Casey James’ New Songs – Concert Set List

Casey performed five news songs as opener for Sugarland last weekend after starting off with an abbreviated cover of Long Tall Texan. The songs are:


Let’s Don’t Call it a Night

Til My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues

I Just Like to Drive

Done Made up My Mind

Aside from the fact that relying on those titles for SAT prep might result in you barely cracking the 200 they give you for filling out your name, what the song titles tell you is that Casey is, at least lyrically, embracing the country genre. We have guns, girls, guitars and cars.  But musically, the songs cover a wider gap, pulling from a number of different genres.

Casey opened with a fun, bluesy cover of, fittingly enough, “Long Tall Texan.”  The first new song, “Bulletproof,” is a rollicking, honky-tonk number with heavy reliance on the keyboards. It was a fun, old-time song that reminded me of the rockabilly sound. 

He slowed it down for the simmering “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” which had James coaxing a smooth groove out of his electric blue guitar while his voice was full of yearning and playfulness.  It had a nice bluesy-country feel. 

He followed up that upbeat romantic song with a more lyrically emotional song, “Til my Guitars Gets Tired of Playing the Blues.” It’s a powerful, plaintive song supported by his haunting vocals and his sweet guitar licks. 
From that sultry blues number he switched to straight-forward Southern rock for his last two songs. “I Just Want to Drive” is a rollicking, propulsive song that had James wailing on the slide guitar.   Think ZZ Top goes Nashville. 

He closed out his set with a rousing pure Southern rock number “Done Made up My Mind.” It has a great hook and seems to be the obvious choice to be the first single to introduce James to fans of rock, country, blues and just great music.  

For my full review, click here.


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11 Responses to Casey James’ New Songs – Concert Set List

  1. Medolark says:

    What about Long Tall Texan?

  2. bluemiss says:

    I’m hoping he releases Bullet Proof first or Let’s Don’t Call it a Night – I think they would have wider radio appeal. I can’t get them out of my head! I love, love, love all of them.

  3. Louise says:

    I listened to all of the songs and I loved all of them. I just kept listening to them over and over and now I find myself singing them all day long. I know Casey is going to go far and just think we have been with him from the beginning. Not only is he drop dead georgous, he is so very talented and such a sweet person.

  4. Suzie says:

    I think she was just talking about Casey’s “new” songs, we had never heard. Long Tall Texan is an old song, originally sang by Jerry Woodard…..but Casey sang it only the way Casey can….believe me, he took the song in a whole new direction and made it sound current!! Love what he did with it, with his blues all over it!!! Here is the link to the original, if you’d like to compare the two.

  5. amber says:

    my absolutele favorite is let’s dont call it a night this one for sure will get airplay.also i would like to know if their are any writeups on caseys set for this tour?I love Shari s
    review but she’s alittle to partial to casey.I want to see what someone thinks of his music that isn’t particularly close to him.I like more of him singing.gitars nice but his voice is like no others.i could hear him sing any song and know right away it’s him.

  6. bluemiss says:

    What a surprise – Casey is on my Yahoo homepage right now! There is an article about a S10 contestant and a link to hear one of Casey’s new songs!! Also a place to comment! The article is one that Shari has already shared, so excited to see the Yahoo link!

  7. Cynthia says:

    I , for one, was never a country music fan until I found Casey James on American Idol. Now I’m watching country videos and picturing Casey there on the wide screen with the focus on his beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous face while he sings. Seeing him from a distance on the stage is so beautiful already, but it’s only going to get better. Casey is only showing us a peak view of what is going to be more and more spectacular.
    He’s going to attract a lot more non-country fans to country. I love all his songs, and even when I think” Bulletproof” or “Done Made Up My Mind”, are my favorites, I’m still wondering whether it’s, ” Til My Guitar Gets Tired Of Playing The Blues “,”I Just Like To Drive”, or” Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”Can’t wait to hear advertising about where to purchase his CD.
    He fits the genre to receive airplay on our local radio station which is called “101.5 The Hawk” in Port Hawkesbury, NovaScotia ( Nova Scotia radio stations) They’re now playing some songs from Kid Rock and Sugarland, even though they’re not a country music radio station.
    I have been sharing some of Casey’s concert videos on my facebook page (with friends) so they can get a taste of his music.
    Thanks to Shari and all Casey fans for staying connected.
    I know I live in Canada but I’m still a devoted Casey fan.

  8. Carolyn says:

    It’s interesting you like “Done Made Up My Mind” for the first single, Shari. Me? I can’t get that guitar lick from “Drive” out of my head and I can imagine the cross-promotional possibilities with Nascar on that one. So, that’s my pick. But heck, either of them would be good and I wouldn’t mind Bulletproof either.

    My fav is “Don’t Let’s call it a Night”… but I think it might be better to start out with a rollicking song for the first single.

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