Casey James Poll Results — Favorite New Song/First Single

We posted a poll asking the Casey James fans what is their favorite of the six news songs Casey has performed thus far, and which of the six would they like to see as the first single.  The results were a little surprising, unless the economics principle LIFO — last in, first out — is in play.  Because it wasn’t one of the songs that had been played throughout the tour but the newest song that has been played only once — the cowrite with Sugarland’s Kristian Bush — that led both lists.

Here are the results:


So what is the appeal of the song?  Is it the sweet melody, Casey’s touching vocals, the meaningful lyrics, the timing?  Probably all of those.  “Rose grows out of the rubble,” and “when the ground beneath you starts shaking beneath you..take a hand, it may lead you” can certainly be seen as a lyrical salve to the literal troubles facing those in Japan.  But it also acts as a figurative encouragement to anyone who is down and facing some obstacle.

The song’s meaning so instantly grabbed the fans that a number of them worked to decipher and type up the lyrics.  This is what they have come up with so far:

Time is slow,
Water’s rising
Sky is broken far as I can see.
Through the darkness,
Stars are shining.
There’s a voice that carries me.

Saying hold on, hold on.
It’ll turn before too long.
When it feels just like all hope is gone,
Don’t give up, baby, hold on.

Heartbreak falls babe
All around you
Covered up in brick and dust.
Rose grows out of the rubble
Whispering love to each of us.

Saying hold on, hold on.
It’ll turn before too long.
When it feels just like all hope is gone
Don’t give up, baby, hold on.

We’ll find the faith to rise above it.
Find a rock where you can stand.

When the ground starts to shake beneath you,
What you know has fallen down.
Take a hand babe, it may lead you.
Don’t let go of what you’ve found.

Saying hold on, hold on.
It’ll turn before too long.
When it feels just like all hope is gone
Don’t give up, baby, hold on.
Saying, hold on, hold on.
It’ll turn before too long.
When you feel like you — you can’t go on,
Don’t give up, baby, hold on.
I said, don’t give up, baby, hold on.

If you’d like to have your say, click here to vote in the poll and submit your comments:  Poll.


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15 Responses to Casey James Poll Results — Favorite New Song/First Single

  1. eeddyb says:

    Such a beautiful song – melody and lyrics…

  2. Polinka____ says:

    “Hold on” is so soul-touching….
    I love all of Casey’s songs, but this one cuts right through to the heart.

  3. Alexis Dunn says:

    beautiful with such touching words.

  4. Minilove66 says:

    When I heard this song for the first time, sudden tears ran down my cheeks. As a Japanese, I’m so thankful that Casey made and shared this beautiful, uplifting song. Thank you Shari for writing down all the words here! Now my heart is full of deep emotion after reading it…

  5. Tammy Minder says:

    Ear candy…it is what it is.Casey James has the most soothing,beautiful voice,moms and daughters are gonna love it.Music heals and there are so many issues that humankind is facing in the real world,Hold On, is just what is needed .

  6. Bybee D James says:

    I is soothing uplifting and beautiful. All that being said, not sure that it would be the perfect choice for first single. But I’m not an expert. I can only presume the powers that be would want something to knock men & women alike off their feet. Casey James is good at that. My choice? Something like a smoking gun..Done Made Up My Mind..Bulletproof…Drive. Anything Casey can wail on. Of course we might have other choices by album time. Remember – this is coming from someone who would (a) rather watch Wolverine than Steel Magnolias, and (b) rather have a new guitar than a new diamond ring.

    • Lucy says:

      I agree with Debra!!! I noticed Casey for the first time from AI9, it was “Hold on I’m Coming.” (I started watching AI9 from Top 12.)
      For the first single, I want to have some bang!!! I love to have Casey’s Signiture Guitar Sound, too! It would be very interesting what they are going to choose…

    • Mich in Colorado says:

      That sounds like a good framework for a song at the end of your comments, Debra! 🙂

  7. Patti says:

    I love the ballads, but agree Debra, not so sure that they would be best for a first single. But I’m certainly no expert, lol I’m kind of a rocker girl at heart, so I LOVE “Done Made Up My Mind”, more every time I hear it! But that said, there isn’t one I don’t like. 🙂

  8. Katy7540 says:

    Love, love, love it!

  9. MaryS-NJ says:

    I love Hold On and it is timely given the tragic events in Japan and economic hardships being faced In America and elsewhere.

    But – it feels more like a perfect song for a special event maybe for earthquake/tsunami relief, NOT a first commercial single. I agree with Casey’s Momma. Bulletproof is my personal face but I think Drive is a good choice for first single. I love Casey’s slide guitar!

  10. Mich in Colorado says:

    Casey will likely have 3-5 singles released from his album depending on its success. Here is the order I would choose:
    Drive – very catchy and a good introduction (I wish they would use this song for the new “Cars” movie. Rascal Flatts got a huge hit out of the last one)
    Let’s Don’t Call it a Night – Amp up the sex appeal (like he needs any help). Imagine the music video! Think Keith Urban’s “Raining on Sunday”!!! Oh my!
    Done Made up My Mind – this is my favorite, but I think waiting on this one will help in the process of peeling back the layers of Casey’s talent little by little, by a lot. This song along with LDCIAN has a lot of crossover appeal. I can see it now: Casey plays DMUMM at the Grammy’s because he is nominated for “Best New Artist”!!! He’s takes down the house!

    (sorry, I have a very active imagination)

    I agree that “Hold On” should be more of a live televised special performance type of song for Idol Gives or Tsunami Relief.

    It will be interesting to see what he plays in Vegas this weekend. This is TOO EXCITING! It won’t be long now!!!!

  11. I’ve alread written about my preference for “Done Make Up My Mind.” It is a straight-forward, good, old-fashioned rock song. It doesn’t sound like a song an AI alum would sing — which is what makes it a perfect choice for the first single. But, I’m more than happy to see another rocking song like “Drive” as the first single. Then follow that up with “Til my Guitar” and you’ve shown his range and versatility and appealed to a wide potential audience.

  12. Karen says:

    Although I just love when Casey sings a ballad (love his voice!) I agree that the first
    single should probably be more upbeat showing his guitar skills. Too bad we can’t have 2 singles at once – a ballad and a rocking out song! Then everyone can see how versatile he is at mixing it up! 😀

  13. Beanbag says:

    The above songs are very diverse in their styles. I like all of them, and Casey brings his unique emotional connection and sexiness to all of them. The fact that his talent crosses over into so many styles makes it so difficult to figure out what his first single should be. His initial song should incorporate the styles that he is most passionate about, and on which his talents shine through the most. I think those styles are: classic Blues, electric guitar rock, and stripped down songs that highlight his ability to emote passion and vulnerability with his voice and use an acoustic guitar to enhance that emotional conveyance. Of the above songs, he shines most on electric guitar rock with Done Made Up My Mind and stripped down acoustic guitar with Hold On. Done Made Up My Mind is my favorite of them, and it seems to be the one he enjoys playing the most, which translates on stage. But I also like Hold On, and based on the above poll, it seems to have a broad appeal. Though maybe not appropriate for his first single, I think he should include on at least one of his albums Need Your Love So Bad. It is my favorite of his Blues performances. Of course, this is not an original, but his performances of this song brilliantly display his ability to use his voice, guitar and Blues sensibilities to convey emotional passion and sexiness. I think a cover song can be successful if an artist brings something uniquely appealing to that song, and I think Casey does just that with this classic.

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