Casey James — Reflections on 2010

A year ago this time, Casey James was about to embark on a journey he had little knowledge about and probably fewer expectations.  He had made the top 24 of a hugely popular reality TV show that had launched many unknown artists to stardom.  But, in interviews over the past year, he has said that he knew only that American Idol would be an opportunity for him to show what he could do and be seen by a bigger audience.  He had no way of knowing just how dramatically it would change his life.

Today he has a record contract with BNA and is in Nashville working on his record where he has had the opportunity to write with some of his heroes.  He has an official website, Facebook page, MySpace, iLike, YouTube and Twitter.  He has attended awards shows.  His every movement is tracked, his every utterance spreads like wildfire across the social media sites.  A new picture of Casey elicits a reaction on a scale of a blurry image of Bigfoot.   While his appearance in public does not yet reach Jonas Brothers’ levels of shriekdom, he can no longer go out unnoticed.

It must be a bit unsettling, especially for someone consistently described as humble — a good guy.  But the dizzying changes of this year may pale in comparison to what 2011 could hold in store.  The Casey James of 2010 — struggling yet talented Texas musician — will be the lead singer-guitarist of BNA recording artists Casey James Band in 2011.   A new record, a concert tour, TV appearances all await.  

Casey’s fans, some of whom pre-date American Idol, are waiting to unwrap the present that 2011 will provide.  The vast majority became fans during American Idol, many more were added during the concert tour that followed, and others have come onboard as they learned of him through YouTube videos and plays on internet radio stations. 

These fans, or I should say we fans, will fondly remember ’10 as the year where we each discovered Casey James.  We went on the AI discussion forums and signed on for our Casey Crew number, or we started clubs, or Facebook sites, or blogs, or posted about him on message boards.  We joined Twitter or Facebook for the sole purpose of spreading the word about Casey or meeting other fans or getting to ask him questions or read his tweets. 

Even when there is no news, even when there are no tweets, we still keep him in our thoughts and continue to share his past performances.   We rewatch old videos, reread old interviews, relisten to old songs.  But we don’t just look back.  We also look forward to the next year when he will reach an even wider audience with his music.  When all of our faith and belief will be rewarded with new songs and new performances to enjoy.  And when we can share this with our fellow fans, with whom we’ve shared this exhilarating ride, as well as new fans that we will welcome into the fold.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be posting about some of my top ten Casey James moments of the year.  You might want to think about yours as well.  Limiting them to just ten will be the tricky part.

Here’s to a very happy, healthly and successful 2011 to all!!


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28 Responses to Casey James — Reflections on 2010

  1. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    Thanks Shari, by article!
    With the details of this talented boy fight and determined Texas, couldn’t stop saying that Casey James is the cause of many friends who did on the Internet and it looks that I am Brazilian!
    Casey joined many people to talk music worldwide and was enough to change our life for the better!
    Casey James, you’ll go far! Your guitar is the absolute best. In 2011 the word Success accompany you!
    A hug of world size for everyone! Happy 2011!

  2. windy1 says:

    1. Jealous Guy

  3. annamarta says:

    Thank you Shari for all you do:) Wishing you all the best blessings in the New Year !!! Way to go!!! God bless.

  4. windy1 says:

    (oops! Hit “send” accidentally)
    Tough to hold it to 10 – here goes:
    1. Jealous Guy
    2. Bret Michaels/Casey James duet
    3. Hold On/standing ovation
    4. Keys Lounge performances
    5.Malibu “Purse Party” performances
    6. Homecoming performance of Paint Me a Blue Sky at Stockyard
    7. LNS clips while on tour
    8. When he got the news he advanced to Hollywood.
    9. Final performance of Daughters when he picked up his cousin
    10. Interview in Burbank w/Crystal

  5. windy1 says:

    Change #8 to “Advanced to Top 24 (?), the whole “I think it’s cool, what do you think?” conversation, LOVED Casey’s reaction!!

