More Casey James Songwriting Collaborators Named

As Casey James’ fans know, Casey has been busy working with a number of very talented and very experience songwriters over the past few months, putting together dozens of songs for possible inclusion on his debut album for BNA Records.  Fans have heard the names of some writing collaborators, but thus far have only been able to speculate which collaborations have led to which of Casey’s new songs.  But some of the specifics are starting to come out.

The Casey James Blog learned last month that one of his new songs, the rockin’/bluesy “Done Made up My Mind” with which Casey has been closing out his recent sets, was co-written by Casey James and hit makers  Tony Martin and Mark Nesler.  Martin and Nesler are two-thirds of the writing talent behind Keith Urban’s latest no. 1, “You Look Good in My Shirt” and the title song for the movie “Country Strong.”  Martin and Nesler also co-penned Tim McGraw’s  “Just to See You Smile,” ranked by Billboard  as the Number One country single of 1998.

Fans may already be aware that the rockabilly-influenced song “Bulletproof” was co-written with Delbert McClinton.

MJsBigBlog reported today (via contributor Windmills) that “Til My Guitar” was cowritten with Gary T. Nicholson, and John Randall.    The two also cowrote Reba McIntyre’s single, “When Love Gets A Hold Of You” and Randall has written for Kenny Chesney and Little Big Town, among others.  Read the entire article here.

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6 Responses to More Casey James Songwriting Collaborators Named

  1. FG Middlebrook says:

    Anything Fort Worth native Delbert McClinton has a hand in writing is without fail going to be great!

  2. Bybee D James says:

    You are right. Delbert ROCKS!

  3. cc says:

    Like how all the songs reflect Casey.

  4. pamrichva says:

    AWESOME to read that Casey is writing with my all time favorite Texas writers. What a perfect fit. Gary Nicholson has written a LOT of my favorite songs with Lee Roy Parnell (including “Breakin’ Down Slow” that was a Casey Twitter SOTD) and he also writes a lot with and for Delbert McClinton. I sent Casey a CD of Gary’s music right after tour to the PO Box and wrote in my fan letter that he’d be a great co-writer for him, so it’s great news that worked out (whether he got them or not)! Gary is a writer on Reba’s recent release, but he’s written many hits for country and blues artists. His blues alter-ego is Whitey Johnson. Vince Gill won a grammy with his “The Reason Why” and he also wrote his hit, “One More Last Chance.” Go to for a full list.

    Jon Randall’s most famous was probably “Whiskey Lullaby” that MJsBlog mentions. He’s also married to songwriter, Jessi Alexander, who wrote Miley Cyrus’ hit, “The Climb.”

    They’re all a big family of artists/writers that I was SO hoping Casey would end up with in Nashville. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. roni jones says:

    Casey is doing great!!!!! Justifiably so….. he is down to earth…..wishing hime the best

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