Battle Plan for the Casey James Band

2011 is the year that Casey James’ decade-long dream becomes a reality.  He will become a recording artist, releasing his debut album under the name the Casey James Band for the BNA label, part of the Sony Music Group.  His label and his management will do their part to promote him and the album.  But in the current economic environment for music, with sales down and even established acts having trouble selling like they used to, it is incumbent upon fans to go the extra mile to support their favorite acts if they want to help guarantee success. 

That is what many of us have been trying to do for Casey James since he was on American Idol.  There is already a small army of devoted Casey James fans who update their Facebook pages with news about Casey, post on forums, comment on articles, maintain blogs, respond to Twitter inquiries, and otherwise help keep the buzz going for Casey in anticipation of his upcoming release.  Links to those other sites for Casey James information can be found on the banner above, or click here.

In this post, and in the comments below, let’s start discussing what we can do to help Casey and ensure that his album is a commercial success.  The basic concept is to show and share your support with other potential fans. 

You can show your support in many ways, some that take very little time and some that may take a greater investment.  The easiest way is to put your money where your heart is — legally downloading Casey’s music that is available to purchase and preordering when it becomes available.  In the music industry, money talks and the primary way to keep a record company happy is to make them money.  Sales are a clear, unequivocal way of showing whether this is an artist the company should continue to back.  So make sure you’ve already bought all of Casey’s songs from iTunes and when the album is out, buy it (no sharing or illegally downloading or borrowing).

Aside from shelling out the money for the music, there is plenty you can do that doesn’t cost a thing.  Show your enthusiasm for the album by responding to Tweets, blog posts, forum discussions or articles you see talking about the upcoming albums or tours for 2011.  You can do a simple Google search for such articles/discussions and post your comment that you are looking forward to the CJB album and tour — and why.  You can start educating other potential fans about the CJB and what kind of album it will be. 

There are a number of websites and in print magazines that focus on country music.  Bookmark them, read them, and find opportunities to share in the comments’ section about the CJB.  Spread the word.  So if the article is on country guitarists, or Texas musicians, or upcoming albums, or upcoming music festivals, mention Casey.  You don’t have to wait for them to mention Casey, you can bring him up if it’s related to the story.  Of course, when you see an article in one of those outlets that actually discusses Casey James, respond and then share it via Twitter, FB and here so his other fans can go and add their comments as well.

Get to know the country radio stations around where you live.  Go to their website and see if they have ways for you to request songs.  When Casey has his first single out, call and post your requests.  If they have any articles about upcoming concerts or albums and ask for feedback, offer your suggestion that they play CJB and have them in studio or in concert.  Don’t be a pest, but if they ask for your request — go for it!

Whenever there is a contest or a vote and it makes sense to vote for Casey (whose album are you looking forward to or what concert would you like to see), do it.  Then share the contest with his other fans so they can weigh in. 

One of Casey’s fans, Girl4Reba, wrote a comment yesterday on this blog, identifying a number of sites that we should be following for mentions of CJB and for opportunities where we can spread the word about the band.  She mentioned The Boot, on AOL, CMT, and Today’s Country Music Videos.  I’m sure there are others we can add to this list, such as Country Weekly , Great American Country, Country Music News, the CMA, Roughstock, and Best Country Today.

This is, as they say, my first time at the rodeo.  I have never joined a fan club, let alone started a blog supporting a musician, and I have no idea what fan street teams have done in the past that has been successful. 

So here is where you come in.  If you have any suggestions of other things we can do to help promote the Casey James Band, please post your ideas below in the comments section.  Another idea I had — and let me know what you think — is to have an email list of the most devoted fans, those who want to know news as it breaks and who will mobilize immediately whenever needed.  I’d be interested in some feedback on that idea as well.

Thanks for your help!


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44 Responses to Battle Plan for the Casey James Band

  1. @thlostsheep says:

    Having a website where people can report all the Casey news, like for example what magazines mention him, and telling about his band and what they are up to. And listing all the things you can do to support him like you did. Its good to have a solid place to come to as a group. If there’s anything I can do to help this effort please let me know! I have wanted to street team for Casey since he was on Idol!

