Casey James Drops in to Play at The Keys Lounge

According to The Keys Lounge Facebook Page, Casey James stopped by unannounced last Sunday to play with Mace Maben, Group Therapy and the Mabenettes (including famed Ft. Worth musicians bassist Bobby Counts and guitarist Tone Sommer).

Booby Counts, Casey James and Tone Sommer

Booby Counts, Casey James and Tone Sommer

While there is, as of yet, no video from Sunday’s surprise appearance, there are plenty of other videos of Casey from the Keys, one of his favorite places to play.  Here are a few:

Pre-American Idol


During the Hometown Visit on American Idol

“Too Sweet for Me” 


“Drowning on Dry Land”  

“King’s Highway” 

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6 Responses to Casey James Drops in to Play at The Keys Lounge

  1. Cyn says:

    There’s our boy, glad he’s home for a while. Hope there is some video.

  2. MNCyn says:

    I could watch those videos every day and not get tired of them! So much soul.
    Love them!

  3. Laura Patterson says:

    I can’t be the only one who would love to see a cleaned-up version of all of Casey’s homecoming songs If it was possible for a sound engineer to take out the crowd noises and put the best youtube clips together it would make an amazing collection of live music videos. I guess this could never happen because of song copyrights and such but it would make such an impressive statement of Casey’s playing prowess and charismatic performance style.

    I know I’ve listened to the Keys Homecoming songs a thousand times and still melt watching Casey perform them. I guess I would miss the woman in the crowd screaming “Go, Baby” during Drowning on Dry Land. I echo her sentiment completely!

  4. Robyn says:

    Always good to see the homecoming videos! ❤ King's Highway is my all time favorite performance of Casey!

  5. Glenda says:

    Laura, I was gonna say the same thing….I think the crowd noises gives the videos character!! It shows just how supportive and excited people were to see him live!!! Actually during “Drowning on Dry Land” you can hear my big mouth saying….”Yea”!! LOL!!! It was so crazy that day, but oh so worth every minute he was in there playing!! I was in awe, thats for sure!! Love the Homecoming videos!!

  6. Karen says:

    Those were some amazing videos of Casey thats for sure! Yet, the dumbos on AI just couldn’t manage to include any of these in the Homecoming footage for anyone to
    see. Oh well, we all know everything has worked out well for Casey so its all good. 🙂

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