Casey James Wins Fort Worth Weekly Award

Fort Worth Weekly held its annual Music Awards nominations and voting and the results are in.   They won’t be published until next Wednesday’s edition, but according to a tweet by the venue holding the awards show tonight, Casey James won for Best Pop Artist!

In their article introducing their nominees, the FWW said this about Casey:  Casey James actually cracked the American Idol top three, and while he didn’t win, he generated some sweetly hip, bluesy, audience-friendly songs to garner international acclaim.

From what they said today about the results, votes came in from all around the globe and it would not be a surprise if Casey’s name on the ballot was the reason why.

Congrats to Casey.  Today Fort Worth, tomorrow (or as soon as the record comes out) the world!  🙂


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3 Responses to Casey James Wins Fort Worth Weekly Award

  1. Bybee D James says:

    I sure hope this is true and Casey did win. Any award is a great accomplishment. Pop wouldn’t be my first pick for categories even though he did sing pop on AI. Remember Ok It’s Alright With Me and Bubbly?

  2. Mich_in_Colo says:

    That’s our boy! He better get used to it! This is the first of many accolades he will receive! I am so excited to watch his success unfold. Surely he will continue to touch lives with his humble spirit. He definitely changed my life and lead me here where I found the final piece to the puzzle of my faith. what amazing fans he has! I bet he has no idea how he has impacted so many lives! He is an angel in my book!

  3. Boudica says:

    It is funny I saw there were rock, blues, Americana, Texas music and guitarist categories, which would all have been a better fit then pop. But I am guessing they might see Nashville country as pop, if you look back at the hometown review Casey received where they describe current country stars as “shinny pop” phenomenons.

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