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      I also agree we need a website that is linked to Casey James Band fans sometimes don’t have the info needed. Things that you posted are excellent. There is info available but it is scattered here and there, we need one site with all the info we can find. I am also available to help if needed. I also live in central Texas.
      Thanks Lexi

    • I was hoping this site could be that place. What I could do is have a new post open every day, so people can add comments as they learn of new info. Then every day, fans can log in and check that day’s post for the latest. Would that work?

  2. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Shari, your story is perfect and complete!
    Following her example certainly Casey James surpass our expectations!
    To help promote more Casey James Band, think mass marketing disclosure around the launch of the CD would help a lot in his career.
    Thanks for the brilliant article!

  3. ATXfan says:

    I’m IN! Checked off several things I was just instinctively doing but got some other good ways to represent for the Casey James Band. Thanks, Shari.

    Another good blog is, it’s an independent site – meaning their content is not driven or dictated by other types of media – and their focus is Mainstream, Red Dirt, Texas Country, Americana, Bluegrass. Prime Casey James Band virtual territory. Let’s make it happen!

  4. bluemiss says:

    Shari, where can we post our preferred notification email addresses? I have been a Casey fan from the beginning and would love to have news alerts. Thanks for all you do.

    • I know you can subscribe to my blog and I post all news here. There is also a place to sign up for email alerts from Sony, at his official website: There are also two Twitter fansites — @CaseyJames_FANS and @cjbfansite — that tweet news about Casey. I’m still seeing how much interest there is in an email alert system and how we should go about it.

  5. Karen Smith says:

    Shari, you and Glenda do so much of the work for us now that I would be almost ashamed to ask any more of either of you. The truly loyal fans, in my opinion, check both your sites religiously. You can tell by the comments posted and who we’ve grown to know through the sites. I think after that first single drops, fans will be coming out from the woodwork. I’ve noticed Casey is losing some followers on Twitter and that seems to be the source where you all post information. I’m on a mission to get that number back up and do whatever I can with the radio stations in my area. My email is available and I’m ready to mobilize!!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Thank you, Shari. You and Glenda are my main sources. I want to know everything that happens. I think I signed up for his official web site. I probably won’t know for sure until they start sending alerts. I know you have my e-mail because you replied to me. Which, I might say, thrilled me when I saw your name in my in-box. I’m not very good at the tech stuff but I will be buying his music. I’ve never downloaded iTunes but I will now.

  7. Robyn says:

    Shari, email notification is a great idea. It should work great if you open a post everyday and we all check the email notification box here in your comment section. Then we all just need to add whatever we find re: CJB here so that others can check it out.
    Another thing I am planning is to purchase several copies of the CD and give them as gifts. You never know who he can entice into being new fans!

  8. @thlostsheep says:

    I will do whatever needs done, I just want as many people as possible to know about Casey’s music. I would be willing to manage an email list for everyone to send stuff out if any one would like?

  9. Robyn,
    Love the gift idea! It only takes one listen to make a new fan.

  10. ThLostSheep,

    I love that idea. Maybe tweet that and see if others are onboard with the idea.

  11. Polina___ says:

    Love all the ideas, will do my best to do as much as possible and will brainstorm anything else I could think of.
    I truly wish and hope for Casey to do great and to be happy with & in his music-making 🙂 I wish it will bring him lots of joy, cause I know he will bring lots of joy to many people… Cannot wait for his first release, it will be a very special day 🙂
    Also I’m absolute novice at any kind of “fanship” myself 🙂 and pretty impressed by Shari and quite a few other girls on how wonderful and carrying fans you guys are 🙂

  12. Judy C. says:

    I’m all for whatever can help Casey succeed because he is just the best there is and it’s up to us to do what we can. I was going to stock up on his CD to use as gifts also and I’ve signed up at his sony website for updates and will help out here as much as I can.
    I’ll be following you faithfully…we all have to Keep the Faith.

  13. windy1 says:

    I am smack in the middle of a region in CA that consists of rural, metropolitan, foothill and mountain regions, each populated with high profile country stations. My plan is to contact whoever is in charge of radio play and get the ball rolling for CJB-play. Also, I have friends/family in WA, D.C., Vegas, LA , and in rural/mountain regions of CA, (many with birthdays coming up this spring – hopefully, I’ll have something from CJB to give as gifts?) and I have/will continue to spread the word re CJB. The venue possibilities for future CJB performances or just stop-bys to chat up their singles/albums are endless. Casey/CJB is ever at the back of my mind so, as the opportunity presents itself, I will seize it and do what I can to promote the band.

