Casey James Live at the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa

Casey James capped off his initial run as opener for Sugarland with a duet of the new song he has just co-written with Kristian Bush.  Here is the video of Casey and Kristian playing their new song Hold On (thanks to @everydayisa10): 

Casey asked if anyone could hold the yellow pad that had the song’s lyrics on it, and he found a volunteer, an eight-year-old boy named Keaton.  He did a great job!

VIDEO of Casey’s entire set (courtesy @everydayisa10):

Hold On (thanks hodgenjb): 

Tonight was Casey’s last appearance of the month as part of Sugarland’s Incredible Machine Tour.  He is currently scheduled to join them again in July for two dates in Los Angeles.  Casey took the stage at the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa, at 7:30 PM CDT.  The big news coming out of tonight’s show was that to close his set, Casey was joined on stage by Kristian Bush of Sugarland.  The two played the song they had written together, for the first time in front of an audience.  Immediately after the show, Sugarland tweeted a photo capturing that moment:

According to Connie (@everydayisa10), the new song is called “Hold On.”  Casey and Kristian sat at the end of the stage, Casey sang while reading the words off of a piece of paper and they both played guitar.  She said that Kristian hugged Casey at the end of the song and she said that the song was beautiful.

Bruce Miller of the Sioux City Journal, who had interviewed Casey earlier in the week, wrote this review of Casey’s set:

The sold-out crowd at the Tyson Events Center got a shot at creativity in the making Saturday night.

As his last number, newcomer Casey James brought out Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and introduced a song they had written earlier in the day. Called “Hold On,” it was so new James had to have someone hold a yellow legal pad with the song’s lyrics.

Basically a ballad, it took full advantage of his range and pointed in the direction where the “American Idol” finalist could be headed.

Part Billy Currington, part Brad Paisley, James has a soft, bluesy style (that sometimes leaps over into rock) that could wear well in the long haul.
Because he’s still in the shakedown stage of his career, he didn’t have a CD of songs to sing, just a few possibilities for the first offering. Most required a hefty dose of his great guitar work. One (about the blues) had a bad key change but “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” seemed like a number that could be his first single

The Sioux City Journal took dozens of photos at the show tonight, which you can check out here.  Some of Casey:

Casey meeting with fans after the show:

The Sioux City Journal had a nice article about Casey, entitled “Casey James Explores Life After Idol,” which they ran earlier this week ahead of his appearance tonight.  In it, the interviewer says that a single should be out by summer and an album in the fall, then quotes Casey as discussing the process of making the album.  “I’ve been blessed with the ability to write and to get to work with a bunch of writers from Nashville,” Casey is quoted as saying, adding, “I really want this CD to be good.”  From what we’ve heard so far on tour, we’re sure it will be.

Click here to read the whole article.


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16 Responses to Casey James Live at the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa

  1. Bybee D James says:

    I appreciate that the reviewer was honest in his opinions. He TRULY believes that Casey will do VERY well in the genre that he has landed. His comment on a “bad key change” in Till My Guitar, made the earlier praise he gave Casey more validity. He is obviously unbiased. We will agree to disagree on the key change however.

  2. MNCyn says:

    Ahhhh … Debra. You have the heart of a mom. So very many of us do when it comes to your son. Not to worry tho. No one’s mentioned the key change thing before so maybe it was a little snaffu just tonight. If it needs changing, Casey will catch it. If it doesn’t need changing, Casey will know. He’s the expert, not the reviewer. But Bruce definitely is in Casey’s corner and believes like so many that he’s on his way to great success! I do think both SCJ reviews plainly showed that. So happy for Casey! His songs are all amazing, and I have a new favorite every other day!
    Shari – Marie – thanks again for the good info and wonderful photos! I’m guessing you’ll add the video tomorrow when it’s available so will be sure to pop back in then!

  3. Alexis Dunn says:

    I agree if it needs fixing Casey will fix it. No one mentioned it before . Thanks for the great article and thank you Debra for giving us your talented and skilled Casey James.

  4. Cynthia from Canada says:

    If I had anything to say about it, I wouldn’t change a single thing in any of his songs. All of them are pure art to me, my favorite is still ” Til My Guitar Gets Tired Of Playing The Blues” because he pours himself in the song.

  5. MNCyn says:

    I tried to hear the lyrics. A lot of noise (why???) Anybody able to catch them?!

  6. Cynthia says:

    Watched those videos, I know those songs pretty well by now and they are getting better and better! Damn he’s good and I wish he was able to come to Northern California too. I am starting to trip, thinking of ways to see him in L.A. I have never directed any comment to Debra, now I want to say to Debra what a great thrill this all has been to watch your son do all this from American Idol on.

  7. Cynthia from Canada says:

    Oh my God, I just heard Casey’s new song, ” HOLD ON” on UTUBE. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better!! AWESOME again.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Agree about all the talking, those girls never quit during the whole set.

    • MNCyn says:

      Yeah and I want do much to hear the words to “Hold On.” So far, I’ve been able to pick out “thru the darkness the sun is shining.” Well .. I wish that thru the chatter, the words are singing. 🙂 And identifiable.

  9. Patti says:

    Wow, these videos are great! Casey gets more comfortable on the big stage with each show! I love the “rock star” hair flinging in “Drive”. Have a feeling the crowd did too! 🙂 The new song he wrote with Kristian is beautiful. I can definitely see that being on the CD.

    Sooooo very excited for Casey’s CD, I LOVE what I have heard so far!!

  10. MNPeach says:

    For the new song with Kristian Bush — Casey gave it to a little kid to hold for him. Sweet. He probably remembers how exciting his first concerts were. The kid did a fine job, too.
    At the end of the concert, Jennifer Nettles had a lot of nice things to say about Casey — she mentioned how much she loved having him on the tour, even though “his hair is better” than hers.
    Did you all notice in the video that Todd was Casey’s guitar tech last night? A multi-talented man.
    I met some really, really great people at the concert. Maybe the nicest were Callan07 and her mom. What amazing fans they are and I’m so glad they finally got to actually meet Casey. I’m so glad I did, too. I don’t think my brain cells are back in line yet.

  11. Polinka____ says:

    I am no expert, but I truly love all new Casey songs and it is difficult to choose my favorite one because they all show a little different side of him and his musical versatility !

  12. Katy7540 says:

    I love “Hold On.” It is perfect as a country single and I pray there is a video version. His strongest songs after that: Bulletproof, Made Up My Mind and Drive! All strong, cant choose one over the other. Also, my all time favorite: That’s When I need Your Love. Cant wait to buy these songs! Hate “Lets Call It A Night.” Its droopy and draggy and doesnt play to his strengths.

  13. Karen says:

    I love the song “Hold On” and Casey’s voice is so beautiful! This is definitely a hit in the making. His other songs are awesome too and I love them all in their own way. Each one of them have at one time or another played in my head so their definitely catchy which is really good! Debra, this must be so exciting for you seeing all this happen for your talented (and beautiful -had to say it) son. 🙂

  14. Katy7540 says:

    Casey amazes me! After following him since he started on Idol, I believe his new song, “Hold On” reflects who he really is. He is beautiful inside and out, and he absolutely loves playing and singing. The love just shines through. A year from now, Casey James will be a household name. His ability on the guitar is magical, whether playing a ballad, rock or blues. And what a songwriter! Love his voice, the way he presents himself, just love Casey James!

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