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Songwriter Aimee Mayo followed up yesterday’s tweet about writing with Casey with a tweet a few minutes ago that they were up writing till 4 am. Excellent news! Can’t wait to hear the results of their hard work.

As the first single, and later first album, by the Casey James Band draws closer to being released, a number of music based websites are adding Casey James or CJB to their list of artists. has a listing for Casey James, which you can find here.   Their brief biography of Casey highlights his guitar prowess and “bluesy vocals.”  While a few of the details are off, Casey was born on May 31, 1982, not January1, 1983, in Plano, not Cool, Texas, for example, it is a very good first introduction to Casey. I also like their choice of adjectives to describe Casey — confident, gritty (take that Simon), amiable/good-natured, fun, and fiery. 

Although originally known as the guy who, upon Kara Dioguardi’s request, stripped off his shirt during his American Idol audition, Casey James quickly became one of the show’s leading contestants, celebrated for both his guitar skills and bluesy vocals. Born in Cool, TX, James spent his adolescence and early adulthood in nearby Fort Worth, where he became a regular at local venues like the Keys Lounge. In 2008, he launched the Casey James Band with his brother, Billy, and family friend Jacy McCann, but the band took a hiatus one year later, when James auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol.

James sailed through the show’s preliminary round and gained admittance into the Top 24, which began competing in early 2010. Accompanying himself on the guitar during all but one performance, he received high marks for renditions of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven,” Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love,” and John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.” James eventually finished third, trailing behind fellow guitar-toting singers Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze.

Casey also has a page at Last.FM, which you can find here.   They add to their brief bio of Casey the praise he received from Brian Mansfield of USA Today, who said that James was “arguably…the best guitar player the show has seen.” This site can be updated by fans as well as liked on FB. also has a page started for Casey James, which has the same bio as the site.  They will probably change the listing to Casey James Band, but here is the link to the page now. 

There is a page for Casey James on the Pulse Music Board, a discussion forum for music charts.  You can find and join the discussion here.

Country Weekly has a discussion page set up for Casey here which only has a few comments so far.  Sign up and start discussing the upcoming album!

Yahoo! Music has a page set up for Casey here which you can like and retweet.

USA Today has their own page for Casey here

UPDATE:  Speaking of USA Today, their American Idol correspondent Brian Mansfield tweeted on January 13:  @usatodayidol One of my fellow judges tonight is working with Casey James, & she speaks VERY highly of him & the music he’s cutting.. 

Today, after an interested fan asked about the comment made by the Sony A & R person (was it sincere or usual salesmanship), Mansfield responded:  @BootStar No, she was definitely being sincere. She’s not directly associated with Casey’s project, so she was commenting on stuff she’d heard other people play for her. We talked about several artists over the course of the evening, and the tone of the conversation changed considerably when she started talking about what she had heard from Casey.

Today’s Country Music Videos mentioned Casey among other country artists whose auditions on American Idol they wanted to revisit.


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4 Responses to Casey James News — Casey on the Web

  1. Gina (Bamagurl721) says:

    Shari, thanks for all the work you do to keep us informed about Casey. I miss seeing and hearing him so much!

  2. Alexis Dunn says:

    Shari thanks for all you are doing. Please continue to get people to vote and keep Casey’s name front and forward. I know he is too busy to help us his self and hes not that type of person to voice his own ability. We need to do it for him.

  3. Alexis Dunn says:

    Thanks for all you do. we have to keep caseys name out there. He is to humble to promote himself.

  4. prettyinpink18 says:

    i love casey! 🙂 does he heve a girlfriend by the way?… or is he currently dating sum1?..

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