  14. Naomi says:

    I’ve Googled, “Casey James Concerts” or “Nashville Concerts” and got two sites that are pre-selling Casey James Concert tickets before dates are finalized. Could this be Legit?

  15. Ellis says:

    Count me in to do what I can to support Casey. 🙂

  16. Carman (CoolCJfan) says:

    All this sounds great! Using this blog as a one stop shop for all things CJB makes sense. We need to continue doing what we are doing then amp it up as it gets closer to CD release time. My plan is the same as many of yours, contact radio stations in the area to make requests & take every opportunity to create buzz for CJB. You are doing good work Shari!! 🙂

  17. Girl4Reba - Jeanne says:

    Just a few suggestions, for what that’s worth. Cause this isn’t my first rodeo 😀

    I’ve learned so much by being involved in a couple great fan boards since April of 07

    Casey’s Yahoo home page:

    Casey’s AOL home page:

    From those sites, hit their links to read articles they have posted. Hits matter in the land of the world wide web.

    Shari & Glenda have written great articles in their blogs about Casey, if your blogs aren’t linking to those sites, I would try to make that happen, for sure. Your sites have far better information than most, because you are, Casey fans. 🙂

    Keep your eye on huge Idol blogs, such as MJ’s.
    She too has been a huge supporter of Casey, as well as, all the other Idols.

    Shari added links to lots of great country sites, as well as, all the Casey fan sites who have supported him since his Idol Journey here, very cool. If you’re on twitter, follow them there too.

    If Casey’s team, supports a paid fan club, if you can afford it, consider joining. Those fan clubs, are run by the label and normally offer pre-sale(s) for the albums, tickets, meet and greets, etc.

    Be an active supporter & comment on his official sites, dot com, facebook, twitter, iLike, his you tube page, & Myspace, etc.

    I know many people don’t think Myspace is relevant, but it is, that is where his music can be heard, purchased, & shared. Use the share link while you’re listening to a song and tweet it. Normally they are just clips of the songs. Again, hits to those sites matter, so for every link you share and it gets a hit, somebody is watching somewhere.

    Share links on your twitter, facebook & Myspace pages — of his You tube videos — appearances on shows such as, The Wendy Williams show — the live Nation shows from this summer, the Idol finale performance & studio versions, etc.

    Pre-order his album. If you can’t — buy it in store the day it drops, or during the first week sales. New music drops on Tuesdays.
    If you plan to buy multiple copies of his music, buy that second CD at his live show. Merchandise sold at his shows — is where he will make his money.
    It’s almost pathetic at how little these artists make from record sales.

    Consider helping International fans get a copy of his record. If my good friend from Japan can’t purchase his record there. I’ve chosen to gift her my second copy. I’ve only on rare occasions bought multiple copies of anyone’s music.

    Attend a show, this is — so important. I’m not one to travel the country to see a artist, nope — not even for Reba. Nor would I ever go to every single show he has, but many do. But, when he comes near me, and I can go, I will.

    Requesting his single. Request at your local radio stations, once or twice a week, no more, no less.
    I would like to hear, Casey James, (insert single name) and a thank you.
    Again, request locally. <– that is important. They know where your calling from, or linking to via the Internet.

    Shari is right, don't pester them, or they will think his fan base is nuts. They don't care to hear how much we love his music, or how badly we think he was treated on Idol.

    The label should start him on a mini radio tour, this is something new (to me) and exciting.

    Keep working together to support his career and keep focused on his music. ♫

    That is what matters to him, having his voice heard, finally!
    Everyone works very hard to support him. It's really been refreshing getting to know so many Casey James fans.

