Preparations for Casey James’ Packed Concert Calendar

Starting with Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma, California, this Thursday, 7/21, Casey has eight concerts scheduled over a ten day period.  Some are opening gigs with Sugarland but most are solo concerts which should have long sets. 

Not only will Casey be very busy over the next week and a half, but so will we here at The Casey James Blog, bringing the concerts to you wherever you may be.

Casey’s upcoming concert schedule is as follows (all times are PACIFIC):

7/21 — Kodiak Jacks, Petaluma, CA, 7:00 (opener first, Casey should come on at 8:00)

7/23 — Rimac Field, La Jolla, CA, 7:00

7/24 — California State Fair, Sacramento, CA, 8:00

7/25 — The Greek, Los Angeles, CA, 7:30

7/26 — The Greek, Los Angeles, CA, 7:30

7/28 — The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 9:00

7/29 —Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, Mesa, AZ, 8:00

7/30 — Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, 8:00

For each concert, we will have someone in the audience calling into the conference number (1-712-432-0075, code 654945#) so the rest of us can listen in.  The Live Chat room will be open to share the experience and share whatever tweets come in during the concert.  In addition, with so many fans, including co-TCJB administrator Marie Leathem, being at the concert, we should get great photos and videos.  So check back often!

Carol Zimmerman Matthews aka @IndianaMomOf4 had a great idea which she posted on the Casey E. James Fan Club Facebook — “maybe all of Casey’s twitter and fan club fans might start wearing blue glow stick necklaces to his evening concerts so that he can look into the mostly dark crowd and see who is specifically there to see him.”  Seems like a great idea, especially for the shows where he’s not the headliner.   You can find them a most 99 cent-type stores and party stores.  If you plan on wearing the glow stick, let us know!


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9 Responses to Preparations for Casey James’ Packed Concert Calendar

  1. Mich_in_Colo says:

    What an exciting July!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow when the photos and vids to start coming in! Casey’s mother, Debra, tweeted that her two favorite new songs are ones we haven’t heard yet!! I don’t see how Casey can get any better, but he never ceases to amaze me. That man is 100% pure talent! My only worry is Casey withdrawals! They haven’t announced any shows after July 30!!!! What are we going to do??? :-O

  2. Karen says:

    Casey is really going to be busy with 8 show within 10 days coming up! Its great that we have someone at each show to keep in touch so us fans at home can listen in! 😀

  3. Erin says:

    Can’t wait for the Mint show… I’ll be there with my glowsticks on!!! I know he has done autograph signings at a few shows, any idea if he’ll sign at the Mint show.. would love to meet him again, but I know it’s a late show and he has to be in Arizona the next day… either way I still can’t wait!


    • 808nana says:

      Hi Erin
      I’ll be coming from Hawaii to see Casey at The Mint. I’m dreaming he’ll play songs he did at Key’s Lounge and the homecoming as well as his new stuff. I’ll look for your glowstick! Naomi

  4. Lucy says:

    I am so grateful that Casey’s fans are so willing to share their videos, pictures and accounts of his concerts, and to all the people maintaining blogs, discussion boards, and Facebook pages. I’m wondering if the conference call-in is only available in the US? I’ve been unsuccessful getting connected from Canada for past concerts, and would like to try again. Thanks!

    • TCJB says:

      According to the website that hosts the conference calls: Q: Can international callers participate? A: Yes, normal long distance rates will apply. Make sure you enter the pound sign after the code. The phone number is 1-712-432-0075, then enter 654945#. I hope it will work! If it doesn’t, we will post the link to the audio as soon as the concert is over.

  5. Jeanette aka jwtexaslady says:

    Thank you to all of the thoughtful fans who include the fans not there and make Casey’s shows complete enjoyment for everyone. YOU ROCK!

  6. Inconnu says:

    I want to DITTO that. Thank you so much! It’s really appreciated.

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