Casey James’ Interviews with Michigan Country Radio Stations

Casey was interviewed by two country radio stations today in advance of tonight’s concert in Grand Rapids, MI.  In a videotaped interview with “Party Paul” of  Thunder 94.5, Casey was asked about getting to play his own music instead of just covers, like he did on American Idol, and the interviewer mentioned, speaking of the show, that Casey had been their favorite last year.  He also told Casey that his boss had seen Casey jamming at the Country Radio Seminar recently with a number of great musician and he asked Casey to mention some of the people he’s had the chance to play with and Casey said “Sarah Evans, Tim (McGraw) and Faith (Hill) and Alabama.”  Makes you wonder if a year ago he would have expected to say that!  

When asked the $64,000 question — when will his CD come out — Casey again avoided stating a specific release date for his album, but he said there are some teasers of what might appear on the CD on the website as well as what he has been playing on stage during the tour.  He also offered that everyone on the tour is so nice and kind and awesome.  Oh, and he mentioned the catering.  It’s a great interview, enjoy! 

One of the photos from the interview, from the stations website.  Click here for the rest.

Casey was also interviewed by B93.7 FM over the air and you can listen to the podcast of that interview here.  There were no big reveals in this audio interview, but it is a fun one nevertheless.  In it, Casey says that he doesn’t know when his single will drop and he thought it was funny that the top tweet for him today was comparing him to Will Farrell in a recent SNL skit.  Thanks to @CaroLaughs for the tape of the interview which you can listen to here:

First photo from Michigan is of Casey with radio DJ Broadway of WBCT 93.7 Grand Rapids, MI (Barnyard Radio):


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5 Responses to Casey James’ Interviews with Michigan Country Radio Stations

  1. M.D. says:

    Casey, you’re awesome.
    You are even more handsome than Brad Pitt or Gabriel Aubry.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Love you!!

  3. carolyn collins says:

    loved the B93.7 Fm interview. thanks @carollaughs! God bless you Casey. and also loved the introducing the band. they look like just a bunch of boys sitting on a couch at home..but those boys can rock out some music! and Caseys singing and playing last night is exactly what i want to be listening to in my car, in my home and in my head and heart! he could probably play the heck out of those cowbells too..but i’m tellin ya,, Casey..we love the sounds you make come out of those guitars and your vocal chords. you are amazing! we want more!!! more Casey E. James:)

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  5. apple♥casey says:

    i just love you casey! you are amazing.. keep rockin’! 😀

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