Sony’s Plans for Casey James

With less than a month before Casey James’ first official post-signing concert, as opener for Sugarland on the March leg of their Incredible Machine Tour, questions continue to swirl around just what the debut album of Casey James will sound like, who will be playing on the tour and on the record, and what will be the title of the debut. Also still up-in-the-air is the marketing and publicity plan for Casey, though some early hints can provide some direction.

Since he was signed by Sony Nashville, there has been slow and steady progress on getting him integrated into the company. First there were the press release of the signing. Then a photo of the ceremonial putting pen to paper, followed by a photo of Casey before a sign at the BNA Nashville offices with the name “Casey James Band” at the top. A new, official, website was opened, also in the name of Casey James Band.

Eventually, he was included on the website, two new official press photographs were added, and more information added to the site. Then, something strange happened.

The biggest news, of course, was the press release announcing that Casey would be opening for Sugarland. But, notably, in that release, it was Casey James, and not the Casey James Band, that was listed. Soon it was noticed that on the newly redesigned Sony Nashville and BNA page, the word “Band” was dropped from all mentions of Casey James. The link to his official page changed from one that had the word “Band” to one that was the same as his twitter name.  Only the tab on the BNA site still refers to “Band.”

This could be a simple matter of time-saving and have no meaning whatsoever.  But it could also mean that Sony recognizes that Casey James is the draw and that, whoever supports him musically on tour and/or on the album, it is Casey James who is the one the fans will be following.  Time will tell, but I think that they are rethinking the “band” concept and will ultimately just go with Casey James.

As for their plans on how to introduce Casey to the music world, their focus clearly has been on radio.  The two highest profile events that Casey has attended — CMA week and Country Cares for St. Jude’s Kids — each involved meeting with radio personnel from around the country.  There has been some buzz about smaller headlining performances for Casey James in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and elsewhere, which would also involve local radio stations.  There was also a hint a couple of months ago that Casey might perform on this season’s American Idol, but no announcement has yet been made.

What we do know, thanks to many tweets coming out of Nashville, and Casey’s own tweets to his fans, is that Casey is busy writing with a number of talented country song writers.  Aimee Mayo, Randy Owen, Jaren Johnston, Tom Douglas, Patrick Davis, Dallas Davidson have all been mentioned as working with Casey on his album.  And Sony is actively seeking material for Casey’s upcoming album, posting this ad in the trades: 

CONTEMPORARY ROCKIN’ COUNTRY SONGS a la CASEY JAMES needed by the Senior Director of A&R at a Major Nashville Label for a former American Idol finalist in Season 9. This artist is working on his debut CD and looking for songs that are going to help define his sound. He is known for his guitar playing, so give him room to showcase his talent. Your radio-friendly, hit-style, upbeat Country songs must have great hooks and memorable melodies, as well as lyrics that visually reflect meaningful and/or clever storylines. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics.*

Casey’s fans are understandably eager to get all the details.  Requests from the MyIdol discussion forum for American Idol for fans to post questions for Casey James has resulted in a number of questions all concerning his upcoming album.  Will we get any more details tomorrow, or will we be reminded that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait?

*Thanks to Boudica for finding and sharing that ad.

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15 Responses to Sony’s Plans for Casey James

  1. Drew J says:

    That is one remarkable change to not notice. Hmmm I don’t know what to feel. I obviously like the band setup, it has been part of Casey all his life. Not exactly what defines him, he can obviously be marketed as a standalone artist… but still.

  2. Cynthia from Canada says:

    As the Sugarland Concert opener, it would give more publicity to Casey James and his fans if radio stations had concert tickets to give away to contest winners, highlighting information about the time and location where he will be performing.

  3. bluemiss says:

    I don’t think they have changed anything, just broadened the net, so to speak. As many people do, his website can be accessed from or On the site, the banner says Casey James Band and on the BNA site, on the drop down artists’ list, it is Casey James Band. Seeing as how the band hasn’t been totally announced yet, and they needed photos, the photo says Casey James. I don’t think this is anything significant, more like cross-promotions. Whatever comes, it’s gonna be good, and I can’t wait!!

  4. Cynthia from Canada says:

    I think Casey James or The Casey James Band is interchangeable… ie: Daughtry or ? The Daughtry Band.

  5. bluemiss says:

    Oops, sorry. I meant – if you key in either one you get to the same place. My opinion only but I think as the band develops and announcements are out, we will see more CJB. I did hear that the website is getting a lot of attention and we will be seeing good things from it soon.

  6. Keeys531 says:

    To me Casey is the focus totally, unless, his brother joins the band, then I think the dynamics change! But only if his brother joins.

  7. Jake says:

    Hmm does sound strange, but since it’s still in the makings they possibly won’t be with him during the opening shows.
    I mentioned elsewhere about seeing the unknown “trio” Sugarland open for Reba in September of 2004. They opened for her in an acoustic set list of only unknown songs. No other band instrumental, just the three of them two acoustic guitars & Jennifer’s big ole country pipes. Their debut album was to be released that next month. Their first single had technically released to radio in July but didn’t hit the top 5 until the following April. 10 months to reach it’s peak #2 position. Wow thats along time. It’s strange for a label to stay with a single that long but I guess is they believe in it enough. I was at the store the day their album released that October. I’m sure that there will be people like me, there to see the headliner (Sugarland) & hear what a post Idol Casey James can do then be at the store the day his music hits shelves…..or the net.

    Anyway, my point is that just because he will be opening some shows doesn’t necessarily mean all the specifics will/should be ironed out at that time. The more time the better. I hope the girls don’t start getting mad if the label isn’t giving every little detail, that’s what we have Shari for… 🙂

  8. Carman says:

    The one thing that stands out is the fact that Richard Millsap has been named as part of Casey James Band. I wonder if we are reading too much into the Sony website changes? It was just redesigned, so it’s very understandable that there would be some bugs. One other thing to keep in mind, is that Casey has on more than one occasion talked about how he feeds off the other people in the band when he’s on stage. I feel like his preference is to have a band, and that in the end that will be what happens.

  9. Meme4CJB says:

    I agree with Jake & Carman !! they wouldn’t even bother making auditions to choose band’s members !! if Casey is marketed as a solo !! ( hence , some of Carrie’s tour band members are on Danny’s too! Sony Nashville has tons of hired musicians !! )
    & they wouldn’t bother making websites under Casey James Band !!
    This is just fans guessing & over-analysing !! JMHO Of Course!

    Cheers! 😀

  10. Karen Smith from Hillsboro says:

    You know the old saying about opinions…just like (fill in the blank)…everybody has one and they’re all different. From what we’ve learned about Casey James, it’s my opinion that it was in his character to add “band” to his title because there was no way he was going to enjoy the limelight without including his brother and possibly Jacy. They were with him making $200 a night and he was going to make sure they reaped the rewards with him. Then he got to Nashville….and well-meaning, best laid plans may have come and gone. All of a sudden, his thoughts may be stifled by others with the power. When he gets established like we all know will happen, he’ll take care of his own. JMHO

    • Jake says:

      Sure he will…. He will bring them along in some fashion. It may be awhile, but I believe it will happen too. Right now his involvement is probably limited.

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  12. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    The important thing is that Casey James is active and are recognizing as a solo artist.
    It may be that the future will be called Casey James Band! If we have news of drummer Richard be part of the band, it would be more complete yet with Billy c. James band!
    What makes me wonder about the band is that seems to have more “Casey James Band …(and Add-ons …) “, it’s just listing in Google and you’ll see the confusion … is that as a matter of names??? Who knows!
    Good luck for Casey James, I hope that the opening of the show of Sugarland is a great success!

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