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Occasionally, pictures of Casey are shared on Facebook or Twitter.  Those that pre-date his appearance on American Idol have their own post and can be found here.  Others that relate to a particular event will be found on that event post (concerts, appearances, interviews).  Finally, there may be the random pictures that do not relate to any post AI performance or professional appearance.  Those will find a new home here.

First up are photos of Casey playing at the graduation party for Heather Talboy in December 2009.  This was between the time that Casey had gone to the audition in Denver and received the golden ticket to Hollywood and actually moving to Hollywood to compete for one of the 24 semifinalist spots.  Additional photos can be found here.  The tip jar in the third picture certainly puts the last year into perspective.

These are a series of photos shared by Russell Torbett, a blogger from Knoxville, Tennessee on the Casey James Band Facebook Page.  Torbette and his fiancee met Casey in December in Knoxville and these pictures were taken at 90 roof and Southbound in Knoxville’s Old City.  The captions come from Torbett’s FB posts.

"My Fiancee and me with Casey in Knoxville"

"Casey giving me the Headcrusher"

"CJ getting a Flair chop in return"



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4 Responses to Casey James Photos

  1. Cynthia from Canada says:

    This is so adorable!

  2. Karen says:

    Love these pictures! Thanks Shari 🙂

  3. AppleluvsCasey says:

    thanks shari! 🙂 super like these pictures..

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