Poll: Vote on Casey James’ New, Original Songs

With the debut of the new song, “Hold On,” co-written with Sugarland’s Kristian Bush, Casey James fans have now heard six songs that might end up on his upcoming CD, one of which might even be the first single.  Which begs the question*, if you had to pick, what would you say is your favorite of the new songs?   Which do you think of the six should be the first single?

For those of you who feel this is like choosing your favorite child, feel free to use the comment section to weigh in with your opinion of all the songs.


Done Made Up My Mind:


Hold On:

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night: 

Till My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues: 

*Thanks to @HPSquares for the idea for this poll.


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34 Responses to Poll: Vote on Casey James’ New, Original Songs

  1. Meme4CJ says:

    Gosh!! So hard to choose a fav. song!! I really have a new fav. everyday!! They’re AWESOME! I FLOVE them!! ❤ 😀 I'll wait to hear the studio recordings , because there will be little differences! So I'll wait to choose the one! 😀

    As for the single!! Let's see …
    – Bulletproof : The song is a little risky! because it's old school Country / Honkytonk! But definitely has potential! I can see it in FORD commercial ! might sound even more radio friendly in the studio ….
    – Done Made Up My Mind : The song is very sweet! but it's too straight Blues / Rock with a VERY less Country , so I don't know if it's something Country radio will play! But again , waiting for the studio version …
    – Let's Don't Call It A Night : That song is really sexy love song! it's a mid-tempo ( a la Need You Now ) radio friendly! has a lot of potential!
    – TMGGTOPTB ( Long name 😀 ) : FLOVE it!! it's a Country / Blues , Pop-y / John Mayer-ish! song! has great potential too!!
    – Drive : it's rockin' Country / feel good / Summer song! Hit material defenitely! it's a NASCAR song! the song got a lot of attention from the reviewers ( along with Let's Don't Call It A Night ) most of them called it a hit summer song!!
    – Hold On : This is so new!! Catchy / Sugarland-y influence!! hit material definitely! pretty Ballad song! i really LOVE it!

    However! it all depends on the direction the label decides to go with , Ballad-ish for a first single or Rockin' Country song! We shall see ….

    Thanks Shari 😀 😀

  2. inta31 says:

    Done ! Yes ! My absolute favorite is Till My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues!!! ❤
    My second – Done Made Up My Mind or Bulletproof or Hold On !!! ;-)))

  3. inta31 says:

    I think the first single should be Hold On ! 😉

    • Carolyn Collins @jesssmom says:

      i love every single one of them, but i would like a single of ‘hold on’..:)) with the flip side ‘bullet proof ‘or ’till my guitar gets tired of playin the blues’ :))

  4. MNCyn says:

    “Hold On” was written with Kristian Bush and introduced to a sold out crowd while on tour with Sugarland. That in itself gives an intriguing back story and fodder for PR, don’t you think? Beside which, it it has a positive vibe, (“When it feels just like our hope is gone” …….. “through the darkness the sun is shining”) that people always like. I wonder if this one could cross over to Christian pop?! That’d be profitable plus it would introduce him to another audience.
    However ~ I still like “Drive” and think this would be a great single. It’s a ‘guy’ song and given Casey’s popularity with the ladies (no – really??) and that it showcases his amazing guitar skills, again I think it would help to expand his base.
    So – just release them both! One is slow. The other fast. Back in the vinyl day, artists released a single with two sides. Often both would become popular!

  5. Laura Patterson says:

    It’s a really tough call because each song represents something different. Choosing a favorite song among the six really is like picking your favorite child – you can’t do it. I guess this is where the experts come in and guide Casey.

    I agree with MNCyn that two songs should be released at once, that way at least two bases are covered. My choice for the two songs would be “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” and “Done Made Up My Mind.” But I also really love Bulletproof and Till My Guitar…..

