Casey James Performing at the Calgary Stampede

Casey took the stage at the Scotiabank Saddledome as the opener for Sugarland at 7:30 tonight.  They were on the bill of the 2011 Calgary Stampede, an annual musical event that celebrates Western culture and showcases the best in music today.

Thanks to @EmilyJHolloway we have video of Casey singing “She’s Money.”


Here is the full report of Casey’s concert by @barbiecanada, our intrepid reporter on the scene:

Casey James took the stage at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 7:30 sharp on Friday July 15, 2011. 

Although there were many people who recognized his name, most were largely unfamiliar with him as an artist/musician.

After each of the nine songs Casey played, the crowd of approximately 9000 went wild cheering for him.

At the end of Casey’s performance comments such as “Wow, he’s really good!”, and “I am so impressed!”, “Who is this guy!?”, “He is very talented!” and “What’s the name of his album!?” were floating around the pit directly below the stage.

Casey definitely won the crowd over and will have earned many new Canadian fans!

Songs performed:

Need Some Texas
She’s Money
I Lied
Let’s Don’t Call it a Night
Drowning on Dry Land
So Sweet
Done Made up My Mind


Here are the first photos:

thanks Jeff Beamish

thanks Darci Brianne

@barbiecanada was right up in front of the stage which made for some interesting photos:


Before the concert, The Casey James Blog reached out to Sugarland fans going to the concert and asked if anyone could take photos of Casey for us.  We had one person respond immediately that he’d be glad to help.  His message board name is davethenflder.  Not only did he get us some amazing photos from right in front of the stage, but he also added his opinion as a lifelong music lover and concert-goer about Casey.   First, his photos:

And this is what he had to say about Casey:   “I was really impressed with Casey”s set. I’ve been going to concerts for over 17 years now and have seen probably easily a thousand bands in my life but honestly I can say that Casey has a really unique talent that I personally haven’t seen since seeing guys like John Mayer and Johnny Lang back in their early days. He got such a great band, incredible blues undertone to his music, and a great modest personality to back it up…hey, all the women were swooning too about his good looks…so yea, he’s got talent and I expect him to go far.”

We do too, Dave.  🙂


Here are some tweets from the concert:

SarahMakson: Casey James! You rocked @calgarystampede! Great warm up for @Sugarlandmusic!

chchchelsey: @Sugarlandmusic listening to Casey James at the stampede, he is amazing!!

Kellyhipkin: Thank you #Texas for sending @caseyejames to Calgary

Lisa Wilton:  American Idol finalist Casey James put a pretty solid show opening for Sugarland tonight. I’m impressed. #yyc

Cassieriabko: I just got to hug Casey James!!! Best moment ever!!!

CassieriabkoThe best time of my life was being the first girl to hug @CaseyEJames tonight after his gig! Thanks so much Casey!!!

After the show, Casey tweeted:  CaseyEJames Alberta, Alberta. 🙂 Good times. Just played a great gig. Thanks for having me out! Stampede was a blast. I’m off to sleep.

The next day, fans were still talking about Casey’s set.  One tweeted:

vistadeck@CaseyEJames opened for Sugarland here in #yyc Calgary last night, my highlight was when his band brought genuine blues to the Saddledome


Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald, seemed impressed with Casey even if the sound and stage set up were not ideal.   He wrote:

Casey James, a pretty-boy Texan, opened the show with reasonably good songs, but muffled acoustics that made him sound like he was being piped in from another planet.

Even for an opening act, the stage presentation was underwhelming. Which was too bad. Because, for an American Idol cast-off, his rock, R&B and blues hybrid is far more soulful than it has any right to be.

According to Lisa Wilton from the Calgary Sun, Casey clearly made an impact last night, writing:

Opener Casey James had his work cut out for him playing to a smaller crowd unfamiliar with his music.

Judging by the loud cheers at the end of his 40-minute set, the 29-year-old American Idol finalist managed to win over new fans.

Keep checking back for updates.


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47 Responses to Casey James Performing at the Calgary Stampede

  1. I loved the review! “….his rock, R&B and blues hybrid is far more soulful than it has any right to be.”

  2. meme4cj says:

    Great things! 🙂 I hope we can get more details soon like the set list & more pix …. etc.

  3. Bybee D James says:

    Microphones go out suddenly at CMA Fest, this gig he sounds like he’s “piped in from another planet?” I don’t ever understand how this is possible. With professional sound men, all the money for the sound boards, monitors, speakers, expensive mikes, electronics and like equipment. I don’t get it! I know all the obstacles that arise for a performer on stage. The last thing you need to worry about is the most important thing… SOUND.
    (Mama bear just came out..sorry)

    • Jake F says:

      UGH for real, geez

    • Aunt Sherry says:

      You tell ’em Sis!

