Print and radio interviews with Casey James – 2010

Below are links to print and radio interviews with Casey James conducted during 2010.

September/October — Terrific article/interview with Sheryl Clark, starts on page 8:

August 24 — Interview with Blogcritics:
Click here for discussion on Casey signing with Sony and his experiences on tour.

August 19 — Interview of the Top Ten with the Appeal Democrat:  Click here to read the interview about the tour prior to the concert in Sacramento.

August 16 — Interview with Sacramento Bee:
Click here for interview from when the tour was in Phoenix.

August 8 — Interview with Rhonda Cloutier for at their stop in Duluth, GA (scroll down for Casey’s part)

Here is an excerpt:

“I asked a few questions I had been dying to know the answer to – his favorite Scripture and what song he chose for Top 4 night to duet with Big Mike on. His favorite Scripture is Timothy 1:19, Cling tightly to your faith in Christ, and always keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.  This Scripture passage is a clue into the character of Casey James; he lives his life based on those principles.”

Photo by Joe Cloutier

August 3 — Interview with MyIdol:
Click here for the Q & A’s with fans who posted their questions on the American Idol website.

August 1 — Interview with Hector Saldana of Express-News San Antonio. An excerpt:

It’s too soon, he said, for any grand lessons from the “American Idol” ordeal to have sunk in. But he wouldn’t trade his experience — competing on one of the most popular shows in the history of television — for anything.

“American Idol” turned James’ life upside down. He described the experience as “really, really crazy.”

“It’s hard when you’re in the experience to say what you’ve learned from it,” he said. “But it changed my life. It changed my way of looking at things. I think every experience does that to you.”

Read more:

August  — Interview with Chris Yandek of CY Interview:  Click here to listen. Not sure when the interview was conducted as Casey sounds stuffy and sick as he was during the early weeks of the AI tour.

August — Second interview with Russ Weakland: htt://

July 8 — Print interview with Robert Philpot:

Here’s an excerpt:  “It’s been like the blink of an eye,” James says of the past year. “[Before Idol], it’s not like I ever had money or the ability to go out and eat or take a day off or ever, ever feel comfortable with spending money because I didn’t know where my next gig was coming from. Now that I know I’m going to make some money on the tour, it makes you feel like a different person, and because it happens so fast, I can see people losing the sense of who they are. … One thing I’m sure of is who I am, and it’s still hard, even for me.”

July 1 — Radio interview with Steve Wiseman for WOMC Detroit about “his style, playing habits, and his favorite mentor from the season.” 104.3: 

June 29 — Radio interview in Detroit, Magic 105.1 

June 15 — Celebrity Access Interview with Renee of River 105.9 in CT.  Very fun interview, talking about why girls lust about guys on TV when their significant others are around and she asks for a BBQ recipe and he mentions that he and BC have one that he’s not allowed to share it’s so super secret.  The interviewer really seems to appreciate Casey and that he’s a musician first.  She said that SRV would have liked Casey, and boy did that make him happy!!

June 8 — Interview with Cindy Wright:
Click here for link to Associated Content article with detailed questions about Casey’s experience on AI, his musical tastes and the upcoming tour. Cindy was the writer who mentioned Aimee Mayo to Casey. My favorite quote of his from this interview was his answer to the question, if you had your life to live over, is there anything he’d change. He answered: “That would be a risk that I wouldn’t want to take. I would not want to change anything. I am way too happy and lucky and my life is way too good to want to change something.”

June 7 — Interview/article  with People Pets 

June 3 — MTV Interview, Bret Michaels and Casey James Hit it off Right Away:

June 2 — Interview with MTV News — “Casey James says you’re definitely going to hear guitar on his album”

June — First interview by Russ Weakland which Casey said at the time was his favorite interview:
Here’s the link.

June — From American Idol Magazine, thanks to CoolCJFanCarman for putting this together:
Photos and some Q & A. Click here.

May 31 — One page spread in People Magazine:

Casey James in People Magazine

May 31 — Casey James in US Weekly:

Casey James in US Weekly

May 31 — Interview with Rhonda Cloutier of

Includes not only a wonderful post-AI finale interview, but in the comments’ section, Casey’s brother Billy Cole James shares a story about he and Casey meeting Kenny Wayne Shepherd when they were kids.  Here’s an excerpt.  For the whole interview, click here.

Rhonda: I wanted to share a story about what happened when I was at the Stockyards, during the song you sang with your mom, “Wayfaring Stranger.” An elderly gentleman about in his 80’s wearing a cowboy hat stood in front of me. That song brought me to tears but when it was over, the gentleman took off his hat and waved it in the air, like it was a lasso. That reaction made me well up even more (and dispels the myth that he only has female fans).

Casey: Oh gosh, you are making me want to cry. (He really looked like he was about to cry).

Photo by Geri Golding

May 29 — Inteview with Top 10 at People TV Watch with brief quote from Casey:

On a technical point, James says, “I’m looking forward to playing full songs! That’s really exciting for me because chopping songs into one and a half minutes takes the soul out of the songs.”,,20420914,00.html

May 28 — Radio interview with 94.9 Wild, JV in the morning.  The DJ is a jerk and doesn’t realize how funny Casey is.

May 26 — Radio interview with Radio Shelly of  Discusses his hometown visit, seeing the doctor, and some of the residual problems from his accident.  Casey says at that point he was looking to record some bluesy-rock.

May 25 — Radio interview with Wendy of The Bert Show, Q100 Atlanta     (Casey says he can waltz better than he can two-step):

May 24 — Radio interview with Mix 106.5:
Click here to hear Casey say, “I’m the most low tech dude you’ll ever meet” back before he learned about Twitter! Also repeats how he wouldn’t change anything about his life.

May 24 — Interview with Danni Starr of Bitten and Bound:

May 23 — Interview with Rhonda Cloutier of at end of article:

May 21 — Interview with LA Times and print out of his answers to their “La La Land” questionnaire:

May 21 — Interview with OK! Magazine:
Click here for elimination interview discussing being on American Idol and what’s next.

May 21 — Interview with EW’s PopWatch:
Click here for Casey’s thoughts about his future after American Idol and the upcoming tour.

May 21 — Interview with Digital Spy:
Click here for post-elimination questions and answers, mostly about the final three and final two.

May 21 — Interview with USAToday Idol Chatter:

May 21 — Print Interview with Megan Masters of


“Next is a record and doing my music,” said Casey. “It’s time to get started. The reason for the show is to allow us to do music, and that’s what I intend on doing. It’s what I love, and now I have the opportunity to do it. It’s go time.”

May 21 — Print interview with Abbey Simmons of BuddyTV — “I’m exactly where I should be”:

Here’s an excerpt:

How did you handle the demands of being on American Idol?

“Any situation in life that is difficult you just do what you can. That’s what I did.  It definitely is demanding, but the payoff is so — even if it had been one-hundredth of the audience, the payoff would still be a million percent worth it. It’s definitely taxing, but a lot of people work a lot harder than me for a lot less. You just got to keep in mind, stay thankful for the opportunity to be where you’re at, and work as hard as you can and that’s what I think everybody in the situation does.”

How do you keep humble?

“It’s really easy. You keep in mind that if it wasn’t you, it would be somebody else. It’s very situational.  I’m very honored and happy and proud of everything that I’ve accomplished, but, keeping in mind that this will die down and very soon there’ll be the next person in my situation.  I’m just looking forward to trying to keep the audience that I have.  If I do that, then maybe you’ll have to deflate my ego later on down the line, but right now it’s really easy just to keep grounded, ’cause it is what it is.”

May 19 — print interview with Danny Ross, owner of Keys Lounge, about Casey James:

May 19 — Radio interview with Y98 with Paul Cook after AI9

May 19 — Interview with LA Times where he discussed the three albums that influenced him.

May 17 — Not an interview, but a review of Casey’s hometown visit by blogger Rhonda Cloutier (@idolbeat).  Read her post at

Photo by Rhonda Cloutier

May 15 — Interview with Darla Atlas of the Dallas News:

Here’s an excerpt:

“I really didn’t expect to make it past the stadium,” he said. “So I thought if I could just get into Hollywood, at least I could come home and say, ‘Look, you can see me in the TV.’ Maybe it would give me a little bit more money, you know? Try to eat some better food. But I’m still here.”

May 5 — Brief interview with E!Online following his Harry Connick, Jr. peformance:

April 6 — Interview just before Lennon-McCartney week on American Idol
This is what he said about “Jealous Guy. “I’m really excited about this week,” Casey James admitted. “This one’s going stand out for me. I’m just going a different way with it.”

March 31 — In an article in the LA Times we learn “Hold On” was Casey’s ringtone
Idol tracker.

March 29 — Article re: Phone Interview with

The past couple of results shows have had some pretty scary moments. How hard is your heart beating on the results shows?

James: I just keep expecting to go. Because you never know. You just don’t know. I’ve expected to go at every single round from the beginning [of the live shows]. Not that I’m negative, but because of the way that music is these days, and where my heart lies musically, I just don’t feel like people will see [potential] in me. But obviously I’m wrong, there are people out there who are understanding and are getting who I am as a person musically. And that’s one of the best and most encouraging feelings, is knowing that there are people out there that want what I do, which is what I feel is the core and the heart of music, which is loving what you do and feeling it.

There’s been a lot of talk about the judges giving the contestants contradictory feedback.

James: The feedback doesn’t have to be steady. It’s per performance. So there’s a lot of times when they’ll say something totally different from what they said last week. It’s one of the greatest things for me, because it gives me the ability to keep my mindset, which is to not worry about it. Because if I try to get out there and please [the judges], No. 1, I’m not going to be myself, and No. 2, I’m going to be whichever way the wind blows. I’ve noticed that if they tell somebody to work on performance and the person works on performance, then they say, “Well, you need to work on vocals.” It’s one thing or another, and I’ve never really worried about it.

I’ve had a lot of feedback, and not much of it has really been applicable. Last week or the week before, Simon gave me some of the first honest, usable stuff when he said, “I just need more from you.” Essentially, what he’s saying is, “Realize where you’re at. This is huge.” And I looked at the situation and thought, “This is [bigger than] the Cowtown Sports Bar. I can actually step it up a notch and go a little bit crazy.” I’ve been doing what I’ve done.

What are you thinking about the most – the competition, putting on a good show for the crowd, or pleasing the judges?

James: I pick a song that I would do under normal circumstances back at any gig I’ve ever done. A song that I would love to play to people, and I just work it up and do it as well as I possibly can. I’m not worried about what the judges are going to say, because I can’t control that. I’m not worried about the competition, because I can’t control that. The only thing I can control is doing the best that I can do, because it’s what I love to do, and this is the time to do it. I’ve been playing local gigs and small-time stuff for 10 or 11 years now. This is not that.

How much can you talk about this week’s R&B-themed show?

James: I can’t tell you song choice. But I can tell you this much: This will be my favorite performance of the show. So far. They’re not going to do a blues week; the closest that they’ll come is R&B. R&B can go anywhere from Usher, who is R&B nowdays, but back in the day, people like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, that’s all R&B. The old-school stuff is where I’m at. I can tell you that – it’s not gonna be current. [Laughs]

Isn’t what we see on TV just a small fraction of what y’all go through?

James: I think if someone thought, “It’d be really neat to follow you guys around with a camera one day,” they’d get a day, because it is shocking what a day consists of. Even my family, because I don’t really get to talk to them because I’m so busy, they don’t understand. My brother and my mom came out [to Los Angeles] and they saw me for like 15 minutes, and my brother said, “Let’s hang out tomorrow.” I’m like, “Dude – it’s not like that, bro.”

March 22 — Short blurb in People magazine:

March 16 — Short Red Carpet Interview with the Top 12:
Click here for brief Q & A from HitFix.

February 24 — Article by Robert Philpot for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Telegram called “Mom knows best” about Casey auditioning:

February 24 — Interview with USA Today’s Idol Chatter — “I’ve never wanted to do anything but music.”

Most recent download: Rise, Will Dailey
Musical influences: Ronnie Bowman, Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Chris Cornell. “My favorite singer is Doyle Bramhall II.”
Best judge’s compliment: “Randy said something to the effect of thinking of me as a singer/songwriter and that coming across. That was a huge compliment coming from somebody like that, that has seen all these people and knows all this stuff.”
Criticism he needed to hear: “During the first audition, Simon was pretty hard on me about my presence. I was really, really horrible in that first audition, and it was pretty apparent. I need to present myself confidently and really be there. In the subsequent rounds, you can hopefully see that change was made, and I’m continuously working on that.”
Song he’d love to sing that’s not a good fit: Light My Way, Audioslave
Theme night he’d enjoy: “I’ve played in heavy metal bands, bluegrass bands, rock bands, country bands, blues bands, acoustic bands, folk bands. So pretty much any kind of category is going to be cool with me. The only things I’m really not familiar with would be show tunes and things like that.”
Theme night he’d be anxious about: Broadway
Most proud of: “I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant, but the person that I’ve become. I used to be deeply selfish and really didn’t think about the big picture. Now I really strive to treat people the way I want to be treated and be respectful.”
Why should he be the next Idol?
“My dedication to music. Any one of the top 24 deserve it and can make it. The only reason I feel like I deserve it is that this is what I do. It’s what I’ve done my whole life. I’ve never wanted to do anything but music.”

February 19 — Article by Libby Cruett of the Weatherford Democrat including quotes from family and friends:


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