Casey James spotted at the CMT Awards

A very observant fan at the CMT Awards show tonight tweeted a picture of Casey James in the audience, sitting next to fellow American Idol Season 9 finalist and recent Nashville transplant Crystal Bowersox and her husband Brian Walker. 

i03ybx.jpgPhoto tweeted by AshPlaysOn

This is just the beginning of Casey sightings.  Tomorrow will be wall-to-wall Casey.  Get a good night’s sleep, and we’ll see you back here then!
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3 Responses to Casey James spotted at the CMT Awards

  1. mississippicjfan says:

    Thanks for the photo. I have been looking everywhere and thought he wasn’t there! So glad to see he made it!

  2. oliveru says:

    hope someone has some video of his singing… and thanks to all of you who have posted pictures and video,s of his songs… we who cant be there are so thankful….

  3. Karen says:

    There’s our Casey! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos from the shows today!

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