Casey James & WOW Country 104.3’s Auction to Benefit St. Jude Hospital

WOW 104.3 FM, is hosting its two-day St. Jude radiothon this Thursday and Friday, February 24 and 25, to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  There are a number of country music themed items that they are auctioning off those two days, one of special interest to Casey James Fans.  It is listed as Hap Tallmans 2011 Country Cares Hat and it is signed by many of the “up-and-coming” country artists who attended this year’s Country Cares seminar

Casey Twitter fan CaroLaughs noticed one of the autographs on the hat was from Casey (above and to the right of the Jane Dear Girls):

If you are interested in bidding on this item, or would like to check out the other items available at auction, click on the WOW Country 104.3 website link here:

If you want to donate cash directly to benefit St. Jude, you can do so in Casey’s name by clicking the link here: and then clicking on Casey James.  Even though the confirmation will not have Casey’s name, we have been assured that it will be recorded and kept track of!  Thank you for your help for this great cause!


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