Casey James News — New Official Press Image

Today a new official press image of Casey James was posted on the Sony Music website. 

Here’s the link to the Sony Nashville site for BNA Records, which will be updated more frequently as we draw closer to the release of the first single and first album by the Casey James Band.

Last month,, the online version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, listed their top ten stories of 2010.  Casey James was listed as one of the top “stories that mattered most in 2010.”

5. Casey James: The New Cowtown Star He untied his ponytail, shook loose his wavy blond locks, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head. On national TV.

And with that, Casey James began his plummet down the rabbit hole of American Idol. His public journey pushed him to third place in the show’s ninth season. Part of the groundwork for such a frenzy was laid back in February, when Idol aired his Denver audition. That’s when the judges — half-lurid and half-joking — compelled James to partially disrobe. But a funny thing happened on the way to cougar-baitdom. The unaffected, easygoing James soon proved that he had a musician’s chops — honed partly at Fort Worth’s Keys Lounge, where he was a regular player. He won Idol voters over with his strong blues-rock guitar playing and his voice, with its occasional Eddie Vedder-style quaver. (His shining moment of the season was his spare, vulnerable take on John Lennon’s Jealous Guy.)

Before he was eliminated in May, James — who’s originally from Cool — visited North Texas for a brief homecoming. Throngs of fans flocked to the sleepy West Creek area of Fort Worth on a rainy afternoon, giddy to catch a glimpse of James stepping out of the limo and into the tiny Keys Lounge. Once inside, he rocked out like a natural at a blues jam session. “Coming home and getting to be onstage with the guys. … It was amazing.” James told the Star-Telegram then. “It gives you that sense of ‘That’s why I’m doing all this.'”

After signing a record deal, James has moved to Nashville. But, he reassured his fans through his Twitter account, “Don’t worry, I’m still a Texan.” Considering that he recently popped into the Keys Lounge and Buttons restaurant for impromptu sets, we’re not worried at all.

Casey was also listed in Yahoo! Music’s Reality Rocks’ column of top Reality Rocks Moments of 2010: 

7. Casey James Gets “Jealous” – True “wow moments” were sadly few and far between on Season 9, what was arguably the most disappointing season in “American Idol” history. But on Lennon & McCartney Night, third-place contestant Casey’s emotional rendition of John Lennon’s dark and desperate “Jealous Guy” was unexpectedly magical. His voice, possibly due to an authentic lump in his throat, took on a gruff, Eddie Vedder-esque quality during his raw performance, and he seemed genuinely choked up. And so was I by the song’s end. For the first time in weeks, I became legitimately excited about Season 9, and I was grateful that Casey had restored my flagging faith. 

Casey was also named the #1 story for 2010 by his hometown paper, the Mineral Wells Index.  Here’s a link to the article, Top 10 from ’10.

1. Casey fever sweeps the nation, world

Cool resident and Millsap Bulldog graduate Casey James showed Americans and the world he could sing and play guitar. He became not only a big local story, but an international tale of talent and success.

Once a young teenager who played with his mom and brother at venues like the Crazy Water Festival, Mineral Wells Nursing Center and Leaning Tree Church, the homespun musician got the chance to showcase his talent as a contestant on Season 9 of Fox’s “American Idol” and shot like a meteor into the musical limelight this year.

The locally grown, Millsap High School graduate had never seen a single episode of the top-rated television show before winning a ticket to Hollywood. When the season began, people noticed the tall, thin Texan with long, blonde hair and blue eyes more for stripping his shirt off during the audition than for his soulful voice, but he made it. Area citizens pitched in cash and tickets to help “Momma” Debra James see her son perform in Hollywood.

He had the opportunity to work with musicians like Bret Michales and Harry Connick Jr., whom his mother said provided him the best advice and high points during the show. Casey James made the top 24 live performances and rose to third place, making each show and coming home in May for several performances in the Metroplex and one in Millsap.

A crowd covered the bleachers in Bulldog Stadium to welcome Casey home. Debra James called her son’s Idol homecoming trip to Cool and Millsap a “moving experience.” When the “American Idol” summer tour played in Dallas last summer, she said the crowd “went crazy” cheering for Casey.

The 28-year-old former Cool resident turned his third place finish into a record deal with Sony Music Nashville and 19 Recordings/BNA Records and moved to “Music City.” His debut CD could be released in the coming months.


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6 Responses to Casey James News — New Official Press Image

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  2. maria says:

    Those two pics on the Sony/BNA Website are PERFECT. both capture his essence. (and his gorgeousness…i mean…holy crap, he takes my breath away!)

  3. Carol says:

    The looks, the talent…I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Casey. I’m excited.

  4. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Casey James is a talented artist! Believe that their music is as good as your guitar skills!
    I look forward to your CD!
    Much success to you Casey James!

  5. citta says:

    I love Casey’s new photo. Casey looks fresh and amazingly gorgeous as ever. So excited for more new photos to come, im sure. Xcited for 2011, awaiting for him to rock the world.

  6. Deana Ferrusi says:

    I have not been this excited about music or a musician since I was 12 years old and discovered Bon Jovi over 20 years ago!! I’m still a fan of theirs, and I’m betting I’ll still be a fan of Casey’s 20 years from now. Love him! What a blessing he is to my little world!

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