      • Laura Patterson says:

        Debra, I feel your pain!! I don’t get why the sound guys don’t get it right!!?? I went to a Bon Jovi concert last year here in Toronto and we left early because the sound was painful! Sometimes the venues are just too large and can’t be properly set up – I don’t know. You can’t beat an intimate setting with good acoustics. Considering how expensive concert tickets can be, you’d think the sound would be awesome. Not so.

    • that is okay mama bear! you are right and we all know it. but i’m seeing it as a young man who has awesome talent enough to overcome these inconveniences and show people what music is all about whatever technology messes up! and a young man who was raised with the class to make the best out of any situation. we are all so very proud to be hsi fans. and anyone who has heard him play live is blessed. one of these days, someone besides Casey will figure out how to do it right..right??:) ROCK ON CASEY!! your new fans just got a tiny tase of what you are about! hope they hang in there for much more awesome to come!

    • _ says:

      This makes me so mad and upset ! How is it even possible ???
      I’m just so glad that reviews are very good, which just proves how great Casey is despite the incompetent sound setting!
      He is amazing and those obstacles are not stopping him from blowing people away it seems…

    • _ says:

      This makes me so mad and upset ! How is it even possible ???
      I’m just so glad that reviews are very good, which just proves how great Casey is despite the incompetent sound setting!
      He is amazing and those obstacles are not stopping him from blowing people away it seems…

    • Well said, Debra! xo

  4. Joane says:

    I agree with Bybee, at this level Sound is the last thing a performer should worry about. They pay professional big bucks to do that for these guys. My husband has a small sound company & he would by dying of shame with some of the issues Casey has had to deal with. We realize that the problem is not the performer because we deal with this first hand, but you typical fan in the audience has no clue! I wonder if Sugarland had the same problem??

  5. samboy27 says:

    I hear ya, Mama Bear. I’d feel the same way if it was my son. Fans were thilled with his performance, and that’s what counts. We are thankful that he comes out to see all of us.

  6. bigmjfan says:

    Debra I I dont take what that guys said seriosly. If you read the whole review he doesnrt even really like sugarland. At least give an honest review dude.

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      you would think they could have had better sound systems this is a big venue. If you were up close Casey sounded wonderful, however it was bad in the back. Even Sugarland had sound problems.

      • Aunt Sherry says:

        I went to the concert in Greenville, SC and Casey’s set sounded good. They must have cranked the sound up on Sugarland–seemed distorted. So loud I used earplugs then still left early. (Guess I’m too old)

  7. Jeanette aka jwtexaslady says:

    The review was not that bad. I think the reviewer had more problems with the sound than with Casey. After all, when it comes to Casey what’s not to like? ” his rock, R&B and blues hybrid is far more soulful than it has any right to be”- At least he sees that Casey’s music is unique and that is what sets him apart from any other artist. By the way, Momma Bear, you go girl!

  8. Sure, sound problems shouldn’t happen in the ideal world. But I can also see it as showcasing Casey as the consumate professional: it doesn’t phase him, doesn’t play the blame game. And only solidifies one more point why people outside and inside the industry do/&will continue to- admire him.

  9. meme4cj says:

    The review is pretty much great for Casey , especially from someone clearly who dislikes American Idol , & obviously the reviewer wanted more from Casey & said that Casey’s set was short & the arena’s acoustics aren’t good ( that’s always the issue with opening new acts UGH! ) . 😀

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      I am sorry but his review of Casey just made me mad .It was a like dislike review. I just say don’t mess with Texas. I agree with Joane a perforrmer should not have to worry about the acoustics or sound systems. Sugarland did have the same problem.

  10. Joan Carey says:

    It always amazes me how often the sound at shows at bigger venues is below par, even at events like the halftime show at the Superbowl where it should be topnotch with all the money they have to spend. It shows what a talent and true professional Casey is that he shines and gets noticed for his musical abilities even when things he can’t control happen.

  11. Aunt Sherry says:

    You’ll never hear Casey whine or place blame when something goes wrong—not his style. Now his Mom or I–different story!

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      it’s true Casey never complains but some of us do. So I quess he knows we will whine and complain for him lol.

    • Jeanette aka jwtexaslady says:

      I’m with you, Aunt Sherry. Whiners and blamers have their place and here we are.

  12. Karen says:

    I can certainly understand how you feel Debra! Judging by the way this guy gives reviews, I guess he was grudgingly giving Casey a compliment in his own way. If the sound people don’t do their job properly (or have the right equipment to do so), its hard to tell what a singer or band really sounds like. On another note, I’m really liking the comment made by the Calgery Sun that was just added above! 🙂

  13. Corrin says:

    We all know he is heaven sent and has a hevenly talent.