  18. nettque says:

    Count me in! I am a big fan of this humble man. I am going to call every radio station to make sure he gets air time. The more the better right? I will do my part on the retail front. I will make sure that my store will carry his CD. Sometimes it helps to be in charge of inventory! If Walgreens is requesting a CD our district distributer usually informs our competitors. Hopefully this will get Casey in more stores. The BEST thing to do is just go into any store before the release date and make sure the store is going to carry it. The more people that ask the better. Ask daily. Ask the cashiers. The cashiers will then start talking about it to other customers.

  19. Karen says:

    Shari, this is such a great idea to get something like this for Casey going! If an e-mail alert service is started, I would love to be included. I have been posting as much as possible if there is an article about Casey and I plan to check into the Chicago country
    stations about requesting his music. There have been alot of great ideas posted here that
    I will look into and if I think of anything else I will let you know. I just can’t wait until his
    music is out and then we can really go crazy! 🙂

  20. Chris says:

    The e-mail list is a great idea!! I will do whatever I can to help Casey and the band. I tried to join on the official sony site but it would’nt let me any ideas about what I can do to make it work?? Come here and Caseymania everyday, thanks for everything both you ladies do to bring us all that is CASEY!!! So excited for the wonderful music to begin!!!

  21. pamrichva says:

    I think there should be an official fan club and street team set up on his website as soon as there is something to promote. I’ve been looking at Danny Gokey fan sites since he’s fairly close to Casey’s story and there is an which is pretty impressive. We really need someone who has a direct contact with someone on Casey’s official team to keep an inside scoop, which could very well be Shari if it could be worked out. I almost think it’s better to wait to promote him more until something is out. Newbies might get frustrated like we are at the lack of news. Assembling ideas about what to do when it is time is a good idea. We have to be careful not to bombard any resource as I don’t think that will be helpful.

    I am hoping Casey will follow up with at least a shout out on Twitter more often. I don’t think his silence there is doing him any favors. His mom is great and she’s likely what keeps a lot of fans going. I understand that he is busy and that his family is going through a crisis….but…I think his current fan base needs some interaction. It’s part of what endeared many to him to start with. That could probably work better than anything else to keep interest in him going.

    As soon as there is a single and some appearance dates, then we’ll be able to take off…..which we’re all hoping is not far down the road. It’s good that press (like Roughstock) is trickling out a little at a time. I think before anything else major happens there’s going to need to be some announcement of the rest of The Casey James Band. To me it is so odd not to have that established before being signed as a band vs. solo artist. I would think that his band would need to be recording with him now, potentially be writing with him, etc. Weird.

  22. pamrichva says:

    BTW- I think adding comments to posts and blogs to show interest is a great idea.

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  24. kathyt1 says:

    I totally agree with this blog and all the comments. We need to get many more followers – and get those who have fallen away… back. If anyone is reading this and knows Casey – I suggest that he start tweeting and or commenting on his own facebook site. There is no replacement for his involvement to create excitement.

    As for me – will continue to “stay engaged” on all the sites. What I also do personally is to play Casey’s music whenever I can in public venues so others can hear it – when I present (because I’m WW and travel to many locations) – at the breaks etc….

    Also I send comments to press, TV, radio stations, OWN network, Christian TV/Radio… asking them to interview Casey, play his music etc….

    I also think it’s important for Casey to have at least one Christian song – I think he would do very well on the Christian radio stations (and it would suite his personal beliefs)… Carey Underwood, Jason Castro and others have done well there… And, certainly, he will do well on the country lane.

    So – I’m hoping Casey will re-engage with the fans… These social media networks are incredibly important… Taylor Swift is a great example – with all her “online” fans….

  25. janice teal says:

    i am a member of caseys crew and cjcc twitter me @CaseysCrew488. i am up for all ideas an i have one or two ideas. how about organizing casey james band fan club day! we could hold them in new york where i am from and in texas and any other states,so everyone can participate. i love the email idea and we could all send letters to all the radio station and also contact fox news!! i think everyone watches fox news and fox and friends in the mornings!!

  26. janice teal says:

    love all the ideas and i have two for you. how about a casey james band fan day with celebrations in up state new york where i am from and also texas and all of the states so everyone can attend!!! also sending letters to radio stations and fox news! a lot of people watch fox news and fox and friends in the morning!! i am a member of CASEY’S CREW AND CJCC TWITTER NAME IS @CaseysCrew488. I love the email idea !!as we have all suppoted Casey from the start and still do!