  6. SnoSmurf says:

    I agree, each song represents a different aspect of Casey’s amazing versatility and talent, and I love all of them. Each one appeals to a slightly different audience, which is pure genius and will expand him way beyond his current fan base

    Personal fav is “Till my Guitar” because I am a blues fan and it links closest to that genre. “Drive” – for commercial application this is the one. Someone earlier mentioned it as a NASCAR theme songe – yeah buddy, I can see it. That and all kind of other sponsor ties ins. “Bulletproof” is another with guy appeal, as is “Done made up my mind” with those blazing shredding riffs.

    And for the ladies “Let’s Don’t call it a night” – makes us all melt into little puddles of goo. “Hold on” – can’t wait to hear a version without the background chatter ( who in their right mind goes to a concert and talks the whole time????), but from what I can catch of the lyrics, I agree, it seems like an inspirations offering. And you can’t go wrong with a tie in to a superstar like Kristian

    So I guess I am hopeless, I just can’t pick one. Or two…or even three 🙂

    • eeddyb says:

      Haha, I had the exact same reaction while watching all the videos — “who in their right mind goes to a concert and talks the whole time????” !!!!!

  7. Daydreaminmeme says:

    “Hold On” is my favorite because the message of the song speaks to me personally at this particular time in my life. When I heard the words, it was as though Casey was singing them to ME. The “voice that carries me” is Casey’s, and this song has become my anthem for the next few months as I battle breast cancer and face a double mastectomy…it gives me strength that “it’ll turn before too long”, it is the “rock where I can stand” and whenever I think I’ve had enough, I will “hold on, hold on” and not give up. Casey and his music are my inspiration…my goal is to get well in time to be there for his cd release concert & party!

    • Carolyn Collins @jesssmom says:

      God bless you @Daydreaminmeme! will keep you in our prayers. i felt the same way when i heard this song tonight. hope God keeps giving us what we need to ‘hold on’. Casey’s music has been a big shining smile in my life too! we’ll be watching and praying to hear your SURVIVOR messages! God bless you!

    • I’m sure this song is not merely a coincidence, but is here to give you even more support. Keep fighting, you’re an inspiration to us all!

  8. pamrichva says:

    I like “Hold On” best for a lead single, but think “Drive” could follow. I am pretty sure they won’t release two at once. I heard an artist say that ballads sell records and I kind of think that is true. “Drive” would be a good summer song, though. Some of the other songs appeal to me more because I love blues, but I don’t think they’re gonna make country radio. There are a lot of young male country artists out there right now. Casey is going to have to stand out. I actually think the best may be yet to come, but I definitely think he’s going in the right direction with “Hold On” and writing with Kristian seems like a good fit for him. Can’t deny the success of Sugarland. Hope he gets to write with Little Big Town, too, while he has the opportunity. A good producer will be key. We should be getting closer to the long awaited album.

  9. Julie says:

    I love them all! That goes without saying but….My 2 favorites are Let’s not call it a night and now Hold On…..

  10. Julie says:

    The timing is too perfect for the release of “Hold On” , I really could see this as a world wide support song considering everything that is happening right now!, Kind of like Michael Jacksons We are the world….seriously!!!!

  11. Kathy aka Krainia says:

    I voted for Bulletproof because when I hear it I get out of my chair and dance/exercise. It is something I can sing along with. So those two factors get my gears turning! I do like to be able to hear the words clearly, and at least sing along with some of it. Let’s Don’t Call it a Night has a lovely sound, but the words make me feel so lonely. Not all of us are sexy.
    I like Drive a lot. It sounds like him and he writes man songs. That’s why women love him and men identify (sometimes) with him. I heard Casey introduce “This song is called ‘Til My Guitar” so that’s what I will be calling it. And it’s “‘Til” not Till. Till is something you do to dig up the dirt. ‘Til is abbreviation of Until. I had that tune stuck in my head. I want to capture the music to a CD so I can hear it in my car. Any tips on how to get that done?
    Hold On is interpretable on many different levels. Everyone has hardships and tough times, but his song inspires us to cling to faith in God and oneself and to keep trying. He knows what he is singing about personally. It may even save someone’s life who is contemplating suicide. I would love for something to be able to crossover to Contemporary Christian genre, but he is pretty generic so far. Funny that on AI he sang Hold On I’m Coming and this one is Hold On. Maybe he has themes he is developing. Casey said in an interview that the CD would not be “confusing”.
    I am hoping that when he plays at Whiskey Tango, he will get an hour to play, and we will get to hear more new songs/covers. I’m pretty sure a bar crowd is going to like Bulletproof. Do you think a long necked goose would like a honky tonk? Lol. I love Casey

