Casey James Meeting with Fans in Little Rock

After the Little Rock show, Casey met with fans new and old.  Most of the longtime Twitter and Facebook fans have posted their photos on the Casey E. James Fan Club on Facebook which you can check out here

Casey with Carman Wesson and the Twitter Fan Poster

Carman, aka CoolCJFan, tweeted about meeting Casey: “In case anyone is wondering, Casey James is a sweetheart!!!!!!”

Casey James and Carman Wesson

Casey James and Rhonda Nelson

Casey James and Rhonda Nelson pre-hug

Casey signing the card for Barbara

Closeup of card for Barbara Bortle

Casey James with Steve Terry

Casey James with Kathy Terry

Casey James with Kathy Terry

Casey James with Carol Becker

Casey with his first fan, his Momma Debra

Casey giving his Momma Debra a squeeze

Casey James with Amber Caro

Casey James and Norma Jean Matthews Gaston

Casey signing Norma Jean’s shirt

Casey and Debra with Anthea Brownrigg

Melanie Aureli Santana from Facebook shared this photo:

Casey with Melanie Aureli Santana

Of course, not all of Casey’s fans could be there.  Some will catch him on other legs of the tour, but one special fan who can’t make the tour received a picture of Casey with a sign she made (thanks to Polina for getting the pic):

Casey with Sign for Marie Leathem

@cejtxgal (Glenda from Caseymania) took some great pics with Casey, here are a few.  To view all of Glenda’s pics please go to her  facebook page.

Casey and Glenda, great picture!

Casey and Glenda

Casey James and Dawna Duggan Hemphill

Casey James and Dawna Duggan Hemphill

The gentleman on the right posted this picture on the Casey James official Facebook page along with this message:

Thanks For Giving Your Time To Step Off The Bus And
Sign My Grandaughter’s Guitar.
Also, For Visiting And Taking Pics With Us!
Don’t Lose Touch In That Relationship You Have With Your Fans.
So Many Do When They Succeed!
Good Luck & God Bless U Brother,
Scott Allen Crow


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16 Responses to Casey James Meeting with Fans in Little Rock

  1. daydreaminmeme says:

    LOVE all these great pics!!!!! I heard Casey live on my cellphone last night from a friend who was there, and lemme tell y’all, if he sounds THAT good over a cellphone, I can’t WAIT to hear him in PERSON!!!!!!!

    P.S. Can anyone tell me how to post an avi picture here?

  2. obamanot says:

    YAY! I think I figured it out!

  3. daydreaminmeme says:

    I think I figured it out….let’s see…

  4. daydreaminmeme says:


  5. gaily_E says:

    love all these!! thanks for sharing! 🙂 love it love it love it love it!

  6. daydreaminmeme says:

    P.S> the “BOOO” is for my avi not changin…not any thing related to Casey! 🙂

  7. medolark says:

    Anything happening tonight? Ü

  8. Laura says:

    I thinks beautiful how much love he has for his mom.

  9. Artist_at_Heart says:

    Happy to be home in VA after an awesome evening. LR showed us a good time. Great meeting everyone, especially getting to chat with Debra awhile. Before the show I got a little glimpse of Casey backstage (won a LBT M&G and they took us back. Sadly my tweets offering to trade that pass for a Casey one got no replies) and and gave our boi a thumbsup. He smiled, waved and looked relaxed. I got the first seat on the aisle in the first set of risers in the section at the left corner of the stage. After he was done I looked just off my left shoulder to see his roadie putting @caseysguitars each safely to bed (they need their rest.) I called out “nitey nite, Blue” and the roadie cracked up!

  10. Artist_at_Heart says:

    J. Anthony says:
    March 6, 2011 at 1:34 am
    Wow – thanks for the comment. Glad to hear the concert went well, and that’s great to hear about Casey’s new music. Thanks for sharing!

  11. cc says:

    It was a great night. Smiles all around 🙂

  12. Katy says:

    I just saw the fan videos. Hot, hot, hot! Cant wait till I can buy his music. Especially like Till My Guitar, Drive, and Made up My Mind. Thank you Shari!! You are so appreciated for keeping us up to date. Love you!!!!

  13. RainElyne says:

    I’m so jealous!!!I wish somebody can tell Casey that he wish I’m there too… 🙂 Love all Casey girls…y’all ROCK like our man!!!

  14. carolyn collins says:


  15. Tina D. says:

    I LOVE seeing so many smiling faces! I wish I could see Casey perform during this March tour, but am really happy that many of his fans will be there to support him! He is probably as happy to see them as they are to see him:) Thanks for rounding up these great pics!

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