Casey James to Play with Craig Morgan on 3/25

Looks like Casey Twitter fan @LDG_lildrumgirl was at the right place at the right time today and heard that Casey will be performing with Craig Morgan at the Whiskey Tango in Kansas City, MO on 3/25 (check out below for a first hand account from her as to how this happened). I did confirm this with a very nice lady named Lisa at the the venue and tickets are FREE!! You can pick them up at the Whiskey Tango ,  listen to Radio Station Q104 or pick them up as radio personalities do live remotes.  Obviously, if you plan on traveling in to see Casey, it might not be convenient for you to also travel in to pick up tickets. If you think you’ll be attending please send @LDG_lildrumgirl  or @marieleathem1 a DM and let one of us know. LaDonna is able to stop by the club and pick up a small stack of tickets for us! Thank you LaDonna!  Lisa from Whiskey Tango isn’t always available to send tickets, so we thought this would be easier.  Lisa said she’s already had a request for some tickets from Oklahoma City, OK!  Is that one of us?

Do not panic if you do not see Casey’s name on the Whiskey Tango’s website or the ticket, he IS scheduled to be there.  And again, will be posting more information if it becomes available.

Here’s what LaDonna had to say about her whirlwind morning and the discovery that Casey James tickets were within her grasp:

I had just arrived at work this morning…was listening to the radio. I happen to hear an advertisement on a local HOT spot, right outside of Kansas City, “Whiskey Tango” They were advertising that Craig Morgan was coming to the March 25th Birthday Bash…that’s not what caught my ear….they were announcing who else would be performing at the event. I about passed out when I heard Casey James from American Idol would be at the event!  I was like Craig Morgan who????  I couldn’t tell you who is going to perform at the event…Alls I heard was Casey James!!!!!  My heart started pounding….I thought…did I hear that right?? 
So I called the radio station….got some more information….then called Whiskey Tango. Spoke to a very nice lady but…she wasn’t sure who Casey James was… I quickly told her…he was on American Idol last year. He’s AWESOME!!! He is one of a kind, AMAZING on the guitar and oh….I told her he was GORGEOUS!!!!  I said, if you see him….you won’t forget him!!! Then I did a tongue roll thing  she laughed at me and said she was embarrassed to say but wasn’t sure who he was..  I thought to myself…Really??
She took my name and number. Told me as soon as she could find out…she would call me back.
I went on with my CRAZY busy work day…all along…I couldn’t concentrate to save my life!!!!
I had a meeting…went to it with my phone….my phone died…. I thought….Oh GRRREEEAT!!!!! 
Came back to my office after the meeting was over, plugged my phone in. No sooner than it re-booted…she called me! She confirmed…it was Casey James!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was SO HAPPY!!!!! I said OMG….I’m gonna cry…happy tears!!!! She said don’t cry and giggled!! She asked me, how many tickets I wanted? I was like…for real????? WOW I’ll take em ALL….lol The tickets were FREE!!! The luck!!?! I was in TOTAL SHOCK!!!!
I then went to my favorites on my twitter account…I was trying to find Casey’s tour dates! I was so excited…I couldn’t concentrate!
I tweeted,

OMG…somebody help me…? Is @CaseyEJames playing anywhere March 25th???? Please tell me? Please?

Anybody?? 😦

I knew I could count on my Casey twitter friends to inform me!!! I was still in disbelief…… @CaroLaughs responded to me and the tweeting was on!!!
I’m going to go pick up my tickets after work today!! I am still in SHOCK!!!
This has been an INSANE week!!!! So Happy!!! 
I missed the American Idol was canceled here in Kansas City. I was heartbroken!!!
I am not about to miss this!!!!! It’s going to be a girls night out for this girl!!!! 

LaDonna sent me this picture of her after picking up her tickets:

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10 Responses to Casey James to Play with Craig Morgan on 3/25

  1. CJFan_Amber says:

    Busted in OKC! Couldn’t help myself! 🙂 I was ready to pay for them and the gal said…oh no, they are free–just be nice to the bartenders! I was also shocked when she told me she would put them in the mail!

    March is turning out to be an awesome month for CJ fans!

    • CJFan_Amber says:

      Thank You LDG_lildrumgirl! I hope to meet you in person so I can give you a big ole’ hug!

    • Amber – you were probably the one that convinced her to go that route. I told her there may be people coming in with a long drive or even a flight and wouldn’t be able to get there to get tickets. She said they rarely ever sell out but then she said she’s also been getting alot of calls about Casey… “Ok, if they call me, I’ll go ahead and send them out tickets. I’ve already sent some to someone from Oklahoma City”. Yay. Thank’s for blazing the trail!!

  2. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl ) says:

    I am so incredibly shocked and excited!!! Thank God I was listening to the radio at the right time!!!! I cant believe I broke the news though!!  That is why I was in shuch disbelief!!! I don’t know what I’m doing to get ALL this good luck that I have received this week but…I’m LOVING it!!!!  I can’t wait to meet up with some twitter friends!!!!! CJFAmber….I can’t wait!!!! I’ll be all !!!!! EVERYONE…please let me know if your coming!!!!! I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!!!!!!

  3. CJFan_Amber says:

    LaDonna, that was so fun to read!!! The emoticons cracked me up…loved your “experience”!!

  4. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl ) says:

    Thank you Amber!!  Lolol that’s me…a fun loving goofball!!!! 

  5. Girl4Reba says:

    Girl!! My girl LaDonna!! YAY. So excited for you! What an exciting morning! WOOT
    Amber have fun!! 😀 You’ll love LaDonna. Great picture girl. It should have a caption “pure JOY” That’s my girl!! I love that you got 4 tickets 😉

  6. KC in TX says:

    Are there any plans of Casey playing in TX?

  7. Kathy aka Krainia says:

    LaDonna was that excited! I talked to her on the phone. We were both so excited I barely made sense. Finally she realized who I was and I was asking how to get tickets. She mailed me 2 and WhiskeyTango mailed me 2. I invited my 23 yr old daughter to go with me. She is a little familiar with Casey. I showed him to her on her computer. She wasn’t into long hair on a guy. She thinks Brad Paisley is good looking. We have been planning to go to Nashville in June together. But when this opportunity popped up to visit the relatives and attend a concert, I was all in. I could rationalize the cost of the travel, the stay would be free, the meals fixed for me and the concert is free. Too Sweet for Me. So I bought a camera that promises to upload vids & pics to social networks. I have to try it out! We will be driving there. Plans are to meet up with 2 twitter pals who are flying in and staying at an Inn, and take them to the bar. I am a teetotaler and never have done bars, so this is a little risky for me! Applebees is about as wild as I get! I compare it to a vegetarian who is planning to eat a hamburger. May be common for you, but…! One thing I like about Casey is his not drinking alcohol. I have been annoyed by country music cuz of all the drinking songs. And then Casey sings his alternative to drinking is playing the guitar. I think music is my addiction. I am excited to get to go!

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