  12. Carolyn says:

    I voted for Drive as the first single. I think Casey needs to broaden his appeal to the men and this song has such typical “guy” thoughts. Cars, drivin’, boots, drivin’, heh. It’s really catchy too – that guitar lick is so distinctive.

    But my fav is “Hold On.” I’m with you, Daydreaminmeme – I’m also going thru a tough time and this one, when I finally heard the words, brought me to tears. Not a heck of alot of artists bring me to tears, that’s for sure. Casey is special.

  13. Cynthia says:

    Let’s Don’t Call it a Night is kind of my favorite. I love to listen and watch all of them and hear new sounds and see new moves every time, he is really so great and so into it, he is contagious!

  14. MNCyn says:

    There was a comment here early this morning that, for some reason, disappeared. Maybe the author thought better of it. It referred to (with disdain) “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” as a pick-up song, so I pulled it up and re-listened. Funny how one person sees one thing, and another sees something else entirely. As I listened, I thought about the day I first met my best friend and true love … about how we’d talked and talked and talked and we just didn’t want the evening to end. We’d arranged to meet for dinner at a lovely restaurant, had slowly consumed a bottle of wine over several hours, and I’m sure most of the lyrics of that song would be quite applicable. Vacuums and glares by wait staff who wanted to go home finally got the message through that we had no choice but to leave and we walked to our respective cars, still talking (etc. 🙂 but not quite ready to take it to the next level. It was a nice memory promoted by a lovely song. That’s what music does … or should do. I was sad, however, albeit briefly, that someone saw something negative in the song.

  15. KachinaDoll says:

    I voted for “Hold On” as my favorite, but I can’t decide which should be the single. It feels like choosing between children. “Done Made Up My Mind” is my personal favorite among the up tempo numbers, but I have no idea what makes a good *first* single.

    We’re very lucky fans to have so much good material to speculate about right out of the gate. I hope, whatever happens, “Hold On” will be available soon. I need it on my ipod. Right. Now. With the news being so very bad just about every where you look, maybe I’m not the only one.

    (((Daydreaminmeme))) Best of luck in your fight. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and one heck of a CD release celebration!

  16. Katy7540 says:

    “Hold On” is perfect for the single! And “Bulletproof” is absolutely stellar. Hard to choose between any of his songs because they all offer something different and truly belong on an album! Exception: “Please Dont Call It a Night” and “Till My Guitar” I can live without. I’d rather hear may all time favorite by Casey from Homecoming: “That’s When I Need Your Love.” I pray its on his album, and that there are professional videos we can buy that dont have screaming girls.

  17. maria says:

    wow Sherri. this is much harder than choosing a favorite child! well i have not been able to keep up with all the blogs so i don’t know if this was already discussed but was Hold On written for the earthquake victims in Japan? because the specific words to that song fit perfectly although it can certainly pertain to just about anyone going through a difficult time as some of our blog friends here suggest. (God be with you all, by the way. He and Casey can get us through just about anything, i think).

    therefore, that song might have eeked slightly ahead of Bulletproof, which up until now, has been my absolute fave.

  18. Boudica says:

    Done made up my mind is my favourite – I think. TMGGTOPTB is my favourite slow song. But I also like Drive. As a first single I would like to see something upbeat, Drive is perfect it has a southern rock feel which could also be seen as a fast country rock song, it represents Casey well.

  19. Darla says:

    OMG! I can’t pick…..I mean I did but it was sooooooooo hard! LOL I really enjoyed reading all the comments!!!