  6. Jake says:

    Very well put. It hard to believe AI is about to start again. After last years show I said I really didn’t care to see it again. Now with all the changes It will be interesting to see how things go & if the new hosts will be able to revive the talent shows ratings. Until all the Casey buzz I would just watch the show, sometimes with my wife & we would make a few comments & that was it. Now with so many AI watching friends on FB & twitter I’m looking forward to the daily/weekly discussions & debates about the new crop of unknowns. Thank you Shari all your great articles.

  7. morningstar4us says:

    Really looking forward to what Casey brings to 2011 🙂

  8. Patty says:

    Thank you Sheri for all of your wonderful articles. I’m looking forward to supporting Casey’s career in my own small way by purchasing his CD’s and sharing in the general excitement. Casey, I wish you a long and happy career, a family of your own and a very special someone go home to when the stage lights go down at the end of the day. 🙂

  9. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the reflection of how much we all love Casey. So excited to hear his music and see him perform with the Casey James Band. Happy, rockin’ 2011!

  10. Karen says:

    I”m so happy that you are still doing this blog Shari – thank you! I am really looking forward to the New Year with Casey’s
    new music and other people becoming his fans after seeing his talent. Have a wonderful New Year!

  11. Drew J says:

    So many things will happen to me personally in 2011, happy things. Casey’s new record will definitely be one of those. Funny to look back the first time I spotted him. Months after, amma still proud to be his fan.

    See you along the journey Shari, we are lucky to have you around for Casey.

  12. ATXfan says:

    My favorite Casey James “moment” (not necessarily performance) was how he performed and handled himself during the AI finale, from his chill MCing and awkward group numbers to his duet with Bret Michaels. It gave us a glimpse of the musician and recording artist to come and even though his vocals weren’t perfect on “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” we saw the essential Casey – singing and playing, real, and ever humble. Thankfully he’d already been eliminated, released from the pressure of weeks and months of competition and was just in the moment, dueting with Bret (another survivor), doing his guitar god-thing – slinging two guitars – for the biggest audience of his life.

  13. everydayisa10 says:

    Not a TV watcher and never an AI watcher prior to this year, my favorite performance of Casey’s was the one that hooked me into watching a show every week.
    A huge Beatles fan, one of my all time favorite Lennon songs, “Jealous Guy” was being performed by this young man on AI. One of my favorite songs came to life in a way I could not have ever imagined and I found myself thinking, “This is better than Lennon, how could that be!” So I was hooked. But the moment that cemented my fanship, was when Casey reveal that he is a man true to himself by having no fear of on more than one occasion discussing his faith and beliefs in life regardless of whether that was PC or not. Got to admire someone in the public eye who is not afraid to be true to themself. Look forward to music that does come from his “heart and soul” for it will be real and authenic, not just to make a quick buck. A throw back he is.

  14. Jeanette says:

    Thank you, Shari. I look forward to everything you write about Casey. Like Casey you never cease to impress me. My 2010 has not be so great but you and Casey have made it a year of happy memeories. I look forward to 2011 and like everyone who loves him I wish him the best time of his life for many, many years. To me he is already a superstar. The thing that I like the best about him is that he is real.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Jeanette says:

    OOOPS! Sheri, I spelled your name wrong. Can we still be friends?:)

  16. Dianne DiBiasi says:

    Thanks Shari for keeping us updated and sharing all the news about Casey. I always count on you for the latest news! God Bless You. I know Casey will be very busy this year and can not wait to hear any tour news and CD releases, that will be my best New Year blessing ever!!

  17. Dona C. says:

    Thanks Shari! So true..this New Year will be amazing for Casey!! I like all his fans cannot wait to see what it brings! Looking forward to his new Cd and concert tours.. as for me I have many favorites ..but the ones that stands out was his performances of “Don’t” and “Jealous Guy” on AI. Oh and I hate to mention it.. but when he auditioned in Denver..the infamous take your shirt off!! Fell in love with him then and continue to love him even more now..He is an amazing talent and an even more amazing person! So glad the world will soon see what we all have seen in him since he came into our lives!!

