Casey James Playing the 92.5 XTU 27th Anniversary Concert

Casey went on stage today at 2:00 Eastern at the Susquehanna Bank Center, in Camden, NJ, as part of the lineup for radio station XTU’s 27th annual anniversary show.  He opened with Long Tall Texan, then moved on to Bulletproof and Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.  Then Casey debuted two new songs.  The slow ballad So Sweet, then the more upbeat You Need Some Texas.  Both were amazing!  He finished up his set with powerful performances of Drive and Done Made Up My Mind.  From reports of fans at the concert, his set was a huge hit with the crowd!  He also met with fans after the show who described him as warm and genuine, someone who made each person he met feel special.

Casey was scheduled to sign autographs from 12:30 to 1:00 pm, but was stuck in traffic and didn’t make it. Casey didn’t want to let his fans down, and neither did the good people of XTU radio, so the signing was rescheduled for 2:45 & tweets flew on Twitter in order to update everyone.  Thank you to all who made it possible for Casey’s fans to get to meet him!

XTU provided live coverage of the concert on their website, and you can still go here to check it out.  One of Casey’s fans, @NYYCEJFanJT, was sweet enough to call in during his set so his other fans could listen in.   You can listen to a tape of the concert here.


“Long Tall Texan”    


“Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” 

“So Sweet”   


“You Need Some Texas”   


“Done Made Up My Mind” 


Courtesy of SaraMac_in321




From PhillyGirlx0x0 we go. Hope I can get all of these on here...fingers crossed! :)

Courtesy of SaraMac_321

Courtesy of Maryanne C. (@MaryannefromNJ)

Courtesy of Maryanne C. (@MaryannefromNJ)

Courtesy of Maryanne C. (@MaryannefromNJ)


From RazzontheRadio

Casey with a very happy @maryannefromNJ
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
 Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
Photos Courtesy of Steve Trager
 Casey with SaraMac_in321
Jordan Polino-Dombrowski took a lot of fantastic (no pun intended) pictures of  Casey which she posted on her FB which you can check out here.  She said, of Casey’s concert: “Casey James was amazing and he sounded really great live and his songs are amazing. It will be nice when his album comes out.”
And after an amazing day…it’s back to Nashville.

Pics taken by @chrisadams4

Concert review from HPSquares:

I saw Casey in Camden, and can say he is a captivating performer. I loved all of his songs, but the highlights for me were Done Made Up My Mind and You Need Some Texas. I also liked Let’s Don’t Call It a Night and So Sweet. And when I played back So Sweet at home, I liked it even more.

Casey’s voice is always expressive. It can be bluesy, deep, sultry, wry, nasty, playful, and sweet. His growl is ubiquitous and he has the rare ability to convey vulnerability with this vocal technique – and there are injections of vulnerability in every song he sings. Physically, Casey conveys his feelings with each guitar strum, shoulder roll, and passionate facial expression.

Let’s don’t call it a night is slow and groovy. Casey starts out with sultry vocals and gives us a little rasp. The song builds with passionate, growling pleas, and ends with a lovely, fading guitar solo.

So Sweet is one of the two new songs Casey brought out. At its start, the melody rocks gently and Casey’s voice is sweet and sensual, but the chorus is where he draws you in. Here is where he emphasizes his notes with charismatic growls that convey intense passion and vulnerability.

You Need Some Texas is the second new song Casey introduced. Casey performs this ditty with a bouncy exuberance, and the lyrics allow him to express his pride in his home state. The hook is incredibly catchy. When I got home, I repeatedly played the video online. I loved when his voice went deep and playful on the line “You need some Texas”, and wry and sarcastic on “Whatcha get is whatcha see”. And once again, he used enthusiastic growls to build the song’s climax.

Drive has a stellar intro with a riff that is heard again at certain times in the song. I’d like to hear what this song would be like with an additional guitar player, possibly one that continues the intro riff longer and throughout this piece. There was a point about three quarters of the way through, when Casey and the band teased the audience by abruptly stopping and pausing before finishing the song. The audience screamed with enthusiasm at this playful move.

Done Made Up My Mind is a rock song that displays Casey’s dirty, nasty side, and you can tell how much he loves it. It’s a great showcase for his many and varied guitar playing skills. He starts by digging into the guitar intro and giving us some enthusiastic jumps, head tosses and hair flips. Casey continues with biting vocals as he sings about leaving the past behind. As it builds, Casey brings the song to a crescendo by vocally pushing out the notes with increasing gusto while ripping on his guitar. With his body and head jerking to the beat and his hair flailing, he grabs the top of the guitar and turns its body to bend the note, then gives us a flurry of strumming before the band plays a decisive final note.

I can’t wait to see Casey again in concert

Thanks to NYYCEJFanJT, SaraMac_in321, MaryannefromNJ, PhillyGirlx0x0, Jordan Polino-Dombrowski and everyone else credited with sharing your photos and/or videos!


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23 Responses to Casey James Playing the 92.5 XTU 27th Anniversary Concert

  1. cynyn says:

    You bet I will. It’s time for more Casey, and that is so great!

  2. Carol says:

    I know he’s talented, his music is awesome, but, my gosh, isn’t he beautiful. Just look at him.

    • Laura Patterson says:

      Amen sister!!!
      He’s so hot I’m surprised he doesn’t combust! Is it asking
      too much for a double CD and a solo tour?!

  3. Carman says:

    Who is that on bass?

    • Carolyn says:

      Yes, and who is playing drums? These aren’t the same guys. Inquiring minds want to know all details! LOL

  4. Bybee D James says:

    Thanks to Casey’s supporters for being “Johnny on the Spot”! Great job!

    • Karen Smith from Hillsboro says:

      He is loved by so many. I’ll be calling in on Thursday from Nashville. Hope we can get some good audio. It’s such a tricky thing and Jen did her best. It’s just nice to be in the moment!

  5. celos9 says:

    Great pictures. New band member? Don’t recognize the guy with the striped red and blue shirt.

  6. Gail Vaughn says:

    Ladies you all did a great job covering Casey’s show…thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. He has some great photos. So very anxious for some new video!! He does such a great show!

  7. Jeanette Wiggins says:

    Everyone did a great job today! Shari and Marie, thank you for everything you do. It was so great to hear your voices today. You just know how to capture the moment. Casey was fantastic today!! I like his new shirt. Looks like it will be great for the hot summer shows.

  8. Jen says:

    Sorry the audio didn’t turn out well today, guys! Didn’t notice when the call failed because I had the phone on the chair next to me. That venue is not great for getting any kind of a signal, unfortunately. Glad you got some video at least. The new songs were great!

  9. susan eilee25 says:

    How fun to come home and find photos and videos of our guy on stage!! You girls are awesome and do such a great job!! I LOVE being a Casey fan and just get goosebumps listening to his great music. Love the new songs! And it don’t hurt that he’s sooooo purdy 🙂

  10. Kachina Doll says:

    Thank you Jordan and Beth! So nice to have videos of the new stuff. And thank you Jen for the conference call. I listened in, but couldn’t hear myself say hi (probably because I already had it on mute, lol) and followed on live chat, but couldn’t manage to sign in. Y’all are technological wunderkinds!

  11. Katy7540 says:

    Thanks for posting the videos. I’m not from there, but I think I need a little Texas. 🙂 like the new songs!

  12. Mary says:

    >:)< ty

  13. MaryS-NJ says:

    I wish I’d been able to get down there in time to see Casey… Thank you all for posting video clips and pics!

  14. Boudica says:

    Thanks everyone!:-)

    I don’t know about the songs, So Sweet has a catchy tune but they are both a bit on the generic side to me. But Casey has already debuted so many songs that I love, these two doesn’t really make a difference.
    It is just surprising to see Casey do a normal pop song and a normal soft rock song. He is very versatile.

  15. MaryS-NJ says:

    This morning one of my friends here at work told me that she was at the concert. She said “Oh my God! Casey was so good!”…not to mention, really handsome. They had front row seats so she got the full Casey experience. She liked him on Idol last season but I was the big Casey fan in our office so she made a point of letting me know how great he is live (which, of course, I already knew :)). I told her to check out this blog.

    I can’t wait until Casey has his own concert somewhere in driving distance, so that I can plan to see him live and performing his own music.

  16. Karen says:

    Thanks to all for bringing the videos and pictures to us fans that can’t make the shows! I get almost as excited about seeing these as if I was going to be there. Still can’t wait to be able to make it to one of Casey’s shows! 😀

  17. Renee says:

    Casey, you’ve made me a lovesick ” teenager” all over again!

  18. Thanks to shari for sharing my videos above: “Long Tall Texan and Bulletproof 4:15; Let’s Don’t Call It A Night 4:15; DRIVE 2:33; and Done Made Up My Mind 4:12. I am please everyone is enjoying them. It’s was absolutely an awesome day at the XTU92.5’s Concert featuring Casey James, even people who didn’t know Casey, fell in love with his music!♥ Afterwards I finally met Casey James, got a picture him and he signed my hat. Casey is a true gentleman and funny too! Plus I met some warm loving friends from the Casey E. James Fan Club. It was an amazing day overall and a sweet memory for me!

  19. Thanks for fantastic review!!!

  20. Pingback: New Casey Concert – Philadelphia, PA, 12/10 | The Casey James Blog

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