Casey James on “Conversations from the Road: Sugarland”

Casey James was interviewed as part of the GACTV Special “Conversations from the Road: Sugarland.”  He was seen in four separate segments, spread out over the course of the show, at the 0:12, 0:24, 0:35 and 0:52 mark of the show.

In the first segment, Casey was introduced as having come from competing on American Idol to being signed by Sony Nashville in just a year and was asked to talk about how that all came about.  

In Part 2, Casey talks about what he’s learned from being on tour with Sugarland and Little Big Town:

In Part 3, Casey talks about enjoying one of the perks of being on the Incredible Machine Tour — getting to watch Sugarland’s and LBT’s sets.  

In the final segment, Casey discusses how being on the tour is like being with family — and how good the food is.


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3 Responses to Casey James on “Conversations from the Road: Sugarland”

  1. Mich in Colorado says:

    Too funny he found a way to talk about FOOD! That boy sure does like to eat! I wish he would find someone on tour who has a hankering for sanwiches and making YouTube videos! 😀

  2. Carolyn Collins @jesssmom says:

    LOL @ Mich..those late night sandwiches still make me smile! hope he eats WELL and stays strong . keeps all that awesome Casey energy up. he’s long and lean and definitley burns off whatever he does eat. 🙂 just really looking forward to more Casey music. so happy he has so much passion for it and is so excited for other good artists and so supportive of their work. he really enjoys it and its contageous! love Casey James!

  3. NYCJfan says:

    Thank you for keeping this blog updated! Love all the Casey news you find!! 🙂

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