money (@marieleathem1)

I Lied (w/ending of She’s Money & partial LDCIAN)

I Lied (@rjnelson785)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (w/ending of “I Lied”)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (@rjnelson785)

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (@marieleathem1)

So Sweet (@rjnelson785)

So Sweet (@marieleathem1) 

Drowning On Dry Land (@rjnelson785)

Drowning On Dry Land

Drowning on Dry Land (@marieleathem1)

Use Me (@marieleathem1)   

Green Light Girl (@rjnelson785)

Green Light Girl (partial)

Til My Guitar (@rjnelson785)

Shine Your Shoes (@rjnelson785)

Shine Your Shoes (marieleathem1)

Too Sweet For Me (@rjnelson785)

Too Sweet for Me (@marieleathem1) 

Drive (intro only, but oh-what-an-intro) (@rjnelson785)

Done Made Up My Mind (@rjnelson785)

Drive & Done Made Up My Mind (@marieleathem1) 

4-Song Acoustic Encore  (@marieleathem1)

**Special thanks to Rhonda’s daughter, Jayme, who was like a human tripod. I watched her off & on during the show & she had her elbows firmly planted on the table & didn’t budge.  Thanks Jayme!** 


McKenna Faith, who performed at Kodiak Jacks before Casey James, posted this on her Facebook page:

With Casey James before the show(: heading in stage now come down to Kodiak Jacks it’s gonna be an awesome night(:

On the same page, McKenna wrote, “Love Kodiak Jacks!! Y’all rock!! Casey James is on now he’s so awesome(:”

She also posted this photo of Casey during his set, saying “Casey is amazing!”

After the show, @rosequeens tweeted the following photo and this message: Casey James put on an AWESOME show tonight in Petaluma

@overstrung tweeted: Wow oh wow! Blues for the new generation @CaseyEJames Go see him LIVE!

Then later tweeted this photo, with the caption:    Casey James, Can you feel it?

@overstrung tweeted a link to more photos, including the following.  You can find the rest by clicking here.

New pics from Kodiak Jack’s by Digital Barrett Photography, see the whole album here.

By Digitial Barrett Photography

by Digital Barrett Photography

by Digital Barrett Photography

By Digital Barrett Photography

By Digital Barrett Photography

The below pictures are from @rjnelson785 (Rhonda)This review was posted on MJsBigBlog by “music woman”:
My husband and I were at Casey James’ performance at Kodiak Jack’s in Petaluma last night. Casey put on a kick-a$$ show! His voice was in top form and he guitar playing is second to none! Casey loves playing country blues and had the audience enthralled for almost 2 hours! A set of 15 electric guitar songs and then back for a 4 song acoustic set. If you can get a chance to see him live, do so! Trust me, this is not the Casey James that we saw on American Idol, singing his songs for a mere 90 seconds and having to put his guitar skills on hold. To sum it up, he’s totally awesome and such a nice accessible sweet guy to boot! He’s got a lot of concerts through the end of this month in the western USA, go see him!

NEWS that came out of yesterday:  Casey’s single will be out in about three weeks.  So mark that on your calendars, set your watches, write it on a post-it, tell a friend, make sure you’ve signed up for notification from Amazon, check iTunes and, of course, check back here for details when the single comes out.

Diane aka @deesquared777 took some terrific pictures including the one at the top of this post and these:

Casey singing Drive:

Pictures provided by @marieleathem1

Casey and our own Marie Leathem:

Here are Diane (@deesquared777) and Marie with Casey:

Additional photos from Grace Calles (@rosequeens), see the rest on Facebook:

thanks Stacey McGinnis

Casey and Rhonda

Casey and Rhonda

Recap/review from @blues4me4ever:

He thanked his audience for having him and commented that he’d ridden all the way from LA and it was really pretty the whole way. Almost apologetically, he said “But I’ll start you off with a Texas song and sang LTT.” Just before he sang “You Need Some Texas,” he said he really liked it in the area and …maybe he’d go back and write some songs about California or even get a house in here.  Everyone cheered. You have a good rundown of all of the songs so I won’t repeat them, except to say that he said it was the first time the band had played “Shine Your Shoes” and it was awesome, even though I really like it acoustically.

Somewhere early on in the show he said his single was coming out in around 3 weeks!! He also said he made his light blue guitar and that’s why we don’t see a brand name on it.   Casey’s natural talent really shone with his voice tonight his guitar playing was inventive and spectacular. He’s a pro now!!

Just after Casey began, it seemed like the entire audience looked up and were riveted to the music for the rest of the performance, cheering louder after each song.  I was particularly watching the guys in the audience and he definitely had their attention, clapping, and bobbing their heads and “grooving” to the music – that’s men of all ages.

The ticket guy was standing near and I asked him how he liked Casey now. He said he was really, really good. I asked a couple of locals the same question and they answered that they were surprised that he was so different from Idol.  I think all of the people in the audience who weren’t his fans before the show, were on board after it.


chcoolbreeze: @caseyejames enjoyed the show so much at Kodiak Jacks. Heading to Sac tomorrow to see u again!


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24 Responses to Casey James at Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma, California

  1. deesquared777 says:

    EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. Drew J says:

    Blimey can’t wait for the videos! So thrilled to hear what he’s done with Drive and LDCIAN.

    BTW, I remember long ago from AI boards when we were running down a wishlist of what we want Casey to cover. Someone said Tonic’s “The Way She Loves Me” pretty fits him. I was surprised to read he DID!