  27. Dona C. says:

    Love all the ideas and I’m all in!!! Whatever I can do to help Casey ..and spread the word.. Love him and I’m a loyal fan..I haven’t been this crazy over a new artist in years!!
    Can’t wait for his new release or any concert tour..Thanks for keeping us all posted Shari!

  28. Karen Smith says:

    This is really getting interesting. I loved all the information from Girl4Reba. I have wondered so long if it is better to buy an album from the store, or buy it from ITunes, or from a live concert. I want Casey to have every dime coming to him (whether he thinks he needs it or not). I bought Debra’s album and all of Casey’s studio versions from ITunes but I was curious how they benefited. Just sharing all this information is amazing. I can’t wait to become an official dues-paying member of an official fan club. Thanks again.

  29. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl ) says:

    I love this Shari!!! I will do what I can to help Casey James…The Casey James Band!!!! I am a fan for life!!!!! I will support ALWAYS and spread the word!!! Anything I can do I’ll do it!! He is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!!! I have so enjoyed getting to know Casey’s fans on twitter!!!! He is the reason I joined twitter!! I will ALWAYS show my support for Casey!!! Jeanne… have some great information for us!!!! Several things you had stated…I was unaware of! Thank you for the information!!! Thank You to ALL The Casey James Band fans for spreading information!!! Shari you do a wonderful job….ALWAYS!!!! I am a fan of Casey’s for life 

  30. MNCyn says:

    We can promote whatever Casey does, but the truth of the matter is it’s on his shoulders to find and record that one right song! Every autobiography or interview that I’ve ever read talks about that diamond song … the one that jet starts a career. The pressure is on him to find it! Think about your favorite group or singer and you’ll think about the big song that got their career started! I mean, we’re going to love whatever he does, but he needs to impress more than just us. I have my fingers crossed!!

  31. bluemiss says:

    Shari, I will be happy to purchase extra CD’s when released and get them out to international fans at cost. I will be glad to coordinate this with you. . . I think it would help the international fanbase and many have been so supportive so they deserve to get the CD as soon as possible.

  32. MNCyn says:

    pamrichva says:
    “I’ve been looking at Danny Gokey fan sites since he’s fairly close to Casey’s story and there is an which is pretty impressive.”
    Did anyone else go there? It IS impressive and seems to be very user friendly. If you go to the ‘about’ tab, you’ll find the creator ~ Twitter name amyjbennett. It also tracks to a FB page where it says, “We are not Danny. Just huge fans.” Shari, how difficult would it be to establish something like this? It seems to me fans have wanted something like this for a long time, don’t you agree?

    • MNCyn says:

      This is pretty cool too. She links directly to a very long list of radio stations!

    • MNCyn says:

      I don’t mean to say that a website like that would replace either this blog or Glenda’s, which are are both interactive with fans, personal and great! is purely informational. And after reading a little about the creator, I’m surprised that she hasn’t discovered the music of Casey James yet! There are so many who haven’t gotten past the limited view of him on Idol. There’s so much more!

      • pamrichva says:

        I think she has some good ideas. I’ve used to find regonal country radio stations for making requests for another artist. That may be a good tool once radio is involved.

        I requested last night that GAC start a Casey James Band message board. They don’t have one yet. CMT boards are hard to find now. I’m sure Casey’s marketing team will get him set up with artist pages on both once he has something to release or tour dates. CMT has a media tools page so that if Casey’s videos are up for voting anyone can add a banner to their blogs or social networking pages. Danny Gokey’s “I Will Not Say Goodbye” did very well on the cmtpure 12Pack countdown. cmtpure is the all video channel and they play a lot more new artists and crossover than mainstream video or radio does. This seems like a good place for Casey to start getting attention. Seems like it takes a while for radio to catch up to video popularity, if ever. I’ve noticed that former American Idol and Nashville Star artists usually do well in any fan voting opportunities, including awards shows. That will probably be the biggest campaign for fans….to make sure we link and get word out about voting.

