Casey James — Media Mentions: Sugarland Tour

The Sugarland Tour website published a nice article announcing Casey James as the opener for the march leg of the band’s Incredible Machine Tour.  Referring to Casey as a fan favorite, they wrote that this opening gig would “help him get his legs wet for arena shows.”  In summarizing Casey, they said: 

He finished in third place on “American Idol” where he was well loved for his good looks, easy going nature and blues guitar chops.


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3 Responses to Casey James — Media Mentions: Sugarland Tour

  1. Artist_at_Heart says:

    pffft! Sugarland owes me a new keyboard! I laughed so hard I spit out my drink.

    Does the article really say “this opening gig would help him “get his legs wet” for arena shows”?? Um, isn’t the ususal phrase “get your feet wet”?

    Maybe legs are just more noticeable on this lanky bluesman than his feet, IDK? LMAO!.

    • Deana Ferrusi says:

      Ha! I agree!! And why do they have to list ‘good looks’ first? I mean, I’m sure we’re all grateful Casey has the chance to play in front of some big crowds and all, but I kinda feel like it would be better if they had thought a little before they wrote the article. If the only reason someone is a fan of Casey is because he’s adorable, they’re missing out!

    • Yep, that’s a direct quote from the article! Glad you didn’t short circuit your computer!!

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