    Now if he can only do Pearl Jam’s “Black” in the future. I will seriously flip out!

  3. CanadianFAN says:

    There is no limit to what Casey James can do with music. I always believed deep in my heart that he was a musical genius so I guess that is having high expectations for him. Hearing affirmation of my beliefs is so thrilling for me being that I’m from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia which is so far from California , Nashville or Texas. I just love him and I can’t wait until I get my hands on his first CD.

  4. Gail Vaughn says:

    Thanks for the great review. I have been to three of his shows and loved them all…but every time he does something new and exciting. And last night was no different, bring it on Casey!!! We are so ready!!! 🙂

  5. CanadianFAN says:

    Casey James’ music is so rich in culture, that it celebrates beauty in the society of arts.

  6. Blueslane uk says:

    Really like the instrumental in ‘Use Me’
    We all think Caseys original songs are brilliant, but talking about covers, I would really like to hear Casey sing Kenny Wayne Sheperds ‘Blue On Black’ Noah Hunt sings the lead, but I think Caseys vocals would suit this song and sound really great.
    Like all Casey fans, I am looking forward to listening to his first Country/Blues CD.

  7. I’ve had my Amazon and I-tunes notification of anything Casey for quite some time..since American idol actually:). looking forward to hopefully middle of August, or whenever i get that notice!! MUsicwoman said it very well. loveyou Casey James. yur music is in my heart forever. God bless you!

  8. Marie and everyone who posted pics . thank you so very much for sharing these priceless treasures. such a huge lift for the day..and Casey. if there is at least one thing about you that ispires me, there are many. i know in my heart that if everyone of us worked as hard at even the smallest gift God has given us, as hard as you worked to develop your music skills and overcome any obstacles to that happening..if we all had as much focus and drive..even a tiny bit. the world would be a happier and stronger and better place. as your fans we owe that to you and ourselves. and your character and decency inspires. i know you are concerned that putting you on a pedestal doesn’t work for you. you don’t want to be put in a spot you can fall from. after all you are human. don’t worry.not watching for that one grand booboo that will make someone go is ofetn happening with pr media of any celebrity these days!. just loving the good about you .and so inspired. we love you Casey. and we love your music. you’ve brought out the sunshine..lit up the world of music. made people think about it and listen to people they never heard of. keep it up!

  9. music woman says:

    Our 3 hour ride up to Petaluma (and 2 hours home, no traffic) from the Bay Area was so totally worth it! Posted my mini-review on MJ’s Blog this morning. Looks like she picked iup the part about his new single and put it in her Evening Highlights with a link back to here. My husband is still talking about Casey’s performance and how it was the best “concert” we’ve seen this year. Which I totally agree with!

    Gotta tell you folks here a cute story. We were getting ready to leave and my husband went to the men’s room and met Casey in there while they were both washing their hands. They got to talking and my husband thought it was so cute that at the end of Casey’s show he thanks everyone “for sticking around to the end”. Which my husband says is definitely a hold over from the years he played in bars where the folks came to hook up or drink but of course never came specifically to see him. So my husband told him that’s its “us fans who should be thanking you now for sticking around and playing for 2 hours” So true!

    • TCJB says:

      I never get tired of hearing about his new male fans. That’s what it’s all about…people finally getting to hear his music and connecting with it. Thanks so much for sharing your experience here and at MJs!

  10. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    Thanks for the awesome article.! A special thanks to Marie for the videos and all others for the beautiful pictures!.What a great show! The Casey we love and know!! Its good to know he liked Ca. too! LOL We do have some beautiful countryside.!! I’am getting so excited to see Casey when he comes back down South! His voice and guitar skills are sooo amazing!! I love the acoustics!! What a beautiful soul!! Casey you Rock!

  11. Inconnu says:

    Busy watching videos. I just saw Use Me. It’s pretty AWESOME!

    Looks like Casey is on a great start. Thanks for all the videos and recaps!

  12. Kachina Doll says:

    I love this version of LDCIAN!!

    Thanks for all the pictures and video.

  13. Lucy says:

    “Casey is no longer our boy. Casey is The STAR!!!!!”
    Thanks again to Marie, Diane & Shari for every update-news & videos!!!
    Casey looks breathtaking in every angle!!!

  14. medolark says:

    I’m so excited to finally get a single. Can’t wait for the entire CD. Thanks for posting this info as I don’t think Casey is going to get close to Montana. Ü

  15. Karen says:

    Thanks for the videos and pictures so we can get our Casey fix! I am so excited hearing that his single will be out soon! 🙂

  16. Aunt Sherry says:

    Always enjoy the videos..and RoseQueen took some great pixs! Thanks to all who take the time to do this. Helps us get our fix of Casey’s music! Casey said he’ll probably freak the first time he hears himself on the radio and now it’s just a few more weeks–woo hoo!

  17. daydreaminmeme says:

    I knew from the moment I saw that youtube of “Satisfied” from his pre-Idol days that Casey would be a HUGE hit….but seeing it here in print and reading about the reaction to him from guys & people who weren’t fans before just makes my heart swell with pride, as if he were my own grandson…I am actually choked up with emotion now. He SO richly deserves this success!

  18. HPsquares says:

    I’m loving the band version of Shine Your Shoes!

    • Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

      I love the band version of “Shine Your Shoes” too, it’s great!!

      • Aunt Sherry says:

        He definitely picked it up a little. The first time he played it, I was blown away by the music and lyrics. Kept trying to get him to play it on stage. Finally! It has to be HIS idea, I guess. ha

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