        What I’ve also done in the past is to think of a similar artist and post to their boards, e.g., “If you like Jonny Lang, you should check out Casey James’ new album….” and describe what makes them similar “Casey is also an excellent blues guitarist.” Important to keep it simple and for only one person to do that + it helps if you’re already a fan of the other artist, particularly if you have some relationships built with other on-line fans like many do around Caseymania. I’ve always found that my music friends tend to like the same artsts or that there ends up being some link among the artists themselves. And…turnaround is fair play…I’d love to hear about any artists who are similar to Casey. It may be that I’m missing something. E.g., I highly recommend a James Otto CD I bought recently after seeing him play in Nashville with Lee Roy Parnell. He’s country but has an R&B vibe he calls country soul. You guys should listen to some clips and see what you think. I didn’t have to plug Lee Roy, Casey did that for me.

        Casey has a bio on that will likely be updated when he has something out. I like this page for seeing who the writers are for an artist. This isn’t a feedback page, but thought I’d pass along the coverage. He’s under pop/rock. There is actually another Casey James from a while back. I imagine they may change or add Casey James Band at some point and update to country genre.

        Once concerts are in the picture, there is where you join to demand an artist be booked in your area, then they follow up with notifying you of shows. Booking agents may use this for interest. Casey is already on there as solo, so you could request him, but I think the band should have a page once he’s set up to tour. We might also think of appropriate local venues for Casey and email them to suggest booking Casey. He will likely be an opening act for superstar artists to start and play very short sets – which always disappoints me and prevents me from traveling long distances and paying big ticket prices…..but…they may also book him for some solo dates at smaller venues. Here in Richmond, The National is a fairly large venue that books some national country artists. There are a lot of outdoor summer concert series who book the smaller national acts. I think it’s important that only folks who think they’d make a show request an artist. Once a show is booked…then I’d go to all of the on-line local entertainment sites and make sure it’s listed or contact the entertainment writers to make sure they know about the show and may cover it as a pick.

        I’ve actually done a lot of this and with some success….so when it’s Casey’s turn, there should be a lot of opportunity…some of which should be covered sufficiently by his marketing team. We’ll see once it’s time. Like I said before, we may need a plan so that no stations, venues or on-line outlets get bombarded. I think that would have a negative impact.

        I like all of Girl4Reba’s ideas that Shari highlighted. She’s on the right track.

  33. Karen Smith says:

    I’m so excited, I can’t stand it. I just talked to a long-lost childhood friend in Indianapolis and told her to go to YouTube and watch Gravity at Keys Lounge. She wanted to know where on earth he came from and is totally turned on to him now. She didn’t watch Idol. Ladies, I am telling you, our work might be easier when he hits the scene. Casey will sell himself and we can just sit back and say “I told you so”!

  34. Cynthia from Canada says:

    I’m a big fan of Casey James from the top of my head to the tip of my toenails
    . My suggestions to Casey’s managers would be, “You have a top notch product of a human species, and now it’s in your ball park as to how you market him so he remains successful with viability beyond the first few years. To start off, media attention is absolutely necessary, and having him represent musicians in commercials , marketable videos for a visually thirsty audience., appealing to the younger population because most female teens haven’t grown up appreciating musicians like Casey.
    God knows, I remember how Brian Adams, Axel Rose, Burton Cummings and so many more music award recipients used to stand on the podium to accept their hardware and they always spoke adamantly about how the face of the music industry was changing and that it’s up to the people to promote music in schools.
    Now with alternative, theatrical, controversial videos taking over, the star musicians since the new millennium have had to take a back seat to the amateur but well produced technically propped artists who are quickly becoming rich with very little talent.
    Who is to blame but society itself for being brainwashed by media. And it’s worked for years! But now Casey came in the picture to give us hope that authentic music has a chance to be given birth. He is so genuine and humble but to succeed he may need to accept the limelight in the right proportions and at his discretion. He appears to me to be very intelligent however he will need trustworthy people to work with him to coach him and manage him when he gets busy so the right decisions are made on his behalf.
    I just love him. He’s groovy and may God bless him.

  35. Darla says:

    Shari, I have been out of town and away from a computer for several days but wanted to add on my support to the growing list. We want CJB to be successful and are willing to put in the work. All the ideas and suggestions are GREAT!!!! I will continue to think of things we can do…..just wanted you to know I’m in with the whole email thing!!!

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