    • Jen says:

      Picking a favorite is a lot harder for me than picking what I think should be the first single. But, I voted for Drive for both. Drive grabbed me right from the beginning with that riff, and hasn’t let go. I haven’t listened to it in the car yet, but immediately I felt like it would be one of those songs that would make me unconsciously drive faster. Over the last few weeks I’ve gradually fallen in love with the other songs as well. Some have taken longer than others. I only recently started appreciating Til My Guitar completely. The new one, Hold On, actually made me cry the first time I heard it, but it’s too new for me to call it my favorite yet.

      I picked Drive for the first single too, because I think it has a fun, upbeat summer feel to it. The music does a good job of painting the picture the lyrics describe – foot on the gas, breeze blowing, freedom. And I don’t necessarily think it’s just a “guy” song. I mean, girls like to drive too, right? And even if you don’t, you can imagine yours are the bare feet tapping on somebody’s (his?) dash.
      I could see Til My Guitar as a second single. As for Hold On, the main reason I didn’t pick that one as the single is because I think it would be best with simple instrumentation, which wouldn’t necessarily grab the attention of a listener being introduced to him for the first time on the radio. (It would grab mine, but not everybody falls in love with acoustic, emotional songs.) I really hope that if they decide to record that one and put it on the album that they keep it acoustic with minimal instrumentation to allow the lyrics to make the impact. Anything else might make it too cheesy. I’d love for it to be just Casey and an acoustic guitar. And if he really wanted me to fall in love with it, add a cello or some other live strings, but I’m not sure if even those would be too much. I love thinking about the possibilities, though, of what all of these songs will turn out like on record. This will be the first time with any artist that I’ve heard the live versions of songs before they’re on record instead of the other way around.

      • Lucy says:

        I agree with Jen! “Drive” is happy, cheerful rocking song. I can identify the song as soon as music starts because of his great guitar lick. Especially, if his first single is scheduled to be out by summer, “Drive” really fits!

  20. MNPeach says:

    I wake up every day with a different one in my head. It’s so difficult. I’m not really sure of all the lyrics in “Done Made Up My Mind”, but I don’t feel as drawn into it as I might if I knew them.
    “Hold On” certainly isn’t the rocking song I would have thought of for his single, but it’s so beautiful and so timely. It’s making me cry. Is that a bad sign for success as a single? I dunno. Go straight to the heart and risk generalized tears, or go with something fun?

  21. MAE says:

    Absolutely love “Hold On”!! Love Casey James!!

  22. Elyne says:

    I love them all!But I feel TMGGTOPTB will be the first single as it’s not only ballad but country too.It’s on the “Don’t” kinda side which was a hit of Casey during AI and will be a perfect boost to his CD album.Hold on is very nice as well but can be a bonus track… 🙂

  23. cc says:

    Just as Casey’s songs r inspiring, so r your words, Shari. Hope u will write a book one day! I have an autographed one that you may like 🙂

  24. eeddyb says:

    At this point in time my favorite CEJames song is “Hold On” and I agree with Jen that it should not be over produced. As a matter of fact I like the live versions of Casey’s songs over the one that were made in the idol studios (eg. the performed “Don’t” over the one that was on itunes) so I hope his cd is made more like a “recorded live” album than a sterile studio one– his music lends itself that way. I would also like to hear longer guitar solos especially in the middle of TMGGTOPTB. Haha, why don’t I just produce the whole thing LOL!
    Seriously, it is definitely hard to pick a favorite… as I said I LOVE “Hold On” but, I also LOVE “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.” Each song speaks to me in a different way and I like each one depending on my mood.
    A good first release, for me, would either be “Hold On” (inspirational) or “Drive” (fast and upbeat.)

  25. karen says:

    i think “drive “would really grab attention to all the new listeners hearing it for the first time on the radio.

  26. Marsha says:

    Love all the songs and hope they are ALL on the album…for all round good time my fav is Bulletproof. I’m amazed it doesn’t rank higher in the poll. It’s got a great beat, witty lyrics and just generally makes me want to get up and dance. The ballads are great, but, I think he needs something uptempo for the first single….Something to get peoples attention on the radio or playing in a bar. Drive is a little too country boy pickem up truck, Nascar for my taste. To each his/her own!!!!

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