Casey James’ Interviews with Country Radio — ACM Awards Weekend

Casey James was included in a video recap of this weekend’s ACM festivities in downtown Las Vegas.  His part of the clip, starting at 0:45, shows a few seconds of Casey singing one of his new songs, Bulletproof, and includes his reflections on the “experience” of playing on Fremont Street.

Casey also took part in a number of radio interviews during the Academy of Country Music Awards weekend in Las Vegas.

Casey was interviewed by Whitney Allen of “The Big Time with Whitney Allen.” It was actually a great interview discussing Casey’s musical interests and background.  Casey mentioned that Sony had brought him in and had him do some recording to see what he could do, could he write, and he apparently passed the test.  He also talked about the upcoming single, not knowing when it would be released, and the upcoming gig on Fremont Street.

Dave McKay from WQYK radio Tampa Bay interviewed Casey about his pre-Idol experience, fan encounters, playing at the Fan Jam and jamming with the interviewer.

The next radio interview from Las Vegas is a fun one with Casey James parrying with his fellow Texans Bama and Rob from KASE 101.  Very cute, very funny.  Casey elaborates on the last minute decision — to go audition for American Idol — that ended up changing his life.  Check it out on on the website’s media player here or on iTunes at

The next one comes from 99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Country, talking about Casey’s performance last night on Fremont Street which the DJ said he’d heard was “off the hook.”  They also talked about Casey working on his record and the pressure to make it as good as it can be.  When the DJ asked what you can expect from a Casey James show, Casey said — connecting with the music as well as passion and energy.  Number one for Casey is the music.

Here are photos from the 99.5 WYCD website of Casey and DJs Chuck Edwards and Linda Lee who interviewed Casey before the ACM Awards.  They discussed Casey’s hair and his daily cleaning routine before moving on to more serious fare such as Casey’s motorcycle accident, the album he’s working on, and touring with Sugarland and Little Big Town.  Their interview with Casey is available on their website, click here.

He was also interviewed by Tony Thomas of 94.1 KMPS, Seattle’s Country radio station.  Tony, who tweeted one of Casey’s fans: “He’s super-nice (of course you knew that!),” found out “why Casey James feels so close to his fans.”

Casey said in the interview that once his album is done he hopes to have more time to spend on Twitter and otherwise interact with his fans.  He also discussed the upcoming album, saying that he wrote sixty songs fairly quickly and adding those to the ones he had previously written, there’s a lot of material to choose from which makes picking songs a little tricky.  The album will come out when there is a clearer idea of what it is he wants to say with this first album.  Casey said it’s important to start in a direction from which he can then evolve.

The next one is with Danger from 104.3, 103.5 and 94.9 Froggy Radio in Pittsburgh.  They discuss the kinder, gentler judges on this season’s American Idol and Casey mentions that he was at a recent AI taping because he was writing with Sugarland’s Kristian Bush.

Casey James met with Cody Alan of CMT Radio Live:

Casey James and Cody Alan backstage at the ACM awards

There was an additional interview for the radio audience, and Danger recently tweeted the link:     #AmericanIdol‘s Casey James talks to @RadioFroggy in Vegas during #ACM weekend. Why does he have NO television?

Near the end of the radio interview, Casey discussed how his goal is to being able to do, musically, what he wants to do.  Again, he mentioned that he did not have a concrete date for when the album will be coming out, saying it’ll be “a minute” which could mean weeks or months.  Danger talked about how having been on AI helped Casey’s career, and Casey said yes but that it could detract from the fact that he has been playing music for twelve years and working hard at his craft.  He hopes people realize that he’s loved music his whole life and has worked hard to make it happen.

Casey James was also interviewed by Brian Hatfield of 99.9 Kiss Country.  As they were in the gambling mecca, Brian asked Casey about his gambling style:

It was clear that the video only contained part of the interview with Casey, so, apparently, many of Casey’s fans contacted the radio station for the rest.  If you think that radio doesn’t listen to the fans, they do.  99.9 Kiss Country later tweeted:  NEW VIDEO: By popular demand, more @CaseyEJames!

They also have a longer audio of the full interview which they tweeted on Wednesday, April 6th, which you can listen to here The DJ, Brian, said the question everyone wants to know is when the album will be coming out and that they’re excited to play it.  They also discussed their mutual admiration for the female lead singer of The Band Perry.  Gambling versus playing for fun in Vegas.  Brian said they couldn’t wait for Casey’s music to come out and that he was looking forward to playing it!  It was a really fun and funny interview, Casey and Brian had great rapport.  They posted a bunch of photos, the rest of which you can find on their website HERE.


Casey was also interviewed by Razz of Philadelphia radio station 92.5 WXTU, the station that is sponsoring his upcoming concert on June 4th in Camden, New Jersey.  The DJ mentioned how popular Casey is, even before his first record comes out, noting that the station has been receiving calls about Casey from all across the country.  Listen to the interview, click here.  The video of the interview is below.

Casey discusses the work that he’s done up to this point and all the preparation for the upcoming album which he says “he wants to be perfect.”  So, glad he’s not putting too much pressure on himself.   A great quote from Casey, reflecting on the fact that he is well known because he was on a TV show: “I want people to know me as much by my music as for them seeing my face.”

Casey also said, “Once the record’s done I going to hit the streets and start really pounding it like I used to.  I used to play every night and I can’t wait to get back to that point.”  Your fans can’t wait for that either, Casey.

Radio station 97.3 The Eagle, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, published this photo of Casey being interviewed during the ACM Awards weekend:

Casey was interviewd backstage at the Fremont Street Experience for the ACM Awards.  We don’t have any of the interviews, yet, but here are photos:


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5 Responses to Casey James’ Interviews with Country Radio — ACM Awards Weekend

  1. @CJFan_Audrey says:

    LOVE seeing more press on Casey – all the wonderful articles, pictures, concert vids and interviews!! So happy for him!

  2. @ThLostSheep says:

    So happy for all the people interested in Casey, oh and yay Froggy!

  3. Aunt Sherry says:

    One of my favorite interviews was with the guy from the Detroit station – really cute. Casey ABSOLUTELY wants it to be about his music not his looks or his hair…told him he can forget that! Honestly, he doesn’t get it.

  4. Bybee D James says:

    Love love love Casey and the Austin boys kidding around. I was laughing right along with them. Guess it’s a Texas thing! Casey is so quick witted. Sharp as a tack. (Remember during AI when they said he didn’t have much of a personality?)
    Funny how it blows everybody’s mind that we didn’t have TV. I always find it interesting that first nobody believes it. Then they act like we are from another planet.

  5. Laura Patterson says:

    I really enjoyed all these radio interviews – it’s a treat to hear Casey chat it up with the interviewers and having a laugh doing so. Country radio seems very supportive of their musicians and I’m so pleased for Casey to be so embraced by them.

    We know Casey has tons of personality, but he doesn’t wear it on his sleave. To me he seems very confident in who he is and doesn’t feel the need to call attention to himself, something Simon Cowell didn’t understand. I personally love people who march to the beat of their own drum!

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