Casey James’ Interview with Arizona Republic

Before Casey’s July 3rd show at Salt River Fields in Talking Stick, AZ, he had a chance to sit down with reporter and music reviewer Ed Masley.  They touched on Casey’s time on American Idol, his Texas roots and his musical influences and direction. 

For the complete interview, please check out the article on by clicking here

Here are some excerpts:

Question: I hear you just had a big show at Billy Bob’s Texas. How did that go?

Answer: Man, it went awesome. It was a lot of fun, a lot of people there. Because my CD’s not out yet, I thought, well, there might not be anybody there. But it was great. It was slam-packed and I got to see all my friends and family.

Q: So is the CD already recorded?

A: I’m not completely done with it, no. But I think there will be a single out, I would imagine, by October. Don’t quote me on that (laughs).

Q: Who are some of the people you’ve been writing with?

A: David Lee Murphy, Brett James, the Warren Brothers, Natalie Hemby, Delbert McClinton. The opening song of the set will be “Bulletproof,” a song I wrote with him and Big Al Anderson. He’s awesome. And then, me and Brice Long and Terry McBride wrote the next one. Dallas Davidson, Paul Overstreet, Amy Mayo, Chris Lindsey. I’ve written with a ton of people. The list is literally just endless. It’s like two full pages typed.

Q: You talked about the impact of writing with other writers on your music. Did going on “Idol” have an impact on your music? Obviously, it brought more people to your shows, but as an artist . . .

A: Absolutely. It doesn’t change what you do, but I think you have to elevate your game, you know what I mean? You have to realize that you’re on a different level. I’m no longer playing to a room of 20 people. And people are really listening, whereas a lot of times before, I was pouring my heart out and no one was listening.

UPDATE: Reporter Masley also interviewed Crystal Bowersox about sharing the bill with Casey and she had this to say about her former AI alum: 

Q: How does it feel to doing a show with Casey James today?

A: Cool. Casey was the one “Idol” contestant that I met early on, in the Hollywood Week, and he and I sat outside I think it was a Starbucks Café, and we were just playing guitar and jamming back and forth and he’s got real, legitimate chops. He’s a guitar player. He’s a songwriter. He’s eye candy. Everyone knows it. But yeah, I’ve got a lot of respect for Casey.


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3 Responses to Casey James’ Interview with Arizona Republic

  1. Bybee D James says:

    Did he say Casey played all around N Carolina? Obviously he meant Texas! Ha!

  2. @CJFan_Audrey says:

    One thing I miss about AI was seeing and reading Casey interviews on a regular basis. It’s nice to read this! I love his interviews 🙂

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