Casey James News — 12/23

Casey visited Soda Springs Bar-B-Q today, just outside of Fort Worth.  While there he posed for a picture and signed the wall of their office.  Casey had told in an earlier interview that Soda Springs was one of his favorite BBQ spots close to home: 

Eat some ‘Idol’-ized barbecue Other sections of this week’s Ink clue you in on good barbecue. But this suggestion comes from Fort Worth resident and former American Idol contestant Casey James, who told the Star-Telegram: “If you’re looking for awesome BBQ, go to Soda Springs Bar-B-Q, right down the street from my house.”

All day, Casey’s fans have been tweeting holiday wishes to Casey as well as one special request for Santa — a yellow note from Casey.  In case you were wondering if Santa is real, Casey just tweeted this:

I will hang out and talk soon. Im off to bed. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!! 😉 6 minutes ago via web

BTW, I will post a yellow note soon. I just cant think right now. Stayed up all night playing ping pong with some friends. Good times. 8 minutes ago via web

Hey everybody!! Merry Christmas!!! My Official website is up!! Check it out at !!! Love you all. 15 minutes ago via web

Also, earlier today CaseysGuitars tweeted this Christmas-themed picture of Casey which they found on the Facebook page of Casey’s cousin-in-law.  The picture is from earlier this week of Casey with his second cousin back in Texas.  The hat was a gift from one of his awesome fans, Debi Glover Adams, and her friend Shelia.   

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas to all of Casey’s fans.  Your present will be there soon.  Santa guarantees it!

**Thanks to Carman for the info/links re Soda Springs BBQ.

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3 Responses to Casey James News — 12/23

  1. Outi says:

    Thanks Shari! Love the picture 🙂

  2. carolyn collins says:

    Shari, thank you again for this. you give us so much. your blogs are a gift in themselves. i love Casey’s Santa hat. wonder where he found that! wishing Merry Christmas, to Casey and his family and to you Shari, for all you do:)! p.s. actually glad to see messages from Casey to know he is actually having a life as well as working his tail off. hopefull, Mr. Casey, you rest enough to not get completely sick! stay well strong and happy and kick out that music!!!!

  3. Debi Glover Adams says:

    Thanks for the mention, Shari! 🙂 I am only now seeing it as I was visiting relatives in the country with very little internet access. Needless to say, seeing this picture on fb was the best Christmas gift I could have received!!

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