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  19. Cynthia from Canada says:

    I am still very inspired by Casey James and how humble he is. One can see how well he was raised by his parents and grandparents. His presence on TV came at a time when music listeners needed to connect with music with the heart and soul.
    Casey James has kept the door open for real musicians to be appreciated. He sings from deep within his heart and he’s an awesome guitar player. Although he tries to minimize his good looks, this as well is a positive gift which we all need to accept for what it is.
    Country is starting to be my favorite kind of music already, since Casey announced he was signed by Sony Nashville.

  20. @CJFan_Audrey says:

    Thanks Shari! Asides from ALL of Casey’s performances and interview (on AI, at homecoming, on tour, etc.) twitter parties with @CaseyEJames are amongst my personal Top 10 fave things of 2010. Can’t wait for the album!

  21. Cynthia from Canada says:

    Plaid shirts took on a life all on their own after Casey’s performance with Bret Michaels.
    Seems like shirts similar to Casey’s were being worn everywhere in 2010.

  22. Katy says:

    I loved most everything about Casey’s personality, his family and his dogs, and was most impressed by his honesty and versatile voice. But when I saw the You Tube videos of his Homecoming performances, I was blown away!! My favorites that I never get tired of are That’s When I Need Your Love by Peter Green, and Satisfied by Ian Moore.

  23. carolyn collins says:

    some of my to p Casey moments were the vampire video, the time Billy and he stood up and clapped for the other guys..gave them a hand..such gentlemen Debbie raised:) the heartfeltness Casey put into every song he chose. and how he carried himself with dignity even when comments were intended to shred his feelings. ..I love him.. and picking up his little cousin for his last song. i wanted someone to complement his beautiful new blue shirt that matched his eyes so well, it was no less beautiful on him becuase they failed to do so. and i loved the comment when asked about the judges ‘constructive’ criticism and eh said.laughing.. wellnot every comment was 100% usable:) class.. and the first time i saw him play LIVE on Auburn Hills was the ultimate in joy you can’t find words for..just screaming emotion. he is so awesomely even moe wonderful in life than we ever began to see on idol. but they tested him to the max..and he passed them by:) woohoo. Casey we’ll be watching and waiting for you and working with you to make your dreams keep coming true..because you deserve it!! and Shari..please stick with us. we’re not getting anything from the BNA thing. we need you:)!

  24. MaryS-NJ says:

    One of the things that really won me over to Casey in a big (OMG!!SQUEE!!!-worthy) way, other than his many beautiful and heartfelt performances, is how genuine he is; how kind, supportive of his fellow contestants, positive, charming (in a gentlemanly way), humble, diplomatic, soft-spoken, how appreciative of his fans, and overall what an absolute sweetheart he seems to be. I was very impressed with how open Casey was about the mistakes he made in his past and how they, and his faith, changed his outlook on life. Debra James has every reason to be very proud of Casey and Billy for the fine young men they are.

    It’s got to be hard to deal with negative crap being thrown at you by so-called “judges” who don’t have anything of substance to say and cynical media types but Casey never seemed to let them get him down. He never let all the silliness about his looks or supposed “ladies man” comments go to his head and in fact, seemed to genuinely not realize what a handsome man he is (which is sexy!).

    Of course, the “packaging” is just a small bit of Casey’s appeal. More importantly, he’s a real musician’s musician, and knows how to get the heart and soul of a song and open it up for his audience to feel his heartbreak or joy, or sass, or PASSION. He is all about the music and that is what makes it so real; because he lives and breaths it as if it’s an extension of his soul.

    Then there’s the fun loving man who likes to play games – loudly (Lol!), the deadpan sense of humor, the goofball who spreads the “love” on the Late Night Sandwiches, and the always infectious BIG, booming laugh, that makes us smile right along with him.

    Thanks, Casey James, for giving us an amazing Idol experience and sharing your gifts with us! I can’t wait to hear your own music and hopefully get to see you and your band perform nearby so I can to hear you do your own thing without having to gut a song for time constraints, and you can carry us all away with your music for as long as you like.

    Thanks Shari, for taking the time and considerable effort to keep this blog home for Casey James!

    Happy New Year y’all!

  25. maria says:

    There is no top 10. I love every single thing this guy does and is.

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