Casey James at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, AZ

Tonight, Casey James opened the Independence Day Music Festival at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, near Scottsdale, Arizona.  Also on tonight’s bill, his fellow American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox and one of the biggest names (and biggest guys) in country music today, Blake Shelton.

Casey brought out the Texas honky tonk-inspired “Bulletproof,” and continued the festive energy with “Need Some Texas.”  Next was “She’s Money,” a rocking number Casey sang for the first time at Billy Bob’s on July 1.  “I Lied” followed with its romantic tease.  Casey then treated the crowd to the sweet and rueful “Til My Guitar,” which was followed by the eponymous “So Sweet.”  Bringing back a favorite blues classic from his homecoming performances last year, Casey then worked it out with “Drowning On Dry Land.”  In its wake, Casey played “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” and then gave the crowd some playful blues with “Too Sweet for Me.”  Gearing up for the finale, Casey revved up the crowd with the propulsive “Drive.”  Finally, the smoking hot and rocking “Done Made Up My Mind” concluded Casey’s set.

Ed Masley of the Arizona Republic had this to say of Casey’s dynamic set:

Casey James got a full set to show off his musical chops on assorted electric guitars, setting the tone with a blues-rock solo on the boogie-rocking “Bulletproof,” a song he co-wrote with Big Al Anderson of NRBQ. Although he’s being marketed as country now, he wasn’t shy about letting his blues roots show in a set whose highlights ranged from country-rocking “Need Some Texas” (which wasn’t far removed from something Eric Clapton might have done around the time of “Backless”) to the hardcore blues of “Drowning on Dry Land.” His set ended with one last opportunity for James to tear it up on lead guitar, the heavy blues-rock of “Done Made Up My Mind,” which sounded like it could have been an FM staple in the early ’70s.

Midway through his set, after James led his bandmates through a soulful ballad called “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” Rachel Jewell, a 20-something nurse from Mesa, said, “It’s so funny that he came up through ‘American Idol.’ He so much cooler than ‘American Idol.'”

Check out the full article here.

For more updates on the concert, check out TCJB Discussion Board here.

Dallas Blankenship (@DALLASdesigns) was kind enough to call in and let other fans listen in on the concert. Videos

Bulletproof  and Need Some Texas  (Thanks Poluskap)  

You Need Some Texas  (Thanks to Dallas (@DALLASdesigns))  

You Need Some Texas (Thanks Poluskap):

She’s Money (Thanks to Poluskap) 

I Lied (Thanks to Poluskap) 

Til My Guitar (Thanks to @DALLASdesigns) 

Till My Guitar (poluskap)

So Sweet (poluskap)

Drowning on Dry Land

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night

Too Sweet For Me

Done Made Up My Mind 

Montage with snippets of songs from last night, by Texaii


First pic came in from @mikeVI6:

Another pic from @mikeVI6:

Pics from @Tamifaye_VI:

Picture from @RyanCorby:

Picture from @delaneyburgess:

Picture from @FiveTenGal:

Pictures from Texaii:

Picture from @DALLASdesigns:

DALLASdesigns @caseyejames the front of sign said TX loves (heart) Casey that is the back of the sign showing in pic

Photos by Shawn Anderson:  

Fan photos courtesy of Salt River Fields, click here.

Tweets from the fans:

TracieLSmith  @blakeshelton Just finished listening to Casey James open your show. Amazing!!!!

CourtneyCox_ @blakeshelton We’ve been ready! How are you likin’ this dust storm? Your man Casey James just went off stage & he rocked it!

delaneyburgess  Casey James!! So amazing!!

BamadansPad  RT @mikeVI6 // Casey James letting his hair down to shred on the Telecaster!!

bigredfan_az  @blakeshelton we’re ready! Casey James is doing an awesome job warming us up!

grisgris13: Check out the photos of Casey James. He’s playing with Blake tonite. LOVE this guy and his music.


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8 Responses to Casey James at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, AZ

  1. girl4reba says:

    Best reception I have may have ever heard. I’ve been listening in to cell certs for 5+ years. Thank you to everyone … who makes these possible. Casey really got that country crowd worked up and into his blues. I could tell they were loving all that! As well, they should. Great pictures. Thank you.

  2. girl4reba says:

    Opps * I may have ever heard 🙂

  3. An ERIC CLAPTON comparison!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ve been sayin this since I saw that youtube of Casey singin “Satisfied” pre-Idol!

    And I LOVE the quote from that girl: “He’s so much cooler than Idol” 😀

  4. P.S. We REALLY need a youtube or an MP3 of Casey’s “Drownin on Dry Land” from this concert…it was OUTSTANDING!

    • Renee says:

      Do you think he has any idea what he does to us with this kind of singing and playing? Or is that exactly why he does it?!

  5. Ha Ha! I’m so excited I spelled my own screen name incorrectly! :d

  6. Tina Deraco says:

    No surprise that lightening was cracking after Casey’s set! It’s that kind of jamming that brought the rains to Woodstock:-)

    BTW: Shari it’s so great to have your site as a resource. Thank you for putting all of this together! Well done!!!!

  7. Mariana Mihai says:


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