  14. Shari says:

    As soon as saw the review, I realized that the reviewer obviously liked Casey but was turned off by the poor production (sound, lighting) of his set. So I wrote to him and he confirmed my suspicions. This is what he told me: “While I obviously was not given a lot of room to dedicate to Casey James’ set, I hope it was clear that any criticism was directed at the generally underwhelming sound and light presentation. New country acts, in particular, seem to have a habit of making their opening acts sound as small and muted as possible, perhaps in an attempt to make themselves look more spectacular by comparison. I was actually impressed with James’ songs, band and voice and I hope he comes through town on his own.”

    I also sent him a link to the YouTube videos from Billy Bob’s and he said he’d check them out!

    • Aunt Sherry says:

      Thanks so much Shari…you definitely have Casey’s back!

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      Thank you Shari You have our backs but when Casey i s blamed for something not his fault its makes me mad. Casey never complains just takes it like the gentleman he is and the credit goes to the way Debra raised him. Thank you Debra

  15. Cynthia says:

    All the exposure Casey James is getting is all good, so I wouldn’t worry about one man’s comments.
    We Casey fans know that a great performer like Casey will have a great music career so who cares what one person in a million has to say. Some of the best performers have sound problems and that’s OK too.

  16. Carol (IndianaMomOf4) says:

    I went to see Barry Manilow last night in Vegas and he had to stop singing after 2 songs and go backstage to fix his ear moniters. He kept telling the sound people he couldn’t hear the band. He said that has never happened to him before. How many times has he done that show?! I was thinking how unprofessional it was but felt bad for Barry.

  17. Meme4CJ says:

    Thanks Shari for the updates & @barbiecanada for the recap & pix . 🙂
    It sure seems like Casey rocked it & won over the Canadians 😀

  18. daydreaminmeme says:

    Thanks for clarifying that review for us, Shari! When I read it, I thought the guy really liked Casey’s set but was put off by the poor sound quality and the stage presentation. Glad to know I read him correctly!

    BTW, thanks so much for the awesome job you do here keeping us all up to date on Casey’s career…your blog is always one of my daily places to visit on the web & I never fail to find something wonderful to read or look at when I’m here!

  19. Katy7540 says:

    “New country acts, in particular, seem to have a habit of making their opening acts sound as small and muted as possible, perhaps in an attempt to make themselves look more spectacular by comparison.”
    I thought it was a good review, but if the sound issue is deliberate, that is unacceptable! Apparently Casey made a good impression, and gained a lot of fans. Truth is, he is so attractive, he would gain fans with no music at all.

  20. Lucy M says:

    First, Congrats on the wonderful reviews, Casey!!!! I really love seven of them out of nine songs Casey performed at Calgary Stampede. Are those songs could be his possible selection for his upcoming new album? I hope so…. 🙂

  21. bigmjfan says:

    Yes the originals her sang are in consideration for his cd. He said so sweet and lets dont call it a night are in the running for his first single

  22. CanadianFAN says:

    To the fans who were not pleased with one “Sound Problem comment”, you should check UTube “The Stage Collapse Ottawa Bluesfest 2011 “when the stage actually collapses on the Classical Band “Cheap Trick on July 17/11. Apparently it was an outdoor concert and a violent thunderstorm broke out. That was a real bummer!! Some people were hurt as well.
    I love Casey James and his beautiful music will come through no matter what happens with the sound systems.

  23. Boudica says:

    Thanks Dave and everyone else for the awesome pictures and reviews!

    Casey had a great response from this concert! 😉

  24. Thank you, @davethenflder for sharing your great photos and your spot on review. 🙂

    • in harmony with Patty, we really appreciate the great revue and terrific pics of Casey in motion. beautiful work. thanks so much for sharing this with us, Dave..hopefully you’ll get a lot more opportunities to do that again:)))

  25. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    Way to go Mama Bear!! And Thanks Shari for sharing the article..We are proud of Casey for his performance in Canada..regardless of any sound problems..he is so awesome and talented. Can’t wait for him to come to So.Cal…sound problems or not I just want to hear him play and sing..:))).

  26. shar40 says:

    This happens a lot in reviews. I blame the venue as they should have good sound systems available for the performers. Bad reviews will come from a reviewer that just is not good at his job. They are paid to give the review and some try to make a name for themselves. Here in Dallas we had an opera reviewer assigned to reveiw country music. He was awful. After several phone calls he then started taking it out on country music totally. So you just write them off and keep going. I have seen this a lot with my sons band and it can really make you mad. The good ones make up for all the bad ones

  27. MNCyn says:

    “Wow, he’s really good!”, and “I am so impressed!”, “Who is this guy!?”, “He is very talented!” and “What’s the name of his album!?” were floating around the pit directly below the stage.

    Sounds like what we heard on Fremont Street back in April!!

  28. _ says:

    Love Dave’s review !!!! He’s absolutely right about everything!
    Just makes me so happy to hear all this from a new gained fan!!!

    Pictures are great. Thanks Dave and @barbiecanada.

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