Unofficial Biography of Casey James

I’ve had a chance over the past four months to become somewhat of an encyclopedia of all things Casey James.  Like most of you, I first discovered Casey on American Idol, followed his progress on the show and, as time went on, learned about the path he had taken that lead him to try out in the first place.  Casey is not an overnight success, thrust into stardom prematurely thanks to a reality TV show. He is a professional musician who has toiled relentlessly to improve his craft for most of his life. He has had major obstacles set in his way and he has fought through them. I truly believe his is a story worth telling, regardless of how successful he is in the future. Because his is the story of grit and determination, of unflinching faith in yourself and a single-minded focus on achieving one’s dream.

The link below will take you to a brief, unofficial biography of Casey James. It is culled from my conversations with his friends and family as well as the interviews he has given over the past year. It is not the whole story, but will help put in perspective what he has gone through to get to this point in his life and may show where he is likely to go from here.

Click HERE to read the biography.


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12 Responses to Unofficial Biography of Casey James

  1. Corrin says:

    Great Blog

  2. Dona Charnell says:

    Shari, I just loved this article as well as all the others you post. I look forward to any and all news you can share about Casey James, his mother and family. They sound like such beautiful people. I get teary eyed when I hear of all the adversity he and his family has faced and how through it all he remains such a beautiful and gifted young man and so down to earth…it is so refreshing in todays society. He is an inspiration to us all and proof that you must stay true to yourself… I became a fan the first time I heard him on AI and I will remain a fan forever. I cannot wait for the release of his first album I know it will be amazing! Thank You Shari!!

  3. vet says:

    As usual, very beautiful tribute to Casey and his family, they are blessed to have you on their side, our side, love ya girl! Beautiful!!

  4. @thlostsheep says:

    Casey James is an inspiration. His determination, his talent, his love for music and his fans and his personality make him a class act. His skills are amazing, his vocals perfect… He is so entertaining on stage… To read where he came from, what he overcame and how he triumphed over hardships, makes him even more of an inspiration. He is an amazing performer but he is also an amazing human being.

  5. Jane says:

    Casey is in league of his own. He seems as down to earth and likable as he is an incredible musician. We cannot wait for his album so we can continue to obsess on this music! It’s addictive.

  6. Karen Smith says:

    Simon..”No grit, maybe sand.” Kara.. “Maybe dirt”…………… Casey..”That hurt”. Not that I ever carry a grudge, but my blood boils when I think of that night. Thank God that we all were able to look past the IDOL nonsense and see Casey James for who he was. And thank God you are the writer you are. Great job, Shari! How can we ever thank you enough???

  7. Meme@CJ1AI says:

    All I would say is we are Blessed to have Casey James in our lives!! The dude is simply an encyclopedia when it comes to music !!
    And Shari , You ROCK girl !!! 🙂

  8. @cjfan_audrey says:

    Great summary Shari! Casey always talks about what AI did for him, but not what he has done for AI. He truly has reminded the show and the viewers what being a true musician/artist is all about-a true passion for music, the talent to play an instrument well and amazing vocal ability. To top it off, he never compromised his integrity and was a class-act all the way, even when judges gave him unfair and inappropriate critiques. He has opened our eyes and literally made us face the music. I am so excited for Spring 2011 to come! And I totally a greet that Casey is lucky to have a gifted writer such as yourself on his side!

  9. Outi says:

    Shari, I loved this.

    Casey is definately a fighter and so is the rest of his family as well. Knowing about his life gives me hope in daily struggles. One can see that there has been lots of love in Caseys life. He is so full of love himself. Such a wonderful person.

    Thank you Shari. It’s good to have you promoting Casey by using your gift.

  10. ForeverCJDEWyze says:

    Love, Love, LOVE anything you write about Casey!!!! 🙂

  11. Minilove66 says:

    Wow, great articles as always, well summerized!
    This is the best biography more than wiki for us fans.
    Hope his biography will be added his great works coming in the future.
    Thank you!
    P.S. I love the new design here!

  12. Nikki @Nickle_T says:

    I finally had chance to sit down and read this. Shari, you wrote an amazing summary of Casey’s bio. Casey and his whole family are such genuine people. Not only is he so wonderfully talented, he is the kind of person we all want to see succeed. I am so excited to hear his new music! I can’t describe what hearing his heart and soul come through HIS songs will be like…. AMAZING in so many ways!! Thank you Shari!!

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