Casey James Thanks his Twitter Fans

Tonight, fewer than six days away from his first official concert appearance since the American Idol Live Tour, Casey James Tweeted his fans:

Thank y’all so much. To every single person that has supported me in any way. Been wanting to say that all day. Just got the time. ♫♪ :z Night!

He may have said goodnight, but his devoted Twitter fans continued to flood him with good wishes and positive messages.  Many wrote to let him know that they would be soon seeing him in Little Rock or Bloomington or Jacksonville. 

One Twitter, fan, JM_Taylor, said what I imagine all his fans were thinking: 

Seeing you up there on stage, smiling, playing your music and enjoying the moment is all the thanks we need. Much love 🙂

I expect there will be many more messages of love and support from his fans, especially over the next few days as the anticipation and excitement builds as he takes the next big step along this new path.  And his fans will be sustained knowing that their faith and efforts have not been in vain.  That Casey appreciates them and has been working hard to make the best music he can and share it with all of them.  Not much longer.

*Thanks to _JenLloyd for the screencap.

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16 Responses to Casey James Thanks his Twitter Fans

  1. Girl4Reba says:

    Casey has been on my mind & in my heart constantly today. Well, OK, everyday. Last night I left this message on his fan facebook page. But, this morning I thought. You know, I think I am going to post it on twitter too. I love this boy.

    @CaseyEJames Casey, with each new “Casey James featured article I read — I become so overcome with pride and joy by the events, which have led to this point in your career, a path — you have worked so long and so very hard to get to.
    You’ll never know how much your voice, music, and your kind nature has changed my life. Your core values, the way you treat other people. It, makes me so proud. I’ve met some of the nicest people this past year, all because of you & the James family.
    In one week something you’ve dreamed of, for so many years, is about to come true. I’m so proud of you. My continued wish for you — is good health, & sincere happiness. God bless you, I will always love and support you. Congratulations, on all this well deserved praise. ♥ G4R

  2. CJFan_Amber says:

    I always know that I can count on this blog having the latest “anything Casey” that I might miss and for that, I am very thankful!

  3. Meme4CJ says:

    You’re very welcome Casey! Proud , happy & so excited to be your fan! Good Luck 😀

  4. Deana Ferrusi says:

    I don’t evn know what to say, other than that I feel like I should be the one thanking Casey for all that he does. Never in my life have I been so impressed by a musician, a person, and a family. I feel blessed to even know about the James family! They’re all an inspiration.

  5. Jeanette says:

    Thank you, Shari. I checked my Twitter and there is was. Seems I sleep through his tweets. Casey’s future is about to happen and I am along for the ride. WOOHOO!

  6. daydreaminmeme says:

    Can’t wait for Friday, even tho I won’t actually BE there! G4R, you said it all so eloquently for us…Casey is a true breath of fresh air in the music industry and I absolutely believe big things are about to happen for him. I feel privileged to be able to be along for the ride!

    Shari, thank YOU for brining us all the latest and greatest about Casey! I’ll be in the chat room Friday night, see y’all there! 🙂

  7. MNCyn says:

    I’ve never personally supported an up and coming musician/singer before – I imagine there are a whole lot of his fans who can say the same – but am so proud to do so for Casey. He’s one in a million …. not just in his superb talent but in character, dedication, artistic values, knowledge of music, faith, devotion to family and all the the things that make an individual truly great! But we know he’s a perfectionist and puts a lot of pressure on himself … and if I worry about anything, I guess that’s it.
    I told Joe Bonsall from the Oak Ridge Boys (via e-mail) about Casey and asked him what advice he’d give to him. He said, “Well it sounds like Casey is on his way……. he just needs to follow his heart, be honest in his music and prepare for a lot of hard work……. also keep ego in check……. play and have fun!!!!”
    Countdown to Little Rock!! So close!

  8. bluemiss says:

    What a sweet-tweet from Casey. It says so much more than just the words say.

  9. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl ) says:

    What a nice surprise to see Caseys tweet!!  Alls I can say is…Your so welcome Casey! You make it soooo easy to support you!! I am proud to be a fan! I can’t wait to hear your music!! Going into withdrawals!!  You have been working ALL your life for this moment!! I so wish I could be there to see it in person!!! I will be supporting you from a distance but…I am patiently awaiting for you to come to KC,MO babe! God Bless ya darlin! I wish you the BEST of luck!! Your going to do an AWESOME job!! You will BLOW people away!!!  Please know, your fans are behind you 100%!! Love ya babe!  (((((BIG HUGS))))) I’m so proud and happy for you! 

  10. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl ) says:

    Thank you Casey!!!!!  Shari…thank you as well for ALL your hard work and great information!! 

  11. cc says:

    Casey thanking us, his fans, he is a kind soul.

  12. CanadianFAN says:

    You are so welcome,
    Casey James.
    I sent a donation to St. Jude Hospital for Sick Children on your behalf.
    You are an inspiration to us!
    I work at a hospital as a mental health/addiction rehab nurse, and I’m still hearing some people make comments about the singer with the long hair on last year’s American Idol being the one they liked the best.
    I believe strongly that you are gifted with many musical talents and other attributes, so stay true to yourself and you will continue to amaze us all.

    • CanadianFAN says:

      Correction for above: should be” the singer with the long blond hair from Texas on last year’s American Idol being the one they liked the most.”Excuse my English ( I’m French)
      Thanks Shari again for keeping up with sending the appetizers on Casey James!

  13. maria says:

    every time i think i couldn’t love Casey any more than i already do, he does something to prove me wrong. that little tweet meant SOOO much.

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