Casey James — Media Mentions: Reality Rocks Digging New Music

Reality Rocks, the Yahoo! Music Blog, had a nice write-up on Casey today.  The writer, Lyndsey Parker, has been a fan and supporter of Casey’s since his time on American Idol Season 9 and has been following him ever since.  She was impressed with what she’s heard thus far of his new music.  Parker had this to say about the song I Just Want to Drive

A Southern-fried blooze-rocker that’s a little bit ZZ Top, a little bit Kenny Wayne Shepherd, a little bit Black Keys, and a whole lotta awesome, the song is clearly a real crowd-pleaser in concert…and it’ll be fun to hear the recorded version, with Casey’s searing guitar licks front and center.

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2 Responses to Casey James — Media Mentions: Reality Rocks Digging New Music

  1. Cynthia from Canada says:

    Everything that Casey James is bringing in to music is going to be the new vibe and new look of music that we, as the music consumers have long been waiting for. I love his look: the wavy curls which is catching on real fast and becoming the latest style for young men at present. Also if you look around and see how many young men are growing facial hair these days, and not to mention the latest guitar commercials that are appearing on television. Since his performance last year with Brett Michaels, ( for example) the plaid/country style shirts became a big fashion statement. People everywhere are paying attention to Casey James!!
    As I’m listening to his music and voice, I hear a mix of southern rock”n roll and new soul/ blues. I love it. I hope he gets an invitation to perform at Dancing With The Stars, because his songs are so dance friendly.

  2. Cynthia from Canada says:

    Oops!! I also hear country in Casey’s music.

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