Casey James Live at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC

Casey played a five-song set tonight before a sell-out crowd, despite being sick with the flu!  He opened with a cover of Jerry Woodard’s “Long Tall Texan,” then segued into “Bulletproof.”  Next up was “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” followed by the bluesy “‘Til My Guitar.”  He finished up with the smoking combination of “Drive” and “Done Made Up My Mind.”

The first video and photos that came in after the concert were courtesy of Charme Anderson Silkiner who posted them first on the Casey E. James Fan Club Facebook Page.

Long Tall Texan and Bulletproof

Til My Guitar:

Drive (thanks yegivens2):   


The first photo that came in was a blurry one, courtesy of @ShaunaSibila:

Meg (@haveaniceday711) shared these pictures:

After the show, Casey tweeted:  Thank you Greenville! See ya next time!

According to those at the concert, Casey played the same songs he’d played last weekend.  After Casey’s set, however, a DJ came on stage to say, “Give it up to Casey James,” and went on to explain that Casey had the flu and what an awesome job he did in spite of it.  But, unfortunately, it meant that Casey would not be able to come out and meet with the fans, which I’m sure disappointed him as well as them.

A concert-goer wrote a review of the show on her blog, and she had this to say about Casey:  “All in all, the concert was amazing! Casey James was on American Idol last season and even though I wasn’t familiar with him, he was great!”  She also included this photo:

Photo by Laura

@haveaniceday711 Tweeted that she took her mom to the concert.  “I would like to give you a recap according to my mother. She reminded me of my brother, who happens to be an opera singer.  She thought he was the best one up there…”  She went on to say, “She wonders if he doesn’t realize how good he really is.”

@haveaniceday711 told me she “saw so many tall boyfriends taking videos of Casey for their girlfriends, & then you would see all these tall heads, bobbing along to the crazy a$$ jam of his guitar. God bless Casey for being able to play ill…”  She added in a later Tweet, “He was really good. And I think he picked up new fans tonight, sick and all.”

What she said about the reluctant boyfriends becoming converts is not surprising.  Casey may have first been noticed by women because of how he was portrayed on American Idol, but, like Randy Jackson did, once they hear him play, the guys quickly come over as well.

@AmyESmith9 tweeted: Poor Casey! He was sick all day today they said…it sure didn’t show in his set! How stunning and beautiful — his talent is unexplainable!

Paula Blanchat told me Casey’s set was “CRAZY GOOD but way too short.  He is incredible on stage–a real pro and his band members were really having fun with him which didn’t come across on the AK videos.   His voice sounded so rich and beautiful. Much better than I remember from the AI Charlotte concert. Amazing…and paired with his incredible guitar skills, he’s truly unique.  I think his music sounded right at home in the country genre. Definitely new but compatible. I definitely think he made some new fans.”

We all hope Casey’s feeling better soon!


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17 Responses to Casey James Live at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC

  1. Cynthia says:

    Casey looks awesome!
    I am such an admirer.

  2. cc says:

    That’s the guitar he plays for the song after “Long, Tall Texan.” Two more guitars to follow..Those lucky folks at the show!

  3. amber says:

    it don’t get no better than this.should be made into a poster better yet wallpaper……..

  4. Cynthia says:

    I really wish fans of Casey would accept his individuality, such as the length of his hair which for some of his fans is a big issue. As a mother of two sons, age 25 and age 28, I know that young men who know who they are, and have self-confidence, are not affected by what others think they should look like. I applaud Casey for his integrity. American Idol judging is over now, remember!! My reason for saying this is because I’ve read some of fan’s comments on u-tube.

  5. M.D. says:


  6. M.D. says:

    Heck, he’s lucky to have all that hair. Most men in their late twenties are losing their hair and balding, so he should celebrate it.
    Funny that there’s somewhat of a stigma when men grow their hair.( Johnny Depp is all the more sexy when he grows his hair, I think). But women aren’t judged when they wear too much false eyelashes , dye their hair blonder or wear so much makeup that their face might crack, not to mention hair extensions. There is a double reverse standard when men are being all natural.

  7. Katy says:

    I knew the guys in the audience would be fans, when I heard Drive, and Bulletproof and Made Up My Mind. Wow!
    I think that after an individual has been on Idol, their fans acquire a kind of ownership entitlement that wouldnt occur otherwise. But that’s their problem. My impression of Casey is that he is his own person, and will continue to be himself regardless. I continue to be amazed by the integrity of his performance. My only concern is that he is ill again, as in the Idol tour, not the best image.

  8. M.D. says:

    Everyone gets sick with a head cold once in a while. He’s human.

  9. Karen says:

    I love Casey’s hair be it long or short! The most important thing to me is his music,
    which I absolutely love! Sure hope that he is feeling well soon!

  10. Carolyn says:

    This concerns me – that he’s sick again on tour. Isn’t country music all about touring? If Casey truly can’t sleep on the bus and gets run down everytime he’s on the road… I don’t know. It’s worrisome.

  11. Louise says:

    So Sorry Casey is ill; I pray for his safety and well being each day and will continue to. Just think he has been on a roller coaster ride now for a while. I am sure he doesn’t have much time for sleep. He is still the “best”. An amazing person and entertainer. I just simple love his music. I haven’t been this excited about someones music in a very long time. I have watched Idol for a number of years but never saw anyone on there like Casey. God bless Casey, he is what the music field has been missing!

  12. Cynthia says:

    Casey will be just fine, A lot of performers get sick; my God, how many times has Celine Dion cancelled her concerts due to illness during her career of touring. Don’t worry folks, Casey will have a lot more concerts, and he was there at the concert yesterday, it’s just that he wasn’t at his best to meet people after last nights show or he would have found a way there. Trust him.

  13. jenn says:

    i hope he comes to texas soon,i would love to see him in person in concert.i’m not an obsessed fan like some out their.{no names but u no who u r}i’ve followed him since
    his idol days and been a fan ever since.all i want to do is listen to his music not be his P.R.person just enjoy all of his music

  14. Katy says:

    Loving hearing his new music more and more. Thank you God – and Mrs. James!

  15. medolark says:

    Well, I thought Casey was fantastic on idol but now he’s even more fantastic. I can see such a diffence in him. Is it because he’s singing what he wants? I don’t know but if he’s not a huge success then nothing in this world makes sense. Ü

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