Pre-show Planning for Casey James at Billy Bob’s Texas

There is an old joke that goes:  “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”  “Practice!” 

In some ways, that is what tomorrow night is all about.  After a dozen years honing his craft, Casey James will finally set foot on the stage at Billy Bob’s Texas as a headliner.  He will play for a packed hometown crowd teeming with family, friends and fans who are every bit as excited to see him play as Casey must be standing there being able to share his music at such a legendary venue.

While it may seem that everyone is going to Billy Bob’s on Friday, there are fans from all around the world who can only be there in spirit.  For those fans, The Casey James Blog will be your destination.  As photos, information, links, and videos come in, they will be posted here. 

In addition, we will have the Live Chat room open for fans to talk, share photos and details as they come in, and join in listening live to the concert.   To listen live, call in just before 10:30 Central time to this number: 1-712-432-0075.  Enter access code 654945#.  If you can’t listen live, the audio will be downloaded and the link posted here immediately after the show.

Tomorrow night will be a great night for Casey James and all his family, friends, and fans wherever they might be.


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8 Responses to Pre-show Planning for Casey James at Billy Bob’s Texas

  1. Mich_in_Colo says:

    This is going to be epic!

  2. Corrin says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  3. Gail Vaughn says:

    Thank you, it is so great to have a place to come and get the info as it is happening!!

  4. Tina Deraco says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for helping us share in this special evening! May the force be with you as you bring Casey’s performance into my living room:-) YIPEE…

  5. Meme4CJ says:

    Can’t wait! 😀

  6. Karen says:

    I am so happy that you give all of us fans that are unable to be at Casey’s shows, the opportunity to hear him perform. Thank you so much Shari!:)

  7. Aunt Sherry says:

    Can’t wait for the videos from Billy Bob’s! I’ll watch them over and over.

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