Casey Holds a Twitter Party

Casey signed onto Twitter tonight just before midnight Pacific time and asked “Anybody up?”  He then tweeted, “I’m good. Just been reading some of yalls tweets. Thought I would drop by and talk for a bit. So what’s new?”  With that the first Casey James Twitter Party of 2011 was underway.  It ran for over an hour, with dozens of questions and answers from how his dogs were doing to the fact that “Hold On” was written in part for the people of Japan.

Casey marveled in how far he has come from a near- Luddite to the tech savvy, electronics-wielding guy he now is, “Btw!How high-tech am I!? Skyping and tweeting and whatnot.Two years ago I didn’t have Internet or a fancy phone. My how times have changed:)”

He answered a few questions about the status of his upcoming CD.   “I’ve written about 60 new songs in the last few months.Trying to whittle it down now.Some are better than others….:)”  He added, to another fan who told him how “awesome” he was on American Idol and how great it was to finally hear from him, “hey thanks! Yeah I been out of touch lately. Just slamming myself trying to make an awesome cd for y’all.It’s gonna be gooood. :)”

Answering a fan’s question about when the much-anticipated CD will finally be released, Casey gave a great, and true, answer:  “asap. It doesn’t take long at all to make a bad cd….;)”

You can read the rest of the Twitter party here and remember to follow Casey on Twitter @CaseyEJames.

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4 Responses to Casey Holds a Twitter Party

  1. cc says:

    Good to hear. Firing up Casey’s finale performance for one last view before moving on…

  2. Jake F says:

    This is cool news, anxious to hear the new music. We are just today gonna buy 11 tickets to Billy Bobs. It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve been there. Actually Brad Paisley was the last person I watched perform there. He was just starting out, in the big time I mean. Just yesterday I had a customer of mine (who knew I followed last years homecoming stuff) mention how it was a shame that nothing ever came from Casey’s AI stint. She was sorta implying he was just doing nothing. Of course I caught her up to speed on the album in the works & that it takes time to make a good quality record. I said she would soon hear Casey on the radio…..fingers crossed.
    Thanks for keeping the oldest CJ fans up on the latest CJblog!

  3. Casey your awesome!!! Sorry to hear of ol papa moving on but at least he felt the joy of success that you have gained and he knows you will be an inspiration towards holding up the family and making them proud.
    Hope to hear from ya sometime, your new best friend (LOL)
    in Dallas Tx. 903-654-1858

  4. Karen says:

    Really great to hear from Casey! Of course, I was sleeping at that early a.m. hour but just reading the tweets was fun. 🙂 Sounds like he is doing good & working hard on his music.

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