Sugarland Fans — Introducing Casey James

Often, when you’re a fan of the headliner, you may not give much thought to the opening act.  You might mill about outside the venue, plan on coming late, or engage in conversation during those early sets.  That would be a terrible mistake if you are going to any of the Sugarland concerts this coming March.  Because those of you lucky enough to have tickets to these concerts will be able to say you were there for the debut of Casey James.

If you’re not familiar with Casey James, here’s a quick refresher course.  James was signed last year by Sony Nashville to its BNA label and is due to have his first single out this spring with his debut album due later this year.  Casey James, is a singer-songwriter-musician who hails from Cool, Texas and who has been playing a mixture of blues, rock and country in a number of bands in and around Fort Worth, for over a decade.  He counts among his biggest influences artists ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Merle Haggard.

James came to national attention when he was on Season 9 of American Idol and wowed the live and TV audiences, the guest mentors, and the judges with his wicked guitar skills and sometimes honey-soaked, sometimes smoky vocals.   He impressed with a number of ballads, then knocked it out of the park with his take on some rock classics.   His performances of Bryan Adams’ Heaven, Shania Twain’s Don’t and Keith Urban’s You’ll Think of Me, showed tenderness, emotion, and passion.  Then, he wailed and jammed on I Don’t Want to Be, It’s All Over Now and Hold On I’m Coming, bringing down the house.

James was responsible for the two most memorable moments on American Idol last season.  His haunting version of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy was widely hailed as the most moving and electrifying performances of the season.  And, during the finale, he stole the show with a duet with Bret Michaels on the latter’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn that had everyone talking the next day.  The videos fans took of his triumphant hometown concerts last May, when James made it to the Top Three on American Idol, showed further just how talented and versatile a performer he is.

Last summer, as part of the American Idol Live Tour, James was universally praised by concert goers and reviewers alike for his exhilarating set.  He ripped it up on the Black Keys’ I Got Mine and three other songs which he had performed on American Idol, bringing the fans to their feet each night.  The full set from one of the tour stops, Chicago, is available to view in two parts here and here.

Since then, James has been working on his debut album, collaborating with a number of Nashville hit makers, including Aimee Mayo, Randy Owen, Dallas Davidson, Jaren Johnston, Patrick Davis, and recent Grammy-winner Tom Douglas, as well as some secret partnerships.  He also has been putting together his new touring band which will be debuting some of these new songs as part of his opening set for the Sugarland tour.

If you are going to any of the Sugarland concerts this March, make sure to get there early and enjoy the opening set of the Casey James.   Not too far in the future, you can boast that you saw him first.

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24 Responses to Sugarland Fans — Introducing Casey James

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  2. cathyanne says:

    Great post. I love a lot of different mus8c but have found country fans are an extremely loyal and supportive bunch–mix that in with many are American Idol fans, so I think many going to the shows will be there for both 😉

    Can’t wait !

  3. Debi Adams says:

    Shari, as usual, awesome article–I love the angle you took with this one! This is something I wish everyone could read before going to the March concerts. Of course, it fills me with even greater remorse that I will not get to witness the official start of his post-Idol career! 🙂

  4. Amber C. says:

    I am SO ready for the Casey James Band! Reading this article made me a whole lot more excited (if that is possible, my excitement meter is maxed out!)to be able to go see them in Little Rock! Another thing I can hardly wait for is to finally meet some of the amazing people I have “met” through different social media outlets…Thanks Shari for a great article!

  5. This is such an awesome blog post, Shari…so well said, and well written…it actually moved me and brought a little tear to my eye…maybe I’m just too much of a softy, but I don’t care!! Do you think the Sugarland fans would find it presumptuous of me to post this on the Sugarland message board along with a link to your blog…would it be ok with you if I did this…was just wondering?

  6. Artist_at_Heart says:

    and of course, conversely, all Casey James Band admirers (esp those of us lucky enough to be attending one or more concerts) I hope have already purchased Sugarland’s “The Incredible Machine” CD (trust me, it lives up to its name!) Wild ride ahead, y’all!!!

    • Absolutely have!! I’ve been a huge fan of Sugarland since they first came on the scene and have ALL of their albums…love them!! I’m also a huge fan of Little Big Town and have every single one of their albums too (they have a wonderful & touching background story)…so let’s just say that I’m going to be in 7th heaven at this concert, lol…Sugarland, Little Big Town, & Casey James –> doesn’t get much better than that!!!!

  7. MNCyn says:

    Perfect! Let’s get the word out! Good job, as usual, Shari!!

  8. janice teal says:

    great article shari.this is such great news wish i lived where the tour was coming!! i am sure they will be talking about the casey james band for years to come!!! i know i will !!

  9. kathy terry says:

    I’m going to the Sugarland concert just to hear Casey James Band music / songs – Sugarland is just a bonus…. Making the trip from Dallas to Little Rock… hoping for a LONG INTRO set… Casey is off the charts amazing…

    • I agree…although I’m a huge fan of both Sugarland & Little Big Town, I would never go out of my way and travel to another state just to see them in concert…the only musical act/group I’d do that for is the Casey James Band, and CJB is the only reason I’m traveling out-of-state, to Arkansas, to see a concert…CJB is my #1, and always will be…and, yes, Casey James is truly off the charts amazing…there is no other musician/artist out there like him…he’s incredible!!

  10. Jeanette says:

    Great job, Shari. You always get it right. Kudos!

  11. Girl4Reba says:

    Brilliant, great idea! We country fans are extremely loyal and very supportive. Brad Paisley said it best during his acceptance speech. We are a fan of “everyone in the room” we’re also very open to listening to other music styles. Concerts, live music in general, is indeed “my drug of choice” Okay — and, twitter too 😉 along with a gazillion other people it seems.
    Honestly, I’ve never ever stayed out in the parking lot to tailgate before a show & missed the opener. As a country fan, I want to hear it all.
    There is not a doubt in my mind, Casey will be very well received on these tour(s). I absolutely loved how the others around me stood up and took notice on the Idol tour. He came blazing out on that stage and it was a total whoa Nelly moment for a whole lot of people. If my so called country eyes and ears can adore this guy, those mass amounts of other country fans will too. I believe!
    Thanks, Shari

  12. Karen says:

    Shari – great idea to introduce Casey to the Sugarland fans! I’m sure he will be winning over many of them when they hear him perform. 🙂

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  14. cc says:

    Appreciate the “refresher course” and the reminder to be ON TIME to this one: so as not to miss a second of the talented Casey James !!!
    Thanks, Shari

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  16. G says:

    Just saw him in Tulsa at the Bok. You are right. He’ll be needing his own opener soon. Very talented musician. He has two new fans. Looking forward to his music.

  17. Dona C. says:

    Ill be at the Greek in July to see Casey open for Sugarland! Wouldn’t miss one second of his performance! Cannot wait! 🙂

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