Casey James on the Red Carpet at the ACM Awards Show

Casey James walked the red carpet just moments ago at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the site of tonight’s Academy of Country Music Awards show.  The ACMAwards twitter site tweeted Casey’s appearance: The Ram Red Carpet is now open! First up @caseyjames from @americanidol at #ACMAwards.

Short video of Casey posing for photos: 

Video of Casey interviewed on the red carpet and then a longer video with other country stars, with Casey visible in the background for much of the time:


AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

He was shown briefly in the background during the ACMA live stream from the red carpet, then was seen again on GAC-TV’s Red Carpet show:

a little longer:

Casey was also captured standing behind Alabama in this shot:

And can be seen behind them in this video clip:–Performance—46th-Academy-of-Country-Music-Awards-517044708

Little Big Town was interviewed at the end of the preshow and after the interviewer mentioned they’d been touring with Casey James, said, “The girls go crazy for him, crazy.  He’s awesome.”

This and next photo by sarah krause photography

OMG! From Yahoo rated the stars on the red carpet and gave Casey a B, with this explanation:  “Following in Rucker’s footsteps was former “American Idol” contestant Casey James, who suited up and even pulled his hair back into a ponytail for the occasion.”

The show begins live at 8:00 PM Eastern, and will be broadcast on CBS live (tape delayed on the West Coast), but stars begin showing up on the red carpet hours earlier. 

A number of different sites are covering the pre-show activities and broadcasting live from the red carpet.  GAC-TV (check your local listings) will be broadcasting from the red carpet beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern on their cable channel.  The ACM Awards is providing a live stream starting a half hour earlier, at 6:30 PM Eastern, which you can access at:

Casey’s Facebook site also has a link to the live stream, click here:

The Live Chat room of the Casey James Blog will be open throughout the day to discuss Casey sightings and the lastest Casey news.  We will also host another live call in from the post-Awards show “After Jam” tonight where Casey will be playing two songs with Sugarland’s band.  My reports are that Casey will be singing at about 12:30 PM Eastern (9:30 PM Pacific) at Mandalay Bay.  While the performance will not be broadcast, we will get live audio courtesy of Cyndee Hoialmen.

Check back here throughout the day for the latest news from Las Vegas and follow me on Twitter @ThCaseyJamesBlg.


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16 Responses to Casey James on the Red Carpet at the ACM Awards Show

  1. Meme4CJ says:

    😀 😀 😀

  2. MNCyn says:

    Also known as Victoria’s Secret. 🙂
    Will do my best! What a little network we have going on here! Too cool.
    Just an fyi … I thought Todd said 8:10 pm for Casey’s songs although that was on Friday, things seem to be changing and Shari is connected. It’s probably best to be prepared just in case. Have a good one!

  3. lisa says:

    i can’t wait,he’s one of a kind,no one else like him!!!!!!!

  4. Bybee D James says:

    He looks so beautifully happy. I’m so proud for him.

    • CJFan_Amber says:

      He does look beautifully happy! Goodness, I am one (of many) super proud Casey James fan!!! The past year or so has been such an amazing year following his journey and I look forward to many successful years to come for him!

  5. kathy terry says:

    So happy for Casey…they showed a few snippets of him on the Fremont Show during the ACM show… Go CASEY!!!

  6. lisa says:

    I can’t even imagine what all this is like for Caseys’ family.they must be proud beyond words.I hope next year ACMs they are in the audience watching Casey receive his 1st ACM award.I can’t wait to hear his 1st single,I get headaches trying to listen to these phone videos.he has such a unique voice.maybe soon he can give us a peek of that special someone in his life.

    • Aunt Sherry says:

      I saw all the “snippets” live and was soo excited. Like you I was thinking he should be on the stage next year. I honestly don’t see how he could miss. As far as being in the audience…HA. I was a WRECK at the one A.I. show I went to, doubt I could handled the ACMs!

  7. Gail Vaughn says:

    This has been an amazing year for Casey. Although for us as fans we are anxious for his first music to be published, I’m sure this year has been like a whirlwind for Casey. He has accomplished so much in such a short time. I am so proud of him and so excited to see what this next year will bring for him. Thanks CJ Blog for all the news and updates.

  8. lisa says:

    yahoo news showed the critics on best dressed and worse dressed for the ACM awards last night Casey James got a B he looked so handsome!!!!

  9. Meme4CJ says:

    ” The girls go crazy for him , CRAZY!! . He is AWESOME!! ”

  10. Cynthia says:

    I love., who he is, what he represents, his talents, his looks, his ethics, his values, his personality, and so on and so on……

  11. Great Aunt Shirley says:

    Another fun night for us ——- just catching a glimpse of Casey on TV is a “kick.” It reminds me of the first time we saw him on TV, it was a slpit second when he was going through a door at the AI tryouts in Denver and we both yelled “There he is!” It was such a joy and treat to have Casey stay with us while he was going through the AI tryouts. “Casey Watching” has certainly kept the whole family more consistenly envolved with each other which has been an extra plus for all of us. We are all looking forward to the future success of Casey and all the fun we are going to have too!

  12. Laura Patterson says:

    How great is technology today when we can all communicate so quickly with each other? We’re complete strangers all bonded by our love for Casey James. I’m so happy to hear from Casey’s family on this site. We all share in your joy regarding Casey’s career and couldn’t be happier.

    Watching all the Casey coverage of his weekend in Las Vegas, not to mention all the videos of Casey opening for Sugarland, has been such a thrill. He sounds amazing and we know when the album finally does come out it will have been worth the wait.

    Love everything about this Casey ride and I hope it continues for decades to come.
    All the best to Casey and his family!

  13. Karen says:

    Its so unbelievable how all the great things that have happened in one year since Casey was on AI. 🙂 Just think about one year from now after his album is out – lots more great things are going to happen for him I just know it!

  14. @CJFan_Audrey says:

    It is so crazy how much life has changed for Casey, rubbing elbows with big names in Music. So awesome! He totally deserves to be among the stars at these events with his talent 🙂

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