Casey James Live in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Casey James took the stage at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 7:30 pm local time and played a six-song set that wowed the crowd.


Need Your Love So Bad (thanks to JamesPRouse): 

Drive and Done Made up My Mind  (thanks to Patty Wilkins):  

Photo credit Darren Breen/Grand Rapids Press

Casey changed up the opening to his set tonight, starting with “Need Your Love So Bad,” before going into one of his new songs, “Bulletproof.”  He thanked Sugarland and Little Big Town and then launched into, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”  Next was “Til My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues.” Then he ripped it up on “Drive” before finishing with “Done Made up My Mind.”

There was more between-song repartee from the stage, pretty funny according to those on the scene, which we should be able to hear once the first video is shared.  Thanks again to @TwickleP for letting us share the experience with her on the conference call!   If you missed it, here’s the recording of the concert:


Above photos courtesy of Chelsea Kouri on Facebook

After the show, Casey tweeted  ” Thank you so much Grand Rapids! It was great to see y’all again! Bloomington here we come!!”

Casey was interviewed by two local country stations, Thunder 94.5 and B93.7 before tonight’s show and the interviews can be found here.

Concert Review:  Lorilee Craker of, who interviewed Casey recently for the Grand Rapids Press, wrote a review of the show and this is what she had to say about Casey’s set:

Opening the show was Casey James, the dude who should have won “American Idol” last year, but instead came in third and scored a country music deal and a nice gig opening for Sugarland. James, a bluesy throwback to the ’70s, delivered an enjoyable but too-short set of juke-joint piano numbers with blazing guitars, a slow-dancer called “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” and the radio-ready “Drive,” perfect for the open road on a warm country night. It sounds like a future hit to me.

Photo by Julie Magee Boehr

Casey met with fans after the show, many of whom have shared their pictures and stories.  First up is Carolyn Josephine Collins who writes about the concert here.

Enjoying the concert with Carolyn was Jennifer Bussone (@spinnyjb) who took some photos of and with Casey.

Jennifer was nice enough to share her experience, which you can read here.  Here’s an excerpt:  “Once I got up there I told him how happy I was for him and how amazing he sounded. He kept saying thank you so much and was so incredibly sweet and relaxed. He signed all of the items I brought each w/ a personal touch. Dangit if he were any sweeter, he’d be twins! I handed him his gift and asked quietly that if I waited around, would he open it. He said sure. So we waited till everyone went through the line. Which was really fun to watch. Just watching him with each and every fan from 6 years old to 65…he was just super sweet, attentive, and grateful. I was beaming w/ pride. I am just so proud to be his fan. :)”

Next is Patty Wilkins (TwickleP) who took these photos of Casey and shares her story at the end of this post.

 When it was my turn to meet Casey I walked up to him, introduced myself and shook his hand. When I told him my twitter name was TwickleP I’m sure I heard him smother a chuckle. Either he likes my twitter name or he remembers I’m the one who tweeted him dumb blond jokes while he was on the AO tour, then again, he’s so nice he may not have laughed at the jokes, but I had fun tweeting them. *grin*
I told Casey I love his music and asked if he would autograph some photos for a few of his Twitter fans. He assured me he was happy to autograph my friends photos. I was so focused on having him autograph photos for my friends I forgot to ask him to autograph a photo for me. Fortunately, my hubby stepped forward and asked Casey to autograph a photo I had purchased at the venue. No, I did not get a Casey hug though I’m sure he would have given me one if I had asked. My hubby asked if I wanted to get a pic with Casey, I said no I had taken up enough of his time that I would leave the hugging photos for the young women. I’m sure I heard him smother a chuckle, he doesn’t miss much. Casey’s manager Todd who was very sweet asked if we would like a family photo. Joel my hubby jumped at the chance. Before the concert Joel didn’t know much about Casey’s music, after the concert he declared himself a Casey fan, he even introduced himself to Casey and told him he had won him over. Casey shook Joel’s hand and thanked him. I am happy to say, I did get my photo with Casey.
 I found Casey to be soft spoken, gentle and focused . He’s calm, good natured, patient and generous with his fans. He makes every effort to express his gratitude for their support. When he poses with his fans he smiles like he really wants to make them happy. Casey has perfect posture…he holds himself with pride, which I loved. When he’s playing his guitar he seems to lose all inhabitations and plays with abandon, it’s a beautiful thing to see and hear. Such an impressive young man! I walked away ecstatic to have heard Casey perform live and I am convinced Casey is a true Gentleman to his very core.

Casey and Julie Magee Boehr

Casey and Julie Magee Boehr

Members of the Michigan Garrison of the 501st Legion (the leading Star Wars costuming organization) were invited to be onstage with Sugarland during their concert tonight.  Here’s a video of Casey with some of the troops:

One of the members, Mike Lica, later shared these photos of when Casey hung out with some of them after the show:


Casey James and Mike Lica

Casey James with Darth Vader (aka Mike Parent)

Casey James with Piggy

Casey James with Carl Nelson

Above photos by Carl Nelson.

Additional fan photos:


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10 Responses to Casey James Live in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  1. la peche says:

    EEEK!! I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already did. “Need Your Love So Bad is one of my favorite Gregg Allman songs. And really, there are only the two singers that I love this much — bold move for Casey to be moving up on Gregg like that!

  2. Cynthia says:

    He looks HOT!!
    Love the hair, and everything!!

  3. Laura Patterson says:

    Patty – Thank you for the lovely recap of your time with Casey! Not only is Casey a gifted performer but his personality is amazing also. I love that he is so grounded and calm considering what a roller coaster ride he’s been on careeer-wise. Nice you got to share the experience with the whole family too!

  4. Patti says:

    Thanks for the recap Patty. 🙂 He really is just a nice person. It’s so nice to hear EVERYONE say that. 🙂 🙂 Wow, even though that video is a bit far away, you can really get the effect of how awesome Casey plays the guitar! You can hear it better than close up, and it seems that the crowd really loved it too.

  5. Deana says:

    First, thanks to everyone who shared pics & video! It was great to hear and see Casey, even though who knows when he’ll be here in NY. Second, how fun was it to see him with the Star Wars guys! He’s just too adorable, looking like a big kid with them. It’s so good to see him having a great time!

  6. Drew says:

    Casey with the Piggy mascot… utterly adorable

  7. Carolyn Collins @jesssmom says:

    i loved jenn and pattys recaps. i was so excited and tired when i was typing ,the wole thing was as much of a mad blur as my thoughts were! LOL. hard to follow/keep up with. nothing matches the excitement of actally being in Casey’s presence. such a nice person. he’s tops. AND he had enough hugs to go around for EVERYBODY who was there. he was not more hospitable to anyone than another . nice to everyone! thanks for the hugs Casey and the kindness. you made so many hearts happy that day. WE LOVE YOU! p.s i love this blog!

  8. Carolyn Collins @jesssmom says:

    i also want to thank Patty for the videos. so glad you shared this. and to whoever took the star wars pics, thank you. it just feels so nice tos ee Casey having some fun and being..well being Casey:)) guess thats about it:)))

  9. Katy7540 says:

    Need Your Love So Bad is my favorite too! But thought it was a Peter Green original.

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