Casey James — Media Mentions: – A.I. Hollywood Classics

In honor of Hollywood week, Entertainment put together a list of the classic group performances from American Idol seasons past.  Among the top ten most memorable group performances was that of Middle C, a trio comprised of Jermaine Purifory, Janelle Wheeler and our own Casey James.   We couldn’t agree more.,,20312226_20466693_20913003,00.html

In case you need a reminder, here’s the video of that now-classic performance:


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9 Responses to Casey James — Media Mentions: – A.I. Hollywood Classics

  1. CJFan_Amber says:

    I heard that song on the radio yesterday and I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about last years group auditions! Definitely memorable!

    • morningstar4us says:

      To CJFan_Amber, Funny, but I heard that song played yesterday too, and I’d never noticed it before. Where do you live?

      • Amber C. says:

        I live in OKC…it was on one of our local Clear Channel Communications stations…KJ103

      • CJFan_Amber says:

        I was just going to tell you that they hardly play it and as I started to type this message the song came on! Hilarious!

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  3. Gudrunvoncat says:

    Miss Casey on Idol-

  4. MNCyn says:

    “I think anybody who gets a chance to change their lives … no words or feelings can describe it.” Pretty much says it all. Probably why we like this show so much.

  5. Karen says:

    It sure changed Casey’s life!:)

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