Casey James Live in Bloomington, Illinois

Casey took the stage at 7:30 PM local time at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, Illinois.  Thanks to _JenLloyd, we have video of his whole set:

She also has the complete audio of Casey’s cover of Need Your Love So Bad

Jen also tweeted the first photo from the venue:

Local radio station B104 posted the following pictures of Casey from the venue:

Linda Gail Vaughn sent us these photos of Casey on stage and after the show:

Casey with @_JenLloyd.  She wrote of her experience here.  An excerpt:  [Casey] treats everyone with sincere appreciation and care. He appears just as excited to greet the overweight frumpy lady as he does the young and beautiful. He is respectful and very kind. He is overly generous with his time, and is very patient. He has a genuine and sweet demeanor, and is calm while he displays a grateful attitude towards each person that came through the line. He stayed until everyone was through, and some of them twice.

Twitter fan @Rebeccakayeexx:

From the Casey E. James Fan Club Facebook page:   



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3 Responses to Casey James Live in Bloomington, Illinois

  1. Cynthia says:

    Man, he is lookin’ good. Happy and strong! Hope some videos show up from the last 2 shows.

  2. kathyt1 says:

    Such great pics… Thank you all…

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