New Photo of Casey James from Country Cares for St. Jude Kids

The very kind people at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, sent us the above official group shot from last month’s radio seminar which brought together celebrities from country music and country radio station personnel all for a wonderful cause — raising awareness and money for St. Jude.

As reported on this blog last week, Casey James was added to the list of country music artists on whose behalf donations can be made to St. Jude.  When he visited the hospital, Casey was quoted as saying, “It feels amazing to be involved and just an honor and a blessing.”  After he was told that donations could now be made in his name, Casey was very excited.

St. Jude opened its doors in 1962 with the goal of finding cures for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases through research and treatment   In its nearly fifty years of operation, St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent to 80 percent.  It is the first and only pediatric cancer center to be designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute and the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance.  

There are a number of fundraising programs benefitting St. Jude, but one of particular interest to country music fans is the one created some thirty years ago by Alabama front man Randy Owen.  He created Country Cares, one of the most successful radio fundraising events in America, to help raise money with donations from fans of country music.  An offshoot of that organization is the Country Fans Care program which “allows fans to show support for their favorite entertainer, while helping the kids of St. Jude at the same time.”   Click here for more information on Country Fans Care: 

It is heartening that even before Casey has released his first record, his fans are so dedicated and enthusiastic that they wanted to be able to donate on his behalf.  If you want to join in showing your support of both Casey and the hospital, click on the donations tab and then on Casey James.  Donations can be made by check or credit card.

Some of Casey’s fans who have already contributed by clicking on the link were concerned that there was no confirmation indicating that the donation was being counted as on Casey’s behalf.  The hospital’s liaison informed me that this is just how the system was set up. “Unfortunately,” she explained, “there isn’t a message that confirms that the donation was made in Casey’s name.”  But have no fear, they do keep a record.  “As long as the donor uses the link with Casey’s name on it, the donation is credited to him.”   

Here’s the link for international fans to use to make donations to St. Jude on Casey’s behalf: 

 I was able to get an answer to how you can donate via check:   

If your donors want to go ahead and mail a donation in honor of Casey, they can mail it to us: 

St. Jude, Attn: Jackie, 1102 17th Ave. South, Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37212

They would want to note on the check (or on a separate piece of paper) that the donation is made in honor of Casey!

 For more about Casey’s visit to St. Jude click here and here.

Again, to donate, click the following link.  Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Marie Leathem for her help in obtaining the photo and this closeup:


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3 Responses to New Photo of Casey James from Country Cares for St. Jude Kids

  1. Cynthia from Canada says:

    This photo is so precious!
    I’m from Canada, so could I still send a personal cheque in Canadian value for a specific amount, let’s say a $20.00 check drawn from a Canadian credit union debit account?
    I love Casey James and everything he does is like gold to me.

    • I asked y0ur question and was told, yes, you can donate via check. I’ve updated the post with the information on how to mail in a donation. Thanks for your interest in this great cause!!!

  2. Cynthia from Canada says:

    Thanks Shari for your reply.
    I’m on my way to the Post Office with my donation in honor